Chapter 05 – Our first Boss fight?
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We were awoken by some banging sound that came from behind me, after focusing on the sound it looks like someone is trying to break through the door to get inside. We stand up and moved so that we were all looking at the door, ready for whatever it was that was breaking the door down, probably more monkeys.

Soon enough a pair of Great Ape Fighters... and man were they surprised, we were all looking at the pair of 'small' monkeys and they just turned around and started runing for their life, not that it matters though since they were so slow. But since they aren't worth that much experience neither of us were interested enough to actually move forth and kill them.

I just yawn and started breaking the wall were the door was, it is too small for us anyways, luckily this walls aren't that strong and the roof is high. Need to be carefull though since I don't want the whole room collapsing on top of us, I have used my new blessing on my sisters and myself just in case.

After a while of carefully dissplacing chunks of stone to the side with my bare claws we were free of the confines of the small room. And there was a literal army of baboons from all four colors and ape fighters, there was a new one too, the Great Ape Magician, who has a weird black coat over his shoulders qnd a large black hat, they are waving a glowing stick similar to the Blue Baboons.

They are like a hundred of those monkeys in total, but must of them were the Crimson Baboon Warriors and the Great Ape Fighters, along some Green Baboon defenders they composerd the front lines while behind them stood a bunch of the Yellow Baboon Archers with some Blue Baboon Healers and Great Ape Magicians. 

I looked at my sisters whose eyes turned sharp. Blanc used her new roar paralizing most of the monkeys, I can see some small white lightning arcs running along the walls and the floor along with the paralized monkeys. Blake charged her breath attack and I followed with my own breath attack. Our two breath attack bassically combined into a white and red spiral ball that flew at a pretty nice speed. 

There was a really loud explosion when the white and red ball of fire made contact with the middle of the front lines. Before the fire and dust settled, there was only silence, or maybe I was deaf now... when everything settled there was a bunch of burned marks and blood stains everywere... it was kinda gross. 

After all of that I got rewarded with a single level... my sisters got two levels, maybe it is because of that '+' mark over my rank, maybe it means mine is higher thus require more experience to level up and evolve. Can't wait for my next evolution now, something tells me that is gonna be strong.

We might want to get out of this cave now that we've evolved, maybe we can fly over whatever is holding us up in this closed forest. 

After we reached the central hall of the cave were the two stair were we turned for the exit when a bright light circle appeared under our feets, not to worry to much since we have the protection of my White Veil, the shine intensified and we started floating a bit before we banished from the hall... I was careless.

We were teleported to a weird area that looks like throne room, in front of us was a bigger monkey that is wearing a black leather gown with some gold colored accents on his shoulders, he have a blue cape under his black leather gown. He also has a gold circlet around his forehead, he has glowing yellow eyes and a bunch of wrinkles on his face. He has a pair of the ugliest looking pants I have ever seen in both my lives along with a pair of black boots and a belt with an aditional black leather strip over his nether regions that have the same gold designs as his gown over his shoulders. 

Zeman ♂️ Lv (29/30) - Rank D+

At his side was a dark gray pointy stick that has a gold ornament on top along a a black spike under that ornament, there is a sinister black and purple aura over that stick. 

He seems visibly angry and it is looking at us with a way that is making me quite uncomfortable... in an annoyed voice he told us. "You trespass my territory... slaughter my people... empty my coffers... and have the balls to just turn around and leave my cave... You brats need to be taught a lesson.... How about you three die for your sins committed to the great me and become my stepping stone for my next evolution?" He laughes whike grabbing his pointy stick

"Sounds reasonable since you killed my people that I take your lives, no?" He finished and throwed a big black fire ball at us which was negated by my Veil and I countered with my White Breath while also preparing another White Blessing. Both my sister also got started, and used their respective skill to boost up their damage. He teleported out of the way of my breath attack and threw another fire ball at me but I jumped in the air... I can fly! 

Blake came from the air too, right on top of him but he dodge her tail spike and she jumped at the air again... she is fast. Apparently his teleport has a cooldown since he didn't used it to dodge Blake's jump. Blanc took this opportunity to appear before the monkey king and used her Plasma Wings to slash at him, but he dodge and detonated the ground were he stood. Luckily she had my White Blessing which took on most of the damage for her.

I shot another white breath from the air but he dodge it again, we have the rank and number advantage but only Blake can actually touch the king. It is like he can sense were the attacks will come from or something. We also need to get used to our new strength... does having lower level because of our evolutions have something to do with it?

Blake landed on him again but instead of using her tail to pierce him like last time she decended like a flamming meteor on him, and she manage to knock him down, everything went into slow motion and I can see that he is aiming that pointy stick at her. Time seems to stop, the feeling of that stick still feels wrong, I don't want her to be stabbed by him with that stick, she still had the White Veil's protection but what if that attack deals no damage and have a nasty effect, like how he teleport us inside the room against our will...

Just to be safe I released the White Breath I didn't know I was charging, my target his pointy stick. Luckily the shot is really fast and Blake has protection so I shooted with all the power I could muster in what little time I had to charge it. Some of my runes started dimming a bit but compare to the possibility that my smaller sister gets killed off it is not that big of a trade.

The white ball of light still flew around and hit the fist of the monkey king breaking his staff and fingers in the process. A big explosion resulted of the whole thing and I can still see Blake in slow motion jumping off the king a little starttled. She managed to stay on the outside of the explosion and her Veil broke and she was sent flying to a nearby wall, Blanc managed to catch her before she hits the wall, impacting the wall herself breaking her Veil. My vision started to grow heavy but I resisted the urge to fall from exhaustion and decided to land and be ready just in case.

I walked towards Blanc who was carrying the sleeping form of Blake and casted White Blessing to be sure. My carelessness almost got us killed... I turned to were the King exploded there and saw a stone statue of the king with just one arm. I let a sigh and fell to my side, most of my runes weren't glowing anymore and I felt really tired Blanc put Blake next to me and went to the statue and activate her Wave Motion and Plasma Wing skill combo cutting the statue in to rubble. 

And there are the levels screens...

For defeating Zeman the Ape King you and your group has cleared the Biome Closed Forest, Bonus experience will be given. For clearing your first Biome, Bonus experience will be given. For surviving inside a biome with no casualties, Bonus experience will be given.
Medea ♀️ Lv (04/45) - Rank C+ has leveled twice
Blanc ♀️ Lv (05/45) - Rank C has leveled twice
Blake ♀️ Lv (05/45) - Rank C has leveled twice

All that work and we only got two freaking levels that is extortion, how many more monsters we need to kill in order to level up... and they also didn't get any skills when they reached level five... we even got bonus experience for beating this Biome thingy. Blake is sleeping peacefully while I need to recharge my mana levels and just got to Blake and we slept while Blanc had to guard us while we sleep.

After a long while I woke up and to my surprise, Blanc was sleeping next me.... was Blake on lookout? nope... she was also sleeping next to me too one on each side... what if more monkeys came at us while we sleep you lazy bums... I guess I can't be that hard on them, they probably doesn't know the meaning of being lookouts.

I stretch my limbs and my wings which are now pretty big if I do say so myself. I nudge both sleepy heads with my head and they stired awake they don't have the veils anymore, so if I loose consciousness or my mana runs low ot dissipate. It could also had a specific timer or may e it has it's own mana reserves for healing and whatnot, really hard to test without putting any of us in danger...

A large fancy box was waiting for us at the exit and inside of it were three golden juicy fruits, guess there is one for each of us. I handed one for each and they look at it and even poke it with their front claws, and it was when I ate mine that they now what it was, food. 

The frut was really big, it was only a bit smaller that our heads but we could still eat it in one big gulp. It was refreashing to the max, and I even felt a bit stronger, wonder what sort of fruit was that, both Blanc and Blake were actually quite happy about getting to try tasty things...

I also feel my blood warming up and my heart rate rising up, but it was so genttle that I didn't mind those changes much.

After walking for some time we reached the entrance of the cave. I didn't find anymore of those golden fruits unfortunately... We walked towards our small cave but now we can't fit through the entrance... the walls feels more brittle so I'm a bit afraid to dig out a bigger entrance. I tried flying a bit since climbing that hill will be to much work and the entire ground is wet and slippery.

I flapped my wings and my sisters soon followed me towards the top of the hill and out from were we came. Finally we were out of the closed forest, maybe we can go towards the mountain were our mothers are or we can explore other places and get stronger. Blanc is the slowest flier of the group so I have to be carefull not to leave her behind.