The First Day
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Ziph’s vision returned to find his surroundings to be trees. All around him was an immeasurable amount of trees. He wasn’t stressed though, he used the knowledge from woodmen to get a grasp on time of day and sense of direction.

He walked around in search of two pebbles. He placed one on the edge of a tree’s shadow. To waste some time, he tried to get a grasp on what season it was. By the lushness of the trees and how the vegetation of plants were in full bloom, he made the guess it was either late Spring or Summer.

After what he assumed to be 30 minutes he took the other pebble and placed it at the end of the shadow. With a line connecting the two he now had a line pointing west and east.

To know which way he went, he used a stone to make a mark in the tree directly in the path he planned to follow.

It was his objective to understand how this world differed from his initial life. He paid attention to the types of plants and was extremely cautious when walking through anything that remotely looked like poisonous plants. His initial straight path very suddenly weaved back and forth through the woods.

“Lord!” A feminine voice shouted from behind Ziph. In response to the shout, he turned his head to see a young lady making great haste towards him.

He was confused about how she believed him to be Lord but knew it had someone to do with the Supreme Being who sent him to this world.

She stood at attention in front of him, her doe-eyes glittering even in the dark forest.

“Can I help you miss?” It would be wrong of him to mention that she looked remarkably beautiful, her naïve doe eyes, long green hair, watery supple lips, and skin similar in color to rays of moonlight. It also didn’t hurt she was fairly tall, only standing a head shorter than Ziph, along with some abundant assets.

“Lord! I finally found you!” She exclaimed, her voice filled with nothing but respect and joy.

He was at a loss on if he should either put on the charm while she had a wonderful view of him or act normally. The charismatic playboys and timid NEETs were both telling him completely opposite paths. The NEETs even added on that this girl was an Elf, shown by her long ears.

“We need to go the village, Lord. Everyone is waiting for you there.”

She didn’t move an inch until Ziph nodded his head in agreement. Her footsteps were quick as her long strides took her across the forest. Ziph found it hard to keep up and made mental notes to start basic training. He had all these different forms of fighting ingrained in him but he couldn’t do any of them in his current form.


The village was small and secluded, and was directly east of where he started, the opposite direction he went. If he had spent more time watching which way the sun had moved, he would have known he was going west. This may not seem important, but every fantasy author pointed out to him that you always head east. West is to head towards death and East the symbol of a new beginning. To begin his life heading west symbolized a swift death. The village was maybe less than 1000 feet from where he started, based on the mark in the tree.

“I brought him! I brought the Lord! We’re saved!” Hid Guide song of their arrival preaching it to every Elf they passed. Ziph couldn’t help but notice the homes seem very underdeveloped. They were made of wood and leaves, tied together with vines.

He was brought to the leader’s house, hut, to where Ziph, the guide, and Leader, sat around a well-made wooden table to talk.

“You guys call me Lord. Why?”

“Every Black-Haired Elf is a Lord.”

“Black Haired Elf?” Ziph pondered the statement aloud before it clicked.

“Do you have a body of water nearby? Or better chance a way to see myself?” Ziph requested, he already had an idea of the outcome but he had to be sure.

Guide Elf pulled what would best be defined as a pocket mirror out of her pants, which were only wore down cargo shorts.

Ziph found himself to look nothing like his original self, now adorned with messy short black hair, cognac brown eyes, thin lips, and a pair of pointed ears signifying his status of an elf. He couldn’t see it in the mirror but he now stood at a tower height.

He could now infer what happened. The Supreme Being, whose name he still doesn’t know, is a form of God to these Elves.

“Am I seen as a messenger from God?” He inquired from the pair. He hadn’t taken note of it earlier but it was now easy to remember every Elf he saw had green hair.

“Exactly, whenever we have our greatest strife a Lord is sent down by the Gods. The strife has yet to come, but with you being here, we know it will pass without a hitch.” The leader preached, his head held high to the sky.

“Who is this God?”

“God Maseal, it is through his grace that we can continue to live our lives.”

“Leader, Guide, thank you for your kindness. I would request having the night to rest before we continue the conversation come morning.”

The two returned the formalities and Guide led him to his lodging. It was a house, hut, similar to everyone else’s in the village.

On the ground laid leaves and a makeshift pillow filled with cotton.

With Ziph’s head against the pillow, it marked the end of his first day in this world, and it didn’t start well. He had still yet to eat anything, and the only water he had gotten was during the talk with Leader.

He may hold the knowledge to every possible situation it was now up to him to use it correctly. That is a problem for tomorrow, not today. Today he sleeps.