31. C-Rank Mission [2]
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Author Note: Be warned that some arcs like the Land of Waves and Chuunin arcs will contain severe similarities to the Canon but I'll change some things here and there to make it more enjoying for you guys, so, please bear these similar arcs

Through the way towards the Hokage's Office, Naruto heard more and more Ninjas talking about the death of Mizuki as it was rare for something like that to happen, principally with the brutality used ''Maybe 'they' had personal grudges against Mizuki? Well, considering his actions against captured Ninjas, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise, do you think they'll go towards his fiancee?''

''I don't think so.'' Another replied to that one before they all continued on their ways.

'So Mizuki-sensei has a fiancee, hm? I wonder if she knew about it, probably not considering his actions were always like that... Anyway, she's innocent, no need to involve her.' Naruto thought to himself before flickering away.

Knocking on the door, Naruto entered the room just to see Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke staring towards him impatiently ''Naruto, you're late!'' Sakura yelled at him while the black-haired teenager nodded at her attitude, apparently agreeing but not wanting to yell.

''Someone challenged me to a fight, I'm a Ninja of honor, couldn't refuse him.'' Naruto said indifferently as they nodded as if it was something normal 'Fools, my excuses are the best, after all...' he thought.

Looking at their Team, Hiruzen smiled gently ''You four are doing the D-Rank missions in an excellent manner, the ratings are always '5 stars' out of 5! So, these are the current D-Rank missions available, choose one!'' he said.

''Jiji, our Team don't want to do D-Rank missions anymore, you know of our capabilities, even Sakura is prepared to C-Rank missions, both I and Sasuke are more than prepared to these, not to mention Nii-san.'' Naruto said towards Hiruzen before using his ultimate attack.

''Please?'' The blonde teenager said while using the ultimate, inevitable 'Puppy Eyes no Jutsu'!

'UGH!' Hiruzen thought to himself as he felt his heart being flooded with love and warmness 'Sigh, he needs to stop using this, this old man can't take it anymore, I'll end up having a heart attack!' he thought before nodding.

''Just this once, I'll give the mission, if you four succeed on it with 5-star ratings as well, I'll allow your Team to take more C-Rank ones and in the future, if you four continue doing well, B-Rank ones!'' Hiruzen said with a gentle smile, love and warmness overcoming his mind after Naruto's ultimate attack.

''The one that requested it is already here, you may enter!'' Hiruzen said as someone opened up the door, the middle-aged man wore a sleeveless v-neck shirt with an obi, pants and a pair of sandals. He also carried a towel around his neck and wore a pointed hat on his head. [A/N: Picked this from Narutopedia as it is convenient and easier]

Looking over the three of them, the middle-aged man said bluntly ''These three brats will be my escorts? What are they going to do? Throw toys at anyone that tries to do something to me?''

Sasuke got triggered at him but was interrupted by Kakashi ''No, I'm a Jounin so your journey will be safe, I can assure that, besides, all of my Team is capable of protecting you.''

''Hm, if you say so. Are you sure of that? That brat at your side doesn't look like he cares about the mission, didn't his parents teach him how to be educated?'' The middle-aged man said before Naruto finally looked at him ''I'm an orphan.''

'I just said sh*t...' The middle-aged man thought before admitting his mistake ''I didn't know it, sorry. I'm Tazuna and I'm a master bridge builder from the Land of Waves, nice to meet you four.'' he said.

''So, Tazuna-san, can you tell us more about the Land of Waves? How are things there?'' In the way, Sakura asked as Tazuna tensed slightly, something that didn't escape the eyes of both Kakashi and Naruto, however, they kept in silence.

Looking over Sakura lazily, he said ''I don't know much to say but it's a somewhat poor Land, which is why I'm building a bridge, to open opportunities to more business so that the Land can be free of poverty.''

'I see...' Naruto thought 'Maybe there is someone behind the stage trying to stop this from happening? If the Village is poor as he says, I don't think he would have enough money to have the luxury of asking for an escort, principally when he holds nothing of value except his own life...'

As they talked and walked through the forest, Naruto noticed something before quickly throwing a Kunai towards a bush ''There was something there.''' he said.

Looking up to the bush, Sasuke said ''It was just a white bunny, well, at least we have something to eat in the way!'' he smiled slightly.

Then, something unusual appeared in Naruto sight 'A water puddle? First, a white bunny - something uncommon in summer and now that?' the blonde teenager thought before closing his eyes and noticing two presences hiding in the water.

Just as they passed by the water puddle, someone attacked Kakashi, slashing him apart, Sakura yelled frightened but Naruto was prepared 'Two Mist Ninjas? No, they're missing-nin from Kirigakure!' he thought before disappearing.

Sasuke was also frightened and stood on the same spot, he had just seen his sensei and a somewhat of a big brother figure being killed, however, Naruto disappeared from his spot and appeared behind the two Ninjas, that reacted by throwing their chains towards him.

''This won't work.'' Naruto shook his head before disappearing once again and appearing in front of them, with great speed, his sword pierced one of the attacker's heart, killing him instantly.

Not letting the other react, the blonde teenager knocked out the one that was alive ''You can come out now, Nii-san, stop pretending to be dead!'' he said.

'W-What? Kakashi-san is alive?' Sasuke thought before finally coming to his senses and looking towards Kakashi, that was above a tree branch.

''I know who these two are, they're the Demon Brothers, Gozu and Meizu. You did a good job by leaving one of them alive, Naruto, he'll be useful for gathering information as they're missing nin, Sasuke, you noticed the signs but because you were carefree, you didn't react in time, if that was a real situation and I didn't notice it, I would be dead. Sakura, you reacted too badly, in the Ninja world, dying is normal, you need to be prepared to kill or to be killed.'' Kakashi said his speech while lecturing Sasuke and Sakura.

Both of them nodded while thinking in a determined manner 'I won't let this happen again!' they thought as if they were in sync.

''As for you, Tazuna-san, care to tell me as to why a Chuunins were pursuing us - Or should I say, pursuing you?'' Kakashi said as Tazuna tensed up before sighing.


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