12. Transformation (Smut)
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This Chapter contains SMUT so you know porn. If your fore some reason don't want that read till you see SMUT in big letters 

Uhh, my fucking head. 

What is this? Where am I? What is going on??

Why can't I... Why can't I move or better yet why the fuck can't I breathe??! 

When I opened my eyes all I could see what a dim red light. Also, I think I'm underwater. But something is off this doesn't feel like water, rather it's tougher I can't move as easily as I would expect. Also, somehow it's more like... I don't know... maybe slimy? On top of that, my entire body feels completely different. More familiar still, also completely new. 

"Sh...,. awa-.--."


".,.,,thin.,., gre,.,.,."


What is happening? All I can remember was me going running from that monster and then... 

I just really want...

Something is happening. Whatever I'm in starts moving. And I can move again... thank god. Maybe I can feel something with my hands.



I have hands! I mean I have my hands back. Well, maybe not mine but some. Does that mean I have my human body back?

But before I could ponder further on that thought I could feel myself sinking down, and not long later my entire backside hit what felt like a metal plate. Luckily it wasn't cold, come to think of it, nothing I touch feels either warm or cold. Just then I felt something, slowly but surely starting from my nose I was freed completely from the liquid and released into wherever I am.

As soon as I opened my eyes a blinding light enveloped me. The voices around me got louder and cluttered. I couldn't make out anything specific they said. But somehow their tone made me worry. 

After a while, my eyes managed to adapt to the light and I could see what was going on around me. I think I was laying in some kind of containment unit. Around me were metal walls boxing me in. Encasing me a few centimeters in front of me was a glass pane. I couldn't really tell what was going on in the rest of the room. Its overall appearance makes me think I'm inside some kind of laboratory but all I can see is the ceiling.

Before I could muster my strength to try and get up and move more machinery is going off. The glass door in front of me is opening, my upper body is being moved up just like on one of those hospital beds so I could see the rest of the room. I'm indeed in what looks like a lab all over the walls are monitors displaying data. But I couldn't see anything further because with me in the room were multiple people clothed in white coats and hair coverings, all of them standing around me and staring.     

I myself am, now sitting, on a raised platform in the middle of the room.

I still feel super dizzy however I can tell that I am definitely at least somewhat human-shaped. But as soon as I sat up one of the 'scientists' handed me something like a blanket or towel. Just then I noticed that I was completely nude. Still too confused to be embarrassed, and with his help, I managed to loosely cover myself.

"Come Lucy. Let's get you somewhere more comfortable." 

Hmm. Somehow his voice sounds familiar. He gave me his surprisingly soft hand and pulled me up on my feet. 

"Wow. Knees still weak? Don't worry you'll feel better soon. Here let me help you, sit down in this wheelchair. I'll get you to your room."

As soon as he said to I let myself fall down into the chair. Over the next minute, we made our way to the room I apparently have here. He kept on talking to me but I was just focusing on not blacking out so I didn't hear a word he said. But these halls still felt somewhat familiar, I think I've been here before. After not too long we made our way through one last door and arrived at a private room.

He once again helped me get off and into the huge bed he even tugged me in. But then he just decided to sit on the side of my bed. 

"Don't you want to leave?"

"Why would I? I just want to watch you sleep."

"I mean... I... just... Who are you?"

"Hahaha, What do you mean who am I?"

After he said that I decided to get a good look at him, just then he or better she took off her hair cover and a lushes amount of blood-red hair spilled out.


"What do you mean darling? It's me, Miia."

As soon as I heard her name I instantly jumped up. I've never seen her before but just like when I saw her statue I knew it was her. There was no way a human could look this perfect. Her lips, eyes, and hair were an even purer shade of red, it was almost... unnatural. Speaking of her hair, it was wildly flowing everywhere, almost enveloping her. 


"Haha, I guessed as much. Quick transformations always take a big toll on most. But I look like you are good now."

Right after saying that, she jumped into my arms to hug me. 

"I always wanted to do this... Since the day I awoke. I just wanted to hug you and feel your touch." 

As she said that I didn't really know how to react. I would lie if I said that I wasn't enticed by this gorgeous literal goddess lying in my arm. It's just so sudden and unexpected, I wasn't sure what to do. But I didn't want to seem awkward so I also wrapped my arms around her gently causing her to nuzzle her head closer to my neck. 

We were just sitting there hugging each other neither of us saying a word. After a while, I began stroking her gloriously soft hair. I wouldn't compare it to silk as that would be an insult to her. 

"Hmm. That feels great. You really like my hair don't you."

"I do. I always had a thing for long hair."

"I thought so..." She didn't move and just relaxed into my touch. Suddenly she raised her head right in front of me. Her nose almost touched mine she was just centimeters away from me. I had to look up a bit to meet her ruby eyes staring into mine. "Hey... do you mind if I kiss you?"

"What? I... No... I mean I'd love to." a little embarrassed unable to look into her eyes any longer I lowered my eyes focusing on her lips. I was happy to learn that kissing was a thing here. I always loved these little expressions of love like cuddling and kissing.

"Me too."

Then I felt her hand on my left cheek she used her thumb under my chin to move my head up slightly. As I felt that I brought my eyes back up just to see her closed once moving in even closer. And then our lips connected.

I never felt anything like it, this electricity running through my body, the softness of her lips, and the total bliss I was in. Not that I never kissed someone but this was just different. I never felt this... I would even say pleasure just from a kiss. 


It seemed like I wasn't the only one enjoying this as Miia slightly moaned into my lips. Trying returned my left hand to stroke her hair and slid the other one down her back.

As I was lost in her perfection Miia decided that something was wrong and she pushed herself away from my chest and shuffled a bit further away. 

"You know. This is great but one thing is seriously annoying me."

Before I could do or say anything, I had to watch in both horror and excitement as she stripped off her lab coat right in front of me. To my amazement, she didn't wear anything underneath, so her entire naked holiness was revealed right in front of me. 

To begin with, she was tall. I had no good point of reference but just from feeling, I'd guess her to be almost 1.90. So I guess you could call her a tall girl. Her face was still the same perfection as before but now all her hair was flowing behind her shoulders. Her head was sitting on her slender neck leading up to two well-defined collarbones. Something about them just made me want to touch them. Her arms were long and elegant. While she moved you could see some slight mussels defined. Her hands reminded me of someone who drew for a living they moved. Whenever she touched something she did so with delicacy. Though her long fingernails would surely not help with that. But this whole time I was talking around what would've caught anyone's attention. Her breasts, two perfect orbs topped with pink nipples. They were big probably F cup if I had to guess. But the special, no magnificent, thing about them was that they seemed to defy gravity, and my only explanation was that newton didn't exist in this world. 

But something was off about all her perfection, something I should've noticed a lot earlier if I weren't so captivated by her beauty. I just hope I'm not hallucinating all of this but she seemed to be transparent? Not much but if I look closer I could definitely see the red blanket she was sitting on. This whole thing reminded me of looking at the reflection on a window if you concentrate you can see what's behind but on a quick look, you cant.

"You staring so much makes me all embarrassed. But that's ok you are quite something to look at yourself."

"I... I mean..." If I was blushing before I have to be completely red by now. "No, it's just... Miia you are transparent?! And come to think of it how are you even here?"

"Hmm... Well, that's quite easy after you found my eyes I am able to shortly create this body. It looks and feels like mine but isn't real except my eyes they are as real as they get. And on top of that, they like what they see." As she said those words her eyes slowly slid down my body savoring my body just like I did hers. And I couldn't but do the same I looked down and I saw...

"I HAVE TITS??... I mean I have breasts. Why do I have breasts??" 

As soon as I noticed them I just had to grab them. And damn they were soft and also quite large not as big ass Miias but still, even touching them myself felt amazing. I really don't know how women manage not to touch them constantly.

Still not locking into my eyes Miia responded. "Just like I told you you are female. Isn't it obvious that you have tiddies if you are a girl? And come to think of it how didn't you notice this just now?"

"I... I don't know it's just that I was so distracted by your body I didn't pay enough attention to mine and yeah you did say that. But then why... why do I feel... feel my..."

Just then I could see a slight smile creep up on her lips as her eyes shot back up to meet mine. Yeah, they are most definitely real and they pierce right through me. 

"Your what?"


"That's where the kinda part comes in. Your species is hermaphroditic meaning that everyone has both reproductive organs. "


"While we're on the topic I think this guy wants some attention. Or should I say, girl?" Before I could say anything she bulled back the blanket covering my lower body " Ahh. Looks I was right. Seems like you're getting excited."

S M U T 

Miia was right even though I wasn't fully erect yet still, I could tell that I was quite a bit larger than I used to be. While I was still getting used to my new body Miia took the initiative once again and sat down in my lap once again. But this time there was nothing between us just skin touching skin. Also as soon as she sat down I could feel a distinct hot wetness on my legs. 

Once she pressed our breasts against each other because she was a little taller than me and sitting on my lap it wasn't really again each other more than on top of each other. But more stimulating than that was that my Dick was pressing against her soft belly.

Just a few seconds later she arched her back to get closer to my ear. The resulting friction turned me on more than I ever was. I even fell a little tingle in a place further down I wasn't confident enough to explore yet.

"Do you want me to help you with that?"

"W... What?"

"I always wanted to say that line. Didn't turn out as sexy as I thought it would."

"Ahh. Hahaha. Don't worry about that, you are definitely more than sexy enough. And if you want to. I would love you to 'help me'."

The only answer I got was a deep kiss and after giving me a quick smirk Miia dropped down. 

Just her touch made me hypersensitive her hands softer than anything I ever felt. She explorative touched all over it taking a few seconds to get a feel for each part. As she got more confident and started rhythmically stroking she simultaneously began to use her mouth. Slowly starting from the base she started licking up the underside. As she reached the top she started drawing circles around my tip. 

After a few rounds, she teased me by making it look like she was about to take it in her mouth but after a quick kiss and yet another smirk, she dropped down once again. She repeated that process a few times also covering both the right and left sides. After the second time, she began to use her left hand which was left empty after the initial feel up to gently massage my balls. I was always scared of them getting squished but her careful hand knew exactly how to use the right amount of pressure to cause pleasure but not pain. 

After moving down from the top after almost taking it in for another time she dropped down a little further and began slightly sucking on my balls. 

After a while, she went up for one last time after she arrived at my tip she bend over and took it in her mouth completely. It fit perfectly as she took it in I could feel her teeth slightly touch on both sides. As she took it in her tongue didn't stop working still liking me inside her. 

But at this point, I felt like it didn't matter anymore I was lost in complete bliss. I lost complete awareness of my surroundings the only thing I paid attention to was Miia and my hand stroking her hair. And if that wasn't enough she began taking me in further. She didn't even take in a third before going back up but combined with her tongue as well as her hands stroking and massaging I felt that I wouldn't hold out that much longer.

Not long later I looked down for the first time as I was about to cum what felt like the most I ever did. This entire time I was laying against the backboard of my bed nevertheless as soon as my eyes dropped down I met her ruby red once. Even though I could only see limited parts of her face I could tell she had a smile on her face and I couldn't but smile back at her.

"Miia... I'm about... I'm gonna..."

In response, she pushed herself even deeper than ever before I could feel my tip hitting the back of her throat. That combined with her squeezing her lips brought me over the edge. And just as expected I came way more than ever before. If I hadn't saved a bit of self-control I would've pushed her head further but thankfully I didn't.

I slumped down even more completely exhausted. But not Miia she instantly got up and with a knee, on both of my sides, she hovered over my still erect member. She had a look in her eyes as I've never seen on her or anyone. A look of complete and utter lust.

"Kiss me." She more demanded than asked.

My past self would've cringed at that thought but something changed maybe it was just the still lingering pleasure or this new body. But even with post nut clarity, I couldn't deny her, and to be honest I didn't want to. I also wanted to kiss her. 

And so I did. The first kiss I initiated. Both of us lit with passion. We didn't fight for dominance instead, we both just wanted to feel the other as much as possible and it seemed like we had the same idea as we both opened our mouths instantly. Tongues clashing and brushing over teeth. My teeth were always something I was embarrassed by. They didn't look off if you looked at them but the amplification you felt with your tongue revealed all their major imperfections. But I once again didn't feel that with Miia. Just her presence made me let loose and be myself. No worry about displeasing the other just total bliss. As soon as we broke our hectic kiss I felt like I was missing something but Miias bubbly voice instantly filled that void.

"Let's fuck!!! I can't hold on any longer."

"Wait!. At least let me recover and return the favor."

"Don't worry you can do that later."

And with that, after quickly aligning herself she slammed down. As soon as she did I could feel a shudder washing all over her body and a loud moan escaping her mouth. I probably did the same as her wet and warm embrace completely took me by surprise. If the earlier feeling was holy then this was demonic even If I shouldn't say that if the one causing these amazing feelings was a literal goddess. 

For a few seconds, we both just sat there getting used to this new even intenser pleasure. She felt tense all over her legs squeezing mine. Her arms clutched against me going underneath mine with her hands desperately clawing at my back. The mild pain from her nails digging into my back just adding to the experience. As I was already more relaxed my hands were also quite busy themself. My right one gripping her left ass cheek, my thumb drawing circles on her hipbone. The other one still on her head but this time I weaved in between her hair from below pressing her into another soft kiss. 

After a while, I felt Miia getting more used to my size as she started slowly rocking back and forth in my lap every time she slightly moaned into my lips. A few rotations later she began to lift herself up and down but this time a lot slower. Making me think the first shock was still in her mind. This time I decided to break the kiss to see her face and as I slightly pulled her head back I saw just what a moaning mess she was. She didn't even try and resist as I moved her head, eyes still closed and mouth slightly open, her a little swollen all from our constant kissing. 

I decided to tease her a bit so I put my other hand on her right ass cheek and pulled her up far enough so I could only feel my tip inside her. She could clearly feel what was coming as she braced herself by grabbing my back harder, closing her mouth, and closing her eyes stronger. But after a few seconds, she felt that nothing was coming I just held her up my newfound strength surprising me, definitely something I should look into further. But that could wait, right now I was pleased with Miias plump ass squirming in my hands. As she noticed that that also got her nowhere she reluctantly opened her eyes. Just to see me smile at her.

"What are you waiting for?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean!"

"I don't think I do you have to remind me."

"You want me to beg don't you?"


"Where is this newfound confidence coming from. Weren't you the bottom just now." 

"I don't know but seeing you squirm like that just makes me this more excited."


I could almost see the gears turning in her head but I felt like I had to push her just a little further.

"That's sad I was getting really into this." 

While saying that I slowly started lifting her even further until...



"P...Please do it."

"Do what?"

"Please f... fuck me."

"Hmm, I think you can do a little better don't you think?"


Not saying another word I started kissing the side of her neck and let go of her ass causing her to completely take me in once again. She instantly arched her back and screamed out in bliss. I was sure she came at that moment, judging from her clutching me tighter. I repeated that a few more times as I pulled her up and pushed her back down onto me without releasing my tight grip on her ass. Each time followed by a now more moan-like sound coming from Miia. But for going at it like this for a few minutes even my superhuman strength left me and moving her up became harder. 

That's when I picked her up one more time and pulled out all the way at this point Miia was so completely lost that she didn't even complain. I threw her back onto the bed. I then got on my knees in front of her and pushed myself in. Like this, I only had to hold her up and not lift her up each time and my hips did the majority of the hard work. Also like this, I could see Miia's face again since this whole time I was busy kissing the sides of her neck. 

Her eyes were teary and almost rolled back into the back of her skull. Her tongue was slightly hanging out of her mouth drool covering her chin and also, I was sure, some of my hair. I don't think I have ever seen something as hot before. With each thrust into her heart breast swayed and some sounds remotely resembling a moan exciting her mouth. 

While I was pounding her I let my view slide down her gorgeous body. I wanted to get a good look at her tight pussy and also pay a certain little bundle of nerves some attention, which I unrightfully neglected so far. But before I got all the way down I noticed something. Just a little bit under her lowest ribs I could see something more 'inside?' her? The entire area down to her pussy was also bulging quite a bit. I already noticed how she was slightly transparent luckily I couldn't see her organs because that would've been so creepy. But it seemed like that didn't apply to other things forced inside her. No, I was sure that was my dick. I could see my dick move inside of her. That made me think of something else how did my dick even fit into her? I wasn't that good in human biology but I was certain that not even the womb would be that far up. Once again something I had to ask Miia about sometime time soon.

Returning to my earlier goal of earlier: Miias clit. That turned out more complicated than I thought. Once I saw the little pearl on top of her cleanly shaven pink lips I wanted to touch it but I needed both hands to hold Miia in place. So as I felt myself getting closer to the second orgasm of the night? Day? I couldn't tell as the curtains were down and the lights on. Whatever, this time I flipped Miia onto her belly I tried to make her hold herself onto her hands but she was gone way too far. So she just flopped onto the mattress facefirst. At least she happily wiggled her ass a little as I propped it up and shoved myself into her one last time.

I used my right hand to gently massage or slightly pinch her clit and the other one to fondle her breast. As soon as I did so I regretted not doing either earlier. Right after I touched her pussy she instantly clutched me even harder it that was somehow possible. And her breast, they felt pleasurable in a different way. While touching my own already felt great grasping hers was just amazing. They were softer than I could've hoped and just the perfect size and firmness. Obviously, her nipples were as hard as a rock and me pinching them had the same, even if to a lesser extend, effect as pinching her clit.

I was just seconds away from cumming I could feel it. Come to think of It wasn't it unfair that she came so often over time and I could only cum once. That made me somehow less reluctant to test out my other parts. 

But before I finished I wanted to try one more thing. I once again pulled out so I could fit two fingers into her causing her to squeal in protest. But they were drenched instantly so I could continue to fuck her making her moan in approval. I put my two soaked fingers in front of her mouth and to my delight, she instantly opened for me and began sucking as I put them in. If I had any doubt if she was a keeper this sealed it.

"Miia I love you so much."

"-.-.. me.-.-.too-..-"

"I'm gonna cum."

"--.Inside-.-.- inside please..-..-"

I wasn't in any state to argue so with one last extra powerful thrust I pushed into her. Miias loud scream also caused her to arch her back one last time. I came so much, way more than even the first time. After what felt like a minute I was all out. And being completely lost in the afterglow I just fell onto my back. But before I dropped I got one last glimpse of her inside now filled with my white seed, so much it began to overflow out of her gaping pussy. The room was no longer full of Miias loud moans rather just our deep breathing and an occasional quiet one. 

After a few minutes, Miia started rustling and move from where I left her. I knew I should've carried her up to me but I was just too exhausted. But as soon as she sat up I invitingly opened my arms. All she did was grin and with a considered amount of dizziness move on all fours. As soon as she was near me she slumped down onto me and I pulled her up into a hut,


"I love you, Miia."

"Me too. I love you, Lucy."

"Can we switch? I want to cuddle onto your chest."

"So I get to be the dominant one again?"

"Hahaha... I don't know about that."

And after one last kiss, we both fell asleep with smiles on our faces.

This chapter was even longer than the last one ( almost 5.k). 

It was a lot of work once again but at least I learned something. When I describe how a woman looks I feel like I'm someone's 40-year-old uncle who has never even seen a woman naked.

Still, I hope you liked it (Especially the smut) 

And if you can spare the time be so nice and share your thoughts in form of a comment C: