26. Team 7 [3]
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Author Note: Nyahahaha, everyone, the plot thickens slightly, what is going on? Why is Danzo so strong? Check out and discover it in the next episode of Dra- I mean, Naruto, the True Jinchuuriki! Well, in this case, it is in this episode/chapter!

Four years ago, unknown location.

A man that was breathing heavily was lying in a bed, his vision was slightly blurry 'Even after preparing and suffering through all the pain to endure the Cells of 'that' man, I could barely take Uchiha Fugaku by surprise and the only permanent injury is that he's blind!' he thought while feeling furious.

That man is obviously Danzo, he had prepared to the attack so he took drastic actions in order to increase his strength, some of his body parts had different color from the rest, having a somewhat white coloration.

'And that because he didn't use the Susano'o, if he used it, it wouldn't matter what, I wouldn't be able to break it... Almost all of the Sharingan that I had was used and even so... I failed!' Danzo thought while feeling bitter that he couldn't complete his plans.

On his right arm, a Sharingan stood there, it had three tomoes, a grotesque sight for anyone as it is an eye in the arm of someone, three lines stood under, above and at its side, they were the Sharingan that Danzo used to stay 'safe'.

'It hurt like hell to implant that man cells in different parts of my body and even so, most of its effect was lost, one day, the experiments will be a success and at that time, I'll have my revenge, I won't just let you go off blind next time.' Danzo thought before laughing coldly, a vicious expression on his face.

Konohagakure, Third Training Ground.

As Naruto walked towards the Third Training Ground, he looked around and saw many trees surrounding a circle-like open area, he stood in front of its entrance, waiting patiently for Sakura and Sasuke, after a few minutes passed, he saw the faint silhouette of them.

''Yo, Naruto, to think you were the first to arrive even though you always come late and give strange excuses for that!'' Sasuke said while smiling slightly.

Sakura also smiled, it is true, the blue-eyed teenager always came early in the first four years but in the last four years of the Ninja Academy, he was always late and gave strange excuses every single time.

Just then, the air shifted slightly as Kakashi appeared in the middle of them ''Yo!'' he said, scaring the sh*t out of Sakura and Sasuke, Naruto was already accustomed to his older brother tries to scare everyone and felt Kakashi before so he wasn't scared in the slightest bit.

Ignoring the sweat that dripped down the cheeks of both Sasuke and Sakura, Kakashi said in a stoic manner ''I'll tell you briefly, I'll test you three, if you pass the test, you will be an official Genin, if you fail it, you'll have to take the Ninja Academy exam again.''

Before they could say anything, Kakashi continued ''The test will be simple, see these bells? If you get them, you pass, come with the intent to kill. You have until the end of the day to catch it, good luck!'' he said before flickering to the center of the open area.

[Naruto's P.O.V]

Two bells yet three teammates, I don't believe Nii-san would do such a test, there's probably a hidden meaning there.

Three members of a single team, two bells... I don't think the objective of the test is purely stealing the bells from his, it's probably something entirely different, something that should be essential in a Team.

I stood there, thinking for a few minutes, I'm hidden behind a bush, my Chakra signature completely concealed, I could feel Sasuke hidden in another bush near the one I'm at, the same goes to Sakura, just then, I suddenly thought of something, such an obvious thing but I only thought of it now!


Creating two Kage Bunshin, one went to Sasuke hiding spot and the other went to Sakura hiding spot before telling them the plan I thought of in that single moment, though Sasuke was prideful, we were like best friends so he agreed to the plan without second thoughts, my pink-haired teammate also agreed.

Then, I created exactly thirty Shadow Clones and divided them in three teams, one with my original appearance and two others with Sakura and Sasuke appearance, the plan would be obvious to my nii-san but all I needed was an opportunity for us to attack.

I'm strong, that's true, however, my Nii-san strength also grew over the years and my guess is that his strength is nearing the level of a Kage if not at the same strength as one, as for my strength, I'm not sure of it myself but from Nii-san estimates, I'm stronger than an ordinary Jounin and using all my cards, I'm at the level of an Elite Jounin, my full strength. [1]

It was also what made me think of teamwork being the test objective, defeating Nii-san, even with these two, it won't be possible.

All of the Clones then rushed towards Nii-san, however, he kept reading the Icha Icha Series while casually dodging all of the attacks coming while dispersing them, they weren't made to hit him, only to distract him, this is where our time came, I did a hand sign as all clones suddenly dispersed, smoke covered the area.

Then I took a 'shuriken' and threw it towards Nii-san before doing hand signs 'Fūma Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!)'

Suddenly, the sole 'shuriken' multiplied and became dozens of shurikens, all heading towards Nii-san at full speed, as he dodged and they fell to the ground, I smirked before they all dispersed in smoke, my plan was going smoothly.


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