Chapter 1: Hello, I am a traverser
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Article 1 of the Space-Time Management Law "Prohibition of the Crossing of the Wuchang Formation".

In a certain time and space, it may be a momentary negligence of the staff of the Space and Time Administration, resulting in a parallel world with millions of soldiers and the red empire of steel torrents crossing to the outside world and fighting with the magicians.


Even if it is not Wuchang, there are also loneliness that hangs overseas, the Heisei neon crosses to the outside world, and the fish flesh crooks the deeds of the aristocrat.

In this time and space, the staff of a certain time and space administration has neglected their duties, resulting in the bill "Forbidden to pass through the five permanent formations" was completely torn by those restless people, and an epic huge disaster swept the whole world.

Feudal lords are wailing, and the elves are screaming.

The orcs were howling, and the dragons were screaming.

The goblins are begging for mercy, and the undead are crying.

This is no longer just a traversal of hundreds of people, thousands of people, or a city in a country, but a love greeting from the most powerful countries on earth and the five permanent members of the United Nations.

——Hello in a different world, here are the five constituencies through which the organizational system travels.


Continent of Aghanim, southwest of the abyss.

A team of 100 people is slowly marching between the jungles.

All young women, with their graceful figure and pretty face, riding a **** cat under their hips.

As the big cats walked with confident cat steps, the graceful figure of the women riding on them also swayed, showing that it was quite sexy.

They have a pair of pointed ears and stay with the big cat. They look very natural and spiritual.

This is an elf knight Ji from the Emerald Forest.

The Abyssal Land will produce a powerful demon king every 300 years, and the demon king will summon a powerful army of demon kings from different worlds in an attempt to use them to conquer the entire continent.

The Aghanim continent, as one of the five continents in this world, the forces on the continent had to put down their stereotypes every 300 years and unite to deal with the invasion of the devil.

This is not unique to the Aghanim continent. In addition to the Aghanim continent, the other four continents of this world will also be born with a powerful devil.

300 years ago, 600 years ago, 900 years ago or even earlier, the invasion of the Demon King Army brought countless disasters to the people of the whole world. Only by joining hands can people resist the invasion of the Demon King and his Devil Army .

Of course, this world is not just about caring for the demon king. At the moment of the birth of the demon king, there will be 5 brave men from different worlds on the five continents, helping the people of the five continents to fight against the devil and his demon army.

These brave men summoned from other worlds are not just humans, they may also be elves, angels, succubi, dwarves, vampires, orcs, undead, dragons, and even goblins, slimes, etc.

The brave will bring their justice friends and his supporters to defeat the devil again and again.

Thus, a legendary story has been passed from one section to the next, which has been circulating to this day.

This is the theme of this world of swords and magic, the story of the brave and the devil.

But this time, it seems that the story of the brave and the devil cannot continue ...


In front of this team of knights and knights in the Emerald Forest is not a pure elf sister paper, but a man wearing armor and carrying a long sword.

Yellow-skinned, black-haired, brown-eyed, the standard appearance of East Asians on Earth.

The headed man raised his right hand, squeezed his fist, pressed down, and shouted in the fairy language of the Emerald Forest: "Stop the whole, rest in place, and you should reach the castle of the demon Yufi not far in front!"


The elves and sisters sat down and regained their strength.

Going north into the abyss to fight against the Demon King Army is not what they want. Humans brazenly capture, enslave and sell elf people because they covet the beauty and figure of the elven clan, which makes the elves have a great deal of humanity. hostility.

Only this time was the order of the Emerald Forest Elf Queen, she gave the brave face named An Rui, and then this elite knight Ji appeared here.

As for the brave An Rui, a serious earth man, an unreasonable traverser.

Who would have thought that An Rui himself became a member of the army?

This unrealistic sense that only appears in literary films and television works occurs to himself. Let Anrui guess at the first time that he must be a certain author or the protagonist of the screenwriter.

An Rui, Hua surname Hua, An Lushan, Ruijin Rui.

The original 25-year-old An Rui was summoned to Aghanim's continent by the six-pointed star array on his way to work 12 years ago.

The 25-year-old body turned into a 6-year-old body in a blink of an eye. Although the body became smaller, the mind was still as good as a famous detective ... traverser.

6-year-old Anrui looked at the people who had been waiting for him, Fafa, priests, knights, kings, nobles and archbishops.

Looked at the arcane in the hands of the Master, looked at the Holy Light in the hands of the priest, and looked at the fighting spirit of the Knight Ji.

There is also the magnificent attire of King Naxi's fantasy world, the greedy gaze of the nobles, and the solemnity of the archbishop.

An Rui quickly figured out that he should have crossed into a world of swords and magic.

As a Chinese traverser, An Rui quickly accepted the established fact of crossing.

When he learned that he was the Agali brave, An Rui even had a little excitement and shouted: "I am also the protagonist, ha!"

Time flies, and now An Rui has become an 18-year-old brave, with his righteous companion, sent by the emperor of the Panda Empire in the north of the abyss to the south to seek the help of the Emerald Forest Queen.

"It's rusty, rusty ..."

Several goblins of short stature suddenly wore out of the bushes, and the elf knights who stood up stood up with a “shoo”, pulling their swords and bows and waving their staff in preparation for a wave.

"King Fuhua! Ding Tianyi!"


In a flash of white smoke exploded, a red behemoth burst out of the smoke, lion head, antlers, tiger eyes, elk body, dragon scales, oxtail.


Opening a big **** mouth, he killed the goblins on the spot.

The elves were relieved when they saw it.

At this time, a woman wearing a white-blue-brimmed robe walked up and patted the head of the giant beast like a unicorn, as if to praise it.

I saw the woman's head with a pair of fox ears, a long messy blue-purple hair, and three big hairy fox tails on the butt.


The fox-eared woman turned her head to look at Anrui, with a faint smile on her lips, and her wet lips looked shiny: "Anrui, are these Goblin demon kings?"

She is a brave little friend of the brave, a fox priest named A Li.

There are a total of 6 partners assembled by An Rui, 3 partners in Eastern style, namely Taoist, Miko, and Samurai, and 3 partners in Western style, Templar, Priest, and Magician.

It's just that the samurai is a super road fanatic who lost his way when Anrui assembled them. His whereabouts are currently unknown, so that Anrui now has only 5 friends.

An Rui shook his head: "No, it's just the ordinary Goblin under the devil's hand. If the devil's army comes, my **** will remind me."

After each brave responds to the call, when he arrives in this world, he will receive a welfare that is designated as "God-given".

The divine gifts of the brave are either the "heart of elements" with infinite magic, or the "fruit of life" with infinite regeneration, or the "eyes of dimensions" that see through all lies and illusions, or the incarnation of the goddess of wisdom. Seed of Wisdom "...

Or the "sword of oath" with the strongest sword, or the "blade of emptiness" that can cut off everything, the "element staff" made of elements, or the "necklace of life" that protects all ...

Of course, the above are all high-end goods, and the gifts of the brave who are summoned are randomly generated according to the style of their original world.

Andrui, who was summoned from the earth, acquired a capability called "system" and was able to fully digitize his strength.


Today, An Rui is already in the professional column with "Aghanim Brave", and the level column with "Lv72" exists.

At the same time, Anrui can also digitize all the people. What Anrui has seen so far, the highest-ranking person in the world, is the sword saint of the Panda Empire, and Anrui's eyes show the level of "Lv75".

The top powerhouses such as the titled mage of the empire are all in the level between Lv70-Lv75. Anrui has not yet met the existence of the level exceeding Lv75.

As for why An Rui's level is so low, it is that An Rui, who is a traverser, is extraordinarily desperate and very cautious when fighting.

In plain English, Anrui is a guy who is so serious about eating chicken.

This brave man is obviously super strong, but he is too cautious, resulting in a super slow upgrade.

He didn't like adventure, nor did he like crazy temptation on the verge of death like other traversers and other brave men.

This may be the kind of genetic pursuit of stability that some Orientals have had since ancient times.

After solving Goblin, Anrui arranged: "A tan, go to the front to find the way to see if there are any abnormalities."

Atan nodded, and a rider turned on the unicorn called out by the "touch": "Go, take a break."

Looking at the back of A Li left, An Rui shook his head gently.

On the side, the cat-eared witch Meng Er, who was wearing a red and white witch costume, complained: "It is true, it is agreed with the sisal, and they meet in the emerald forest, and the person is gone.

An Rui's mouth twitched, and for the guy named Sisal, it was indeed a bit speechless.

Although the warriors of the Canine ear tribe have strong fighting power, they are a born road idiot, and they may not know where they are now.

An Rui scratched his head and sighed: "Forget it, it wouldn't be a problem if he didn't."


Meng'er immediately complained: "I knew I had tied sisal next to meow, and the guy last time also said that he was going to the Panda Empire. When he walked, he went to the Alabaz Empire. It ’s been a year since I came back to meet you.

Meow woo woo woo woo, people feel like they are going crazy, and there is one less person in the team.

If there is one less samurai, there will be one less output. An Rui, what to do if you are swollen ... "

Meng'er talked about the cannons, like a machine gun, "Dada Da" is endless.

Fortunately, An Rui had been prepared for a long time, taking advantage of Meng'er's inattentiveness, and slipped aside to hide.

The behind-the-scenes priest Maria is a little pale, her eyes covered with a thin layer of black yarn, holding the waist bar, gasping slightly, as if she is not in good health.

Templar Victor quickly greeted him, dedicated: "Maria, are you okay?"

Victor's admiration for Maria is a long-standing thing. After all, the two belong to the same unit, but Maria's goal is to become a saint. Naturally, she repeatedly rejected Victor's good intentions.

"I don't want to fall in love. I focus on my career. Are we still good friends?"

However, Victor persevered and pursued Maria tirelessly, exercising his face to the thickness of the corner of the city wall.

Of course, Maria, as a priest, naturally has to maintain holiness and restraint, and is unmoved by Victor's diligence.

Maria waved her hands again and again and gave a shallow smile: "It's okay Victor, you can help me rest a bit on the stone next to it."

The words are gentle and delicate, and a man will be fascinated by such a weak and pure woman.


After Victor helped Maria, she began to greet her with warmth, and Maria also felt contented and readily accepted Victor's concern.

A shiny light bulb came out at this time, and the title mage Rubick raised his robe, pulled out a pair of dice from the storage bag in the waist, and slapped his goatee with a smile. Said: "Victor, why not come and play in your free time?"

He said that he threw a generation of coins on the wooden pile next to him, and pushed the glasses frame on the bridge of his nose: "Small bets are good, big bets are good for health, young people, everything should try."

Seeing the money bag on the stake, listening to the rumbling coins inside, Templar Victor gleamed with golden light in his eyes and looked at Maria with an apologetic whisper: "Maria, that's a big Fat pig, here comes the money again, watch me go to slaughter him, go back and buy you some beautiful clothes, hehehe ... "

Who said that the Templars did not love money, not to mention Maria ’s opposition, rolled up their sleeves and moved towards Rubick.

"whispering sound."

Maria took a sip and froze her lips coldly.

Immediately, his hands were gently placed on the lower abdomen, and he conveyed the divine power, feeling the weak life in the lower abdomen, and a sly smile was inevitably revealed in the corner of his mouth. The bloodline is in my hands, and my plan is one step further from completion, oh oh. "

Glancing at Victor who was gambling with Rubick over there, he glanced at Anrui and whispered, "Huh, man."

This is where Anrui North entered the abyss and dealt with the demon army.


An elven cavalry hostile to humans, a juicy Ji Taoist of the Fox ear tribe, a cat ear witch who keeps thinking, a goddess who looks very holy, and a greedy licking dog holy Temple Knight, and a title guru who loves gambling.

"An Rui! Fog ahead!"

A Li suddenly turned back from the front, and at this time An Rui and others were gradually filled with dense fog.

An Rui ’s first reaction was that the demon army summoned by the demon came, and the system given by An Rui God also prompted at this time: "Main task:" The devil army is coming "is starting ..."

Seeing that the mist had gradually gathered around, the visibility dropped sharply, and An Rui quickly ordered: "Everyone will gather near me!"

The justice buddies of the Anrui team immediately gathered towards Anrui.

Rubick cursed: "Curse this **** fog and make the old man lose badly."

Everyone knows that Rubick is a loser every time he gambles, but others are happy, and Victor laughs beside him without saying a word.

As a brief spell sang, Maria and Rubick quickly propped up two **** of light, and the others lit the torches, pulled out their weapons, back to back, and watched carefully.

The system in Anrui's head was madly playing prompts.

"Main task:" Devil's Army Advent "started successfully ..."

"The Devil's Army officially landed on five continents ..."

"The copy opens ..."

"" Furious Sea "is activated!"

"" The Winter Is Coming "is activated!"

"" Great Wall Watch "is activated!"

"" Wudu Orphan "is activated!"

"" Tower is still active "is activated!"

An Rui was stunned. Wait, how come the names of these copies seem familiar?


An Rui stayed in place, patted his face, and then continued to fully immerse his attention in the system.

"Akhalim continent successfully activated the" Great Wall Watch "..."

"Difficulty: impossible."

"Description: Eliminate the alien magic army that invaded the Aghanim continent."

"Mission Brief: Hua Xia is an ancient country with 5000 years of civilization on earth. Now she is being summoned as a demon army by the demon king to the outside world.

Brave, take up your weapons and take on the important task of defending the continent of Aghanim and the entire world. Please destroy this group of invaders. "

An Rui screamed at the trough: "I, don't you say anything?"

The raging waves of the raging sea, the winter is coming, the Great Wall Watch, the orphans of Wudu, and the iron tower are still there! This is the Wuchangcheng system through it! ? "

Wait, where is the Space and Time Administration? I want to complain!

I am a good protagonist in a strange novel, how could the plot of a group drama novel get messed up! ! "

Although the dense mist makes people unable to see what is nearby, An Rui can feel that the soft soil and grass at the foot are now very strong.

An Rui stomped her foot gently, feeling long lost: "This touch, this foot, this hard texture, this ... this, this, this is either a cement road or an asphalt road, I ’m back? Uh, no, it should be The motherland has come to a different world !? "

After a while, the dense fog was not as dense as it was originally. 5 meters away, I saw an orange light shining in the fog.

The light is moving towards the front with the speed of ordinary people walking carefully.

"Beep beep ..."

car horn? Double flash?

Anrui is full of people at this moment, the motherland has worked hard for you, and you have finally followed through, and I ... went home!

Think of the fiction stalks of various groups wearing different worlds, or anti-traversal, An Rui, who was worried about being hit by a throttle by an unscrupulous old driver, quickly waved his hand and shouted in Chinese that the justice friends did not understand : "Old driver! Don't shoot ... Bah, don't drive! There is someone in front of you!"