21. Graduation [3]
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Next day, right after the class ended.

That day, Naruto decided to actually go to the class because the blue-eyed boy had talked with Sasuke and so, they were now going to the black-haired boy's house.

''Let's play Shuriken Throw today!'' Sasuke said, after leaving the Ninja Academy, he acted completely different, his usual ''cold'' and ''aloof'' manner changed completely to a warm and cheerful, approachable one.

The blonde boy, differently from Sasuke, just nodded every now and then, he looked to be an extremely cold one but if someone started to pay attention, they would notice that a small, almost unnoticeable smile stood on his face, showing that he was actually enjoying the conversation.

'This is what having friends is? Happiness?' Naruto thought but it only drew him to more and more confusion, that was something extremely new to him, the black-haired boy and the blue-haired girl were his only friends - Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuuga.

He didn't know exactly what being having friends meant but Naruto knew it made him feel good, it was similar to the time he passes with Kakashi but at the same time, it was different, it made him think 'I wonder... how can people that made me feel happiness live in the same Village as people that made me feel so bad? Good and bad, they're similar but different, both exist and both are opposites, hmm, I'm so philosophic today.' he thought before shaking his head.

''What about playing Hide'n'seek with Itachi-san and Shisui-san today?'' Naruto suggested, that was a game that he liked - he was extremely good at it - the blue-eyed boy as if he was born for that game, of course, he knew that he just enjoyed it that much.

Sasuke shook his head slightly before sighing three times continuously ''Itachi-nii-san and Shisui-nii-san won't be home for today because they and Itachi's girlfriend went to hang out, tsk...'' he started cheerfully but at the end, he pouted after remembering his brother face every time Izumi Uchiha is mentioned, others wouldn't be able to notice it but he did.

"Itachi-san has a girlfriend?" Naruto asked, he felt incredibly surprised, though he was indeed, oblivious to many things, the blue-eyed boy certainly knew what a girlfriend and a relationship is, he had read about it in a book, it was one he stole from his Nii-san, one named 'Icha Icha Series'.

'An incredibly perverted book, the protagonist of it has the same name as me, as long as you ignore the perverted part, it is full of incredible content, it even has tips for Ninjas, well hidden, though...' He thought, Naruto always ignored the perverted parts... always, right?

It didn't take them long before arriving on Sasuke's home, they were greeted by the sight of Fugaku walking through the house normally as if he's still able to see perfectly, Sasuke ran towards his father before hugging him ''Father, I'm back!'' he said as the brown-haired man hugged back.

'I lost my vision but gained more than I could wish, through my entire life, I tried to act as someone I wasn't, however, I'm now experiencing something I never did, I can feel the love that I felt before 10x times more...' Fugaku thought, he could barely express himself before because he had to maintain an image but now, he wasn't holding back anymore, he did whatever he wanted.

Though he lost his eyes, he could still see, Fugaku senses were honed after many years as a high-leveled Shinobi that passed through war, 'looking' towards Naruto, he said with a small smile ''Oh, you're here too! It has been some time since you last came here, Naruto, how have you been? Seeing how much your Chakra improved since two years ago, you're doing good, right?''

Naruto nodded slightly ''I'm doing good, Uncle Fugaku, my previous training ripped off good results, Kakashi-nii-san will take my training up!'' he said.

Just then, a beautiful black-haired lady appeared, it was Mikoto Uchiha, also known as Itachi and Sasuke's mother, looking over her son and Naruto, she smiled cheerfully ''Aya, Sasuke, you're back! Naruto-chan, I missed you, you need to come more, Sasuke always complains to me when I don't let him go to play with you and Kakashi-san because he forgot to do homework!'' [1]

"!!'' Sasuke was alarmed before he pouted "Mom, stop with that!'' he said as Mikoto and Fugaku laughed at him, Naruto also had a small smile, it was rare for his black-haired friend to be in such embarrassing situation.

"Aunty Mikoto, I also miss coming here, also, Sasuke, you're supposed to be the best student without considering me since well, they don't care but anyway, you can't forget to do homework, when I forget to do it, Nii-san don't let me train and wakes me up every day with cold water for three days...''

Naruto said while shuddering slightly before reminding himself to revenge himself but with extremely cold water, he smiled mischievously while planning for his future revenge.

"Anyway, Naruto-chan, the courtyard is free, you all can go play, you two need to play all you want because in just four years, the Graduation Exam will happen!'' Mikoto laughed a bit after hearing Kakashi's punishment before her usual warm, gentle smile appeared on her face.

Fugaku and Sasuke also laughed, Naruto didn't understand exactly why they were laughing with such happiness but as if he could feel it, as if they were passing their happiness to him, he laughed together before the blonde boy and the black-haired boy went to the courtyard to play.

The day passed peacefully and before they could notice, the night arrived, looking at the now dark sky, Naruto said "It's already night? Hmm, I didn't notice it, well, I'm going home before Nii-san get mad at me because I'm late, bye Uncle Fugaku, bye Aunty Mikoto!''

"Bye, Naruto-chan.'' Mikoto said with a gentle smile while Fugaku only nodded towards his direction, Sasuke said "Bye, Naruto, we'll see each other tomorrow on school!''

''Mm'' Naruto nodded while thinking 'Well, you'll be seeing my Shadow Clone but anyway' then, he flickered away.

Looking at Naruto's flickering away, Sasuke said to his father "Father, you need to convince Nii-san to train me more, I can't fall behind Naruto!'' a fire of determination lit inside his eyes.

"Brat, I lost my vision but all my skills and strength is still here, I only lost my sight, I'll train you personally!'' Fugaku said while smiling, somehow, his smile made Sasuke shudder.

His life was going to become training in form of hell but he didn't give up 'I'll surpass you, Naruto!' Sasuke thought.

Since then, four more years passed.

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