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… A time long gone

A baby’s cry rang out loud into the forever reddish-hued world, otherwise commonly known as Hell. The crying was heard by all of Hell’s denizens, raising their hackles and stopping them in their tracks. The baby’s cries soon quieted into peaceful whining, then fading out into nothingness, this settled the hackles of Hell’s denizens.

That was until another gravelly eerie voice started ringing in their eardrums, seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. “My beautiful, most precious little baby girl. You shall be named Zahearah, my successor, the future Queen of my realm, the strongest and most powerful of all beings. And when your name is whispered upon, fear shall strike the hearts of all beings, they will tremble under your might and shatter under your gaze. For you are the Princess of my heart and the Queen of my dreams.”

Silence followed a second after the announcement, before all of Hell’s denizens shuddered violently, driving all of them to their knees in reverence of the birth of their Princess.

“Praises be with the Princess, long shall Her Highness bring destruction, despair and dismay everywhence She walks. Calamities and sins be influenced at the tip of Her fingers.” The loud worshipping of Hell’s denizens travelled across the lands, all the way to the King’s own ears. 

The King loomed over the bed where his newborn baby was being nursed by the Queen. He was as excited as a new father could be, and he would have been jumping in joy if only it had suited his position of power. He whispered softly to the only two he would ever love in his damnable long life, “Do you hear that, my darlings?”

“Yes, dear. Zahearah would be the damnation of us all, blah blah world destruction and doomsdays and blah. Now, would you like to hold your dearest doom machine baby yet?” whispered the Queen, with a loving smile on her face. Her voice was full of adoration for her beloved, with only a twinge of mockery as she teased her husband.

“Of course, my love,” he replied softly. The bed dipped slightly when the King sat on the bed beside his wife. He held his arms out longingly as the little princess was passed into his hands. She was still so small that she could almost fit into the palm of one of his hands. The King sighed in content as he held his baby girl in his arms for the first time, he felt like he just had fallen in love again for this first time since he met his wife.

“She is perfect, my love,” The King whispered as if any louder than that, he would break the spell of happiness.

“Yes, she is,” The Queen agreed and laid her head on her husband’s shoulder as she reached out her hand to her baby’s soft cheeks.

While there were those who were happy for the birth of the Princess and heiress to the throne of Hell, there were also those who had been here long before her birth and who had sacrificed their life, blood, tears, sweat and sanity for power. Those were the ones who raged at the news of her birth privately as they pretended to revere at the news.

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