30. C-Rank Mission [1]
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Konohagakure, 2 A.M

Around a certain house, a blonde teenager stood by while quietly doing hand signs, after finishing it, he thought to himself 'Fuuinjutsu: Sealed Sound! Invisible Barrier!'

'For now, you'll be my only victim, if I act on more than one, they'll discover and track me down, however, if only one is killed, nobody will be able to link it to me, principally when I never held an apparent grudge towards you, don't you think, Mizuki-sensei?' Naruto thought.

A sadistic and vicious smile plastered over the blonde teenager face 'Even if you scream, even if you try to run, it won't work, nobody will be able to hear you and you can't run because of the 'Invisible Barrier', how amazing that is?' he thought before appearing inside the house as if he teleported.

Mizuki was walking around the house while thinking 'What should I do? What should I do? Naruto graduated and one of Orochimaru-sama orders were to capture him and the Forbidden Scroll, I can't do any of these! I need to do something but Naruto's strength is just so superior to mine, I still remember how easily he defeated a few Chuunins that challenged him!'

Just then, a voice so cold that scared him, not only because of its coldness but also because of its familiarity ''Missed me, Mizuki-sensei?''

The light blue-haired man instantly flickered out of the house and tried to run away but he couldn't, there was a barrier ''HELP! Naruto Uzumaki is trying to kill me!'' he yelled, his mind chaotic as a spatial disturbance.

''It won't work, Mizuki-sensei. You see, our Uzumaki Clan is famous for our incredible Fuuinjutsu and it just happens that I used two of them: Sealed Sound and Invisible Barrier, how nice, right?'' Naruto said as Mizuki frightened eyes turned to look at him, his sight greeted by a scary beast.

These eyes, they weren't the eyes of an ordinary human, eyes so lifeless and devoid of emotions that it scared him to the core, that teenager's lips were curled slightly in a sadistic, vicious smile ''J-J-Just what are you? MONSTER! Don't get near me! Help, someone, please!'' Mizuki screamed in pure, unadulterated horror.

Taking out a long, black-colored sword with shining, bloody red-colored lines running across its blade, that looked like spiraling lines, its handle also being black-colored, five golden-colored, diamond-shaped symbols on each side of it.

''This will be your first kill, I hope you enjoy it, Sword of Whirlwinds...'' Naruto muttered slightly before injecting Chakra on it, as if reacting to it, the bloody red-colored lines started to shine as Wind started to run around the blade, akin to a small, coiling whirlwind.

Then, Naruto thought to himself 'Ignition.' [1]

Lightning flickered around the wind that flew continuously around the blade, it was akin to a small storm ''It'll be fun, you know?'' Naruto said as his sadistic, vicious smile grew widely ''Torturing you, how fun it will be, I wonder?'' he continued.

Sound of flesh being slashed apart was heard through the house and the painful screams of Mizuki could terrify any soul that heard it ''I can't torture ordinary humans, you know? Different from Ninjas, their mind would break at the first part of my torture but look at you, even after all of this, you're still alive...'' Naruto muttered while dodging the blood that was dripping down Mizuki's body continuously.

'His voice is getting lower and lower, maybe I'll increase the intensity of it.' Naruto thought before increasing the output of his power, lightning and wind connected together before flowing towards Mizuki's body.

As the Lightning crawled around every single part of the light blue-haired man insides and the Wind tore apart his skin, Mizuki screamed for a few minutes before his body, mind and spirit couldn't take it anymore - he died.

Looking at the body that lifelessly fell to the ground, Naruto sighed ''It was fun, Mizuki-sensei. Take this as a revenge for all the times you secretly made Villagers try to harm me, you think I didn't notice it? So afraid, so weak... I noticed when you looked at me with disgust, as if I'm nothing but a monster.'' he said.

The blonde teenager then added ''But in the end, you were right, I'm a monster, the monster that chases you in your worse nightmares.''

Removing any kind of Fuuinjutsu and erasing all traces that he had used it, Naruto left the dead body there, even if they saw it, they wouldn't be able to trace it towards him, no blood was left on his sword, the flickering Lightning burned it away.

The next few days passed peacefully, just as Naruto, expected, it took a few days before someone noticed that one of their Chuunins went missing, something that didn't happen so often in the current days, principally with the days of peace that the Village was passing by.

Team 7 also did many D-Rank missions and the entire team was growing bored of it, all they did was to help old ladies, help with ordinary chores and more ordinary things.

Naruto was walking by the streets as always while humming slightly as if what he did a few days ago didn't affect him in the slightest bit, he overheard a few Chuunins that were talking ''Hey, did you hear about it? Mizuki went missing and after they searched inside his house, they saw that his entire body was mutilated, it seems he was tortured till his body couldn't take anymore so he died!''

''Wow... And do the higher-ups have any clue about the one that did this?'' Another Chuunin asked before another replied

''I heard about it, from what is known, the one that did this is proficient with Raiton and Fuuton, at least from the investigation made by the Police Force coupled with the ANBU, there were traces of torture using these two Chakra Natures, crazy, do you think the one that did it will stop there?'' His voice carried worry and fear.

One of them shook his head ''It's not likely for this to happen, with this, the higher-ups will be probably monitoring the entire Village closely and the assassin probably held grudges against Mizuki, he was known for torturing his enemies every time he had a chance, there's a saying that karma is a b*tch, now it is proven that this is true!'' he said.

'The news has spread fast, kit. Aren't you afraid that they'll track you down?' Kurama said inside Naruto's mind as the latter shook his head.

'I'm not afraid of this happening, Kuu-san, my plan was perfect and I planned it for weeks, my natures are Wind, Lightning and Water and I also have mastered many B-Rank and below Earth and Fire Jutsu, from my register, they wouldn't think of me, not to mention that I was always ''friendly'' with Mizuki-sensei, even after he tried to trample my results.' Naruto said.

Kurama opened one of his eyes before saying 'Kit, good grief.'

Naruto laughed at his partner reaction 'Anyway, I need to hurry up, we will take another mission today, I'll use my ultimate attack against Jiji so that he gives us a higher ranking mission!' he said.


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