Chapter 21 Uncensored
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Zhou YunSheng wasn’t actually injured but the emptiness of his body was harder to bear than any pain. He tore at his own and his lover’s clothing, making sweet moaning sounds from his mouth.

“Quicky, quickly, I need yang energy, as much yang energy as possible.” He used his hands to scratch his lovers’ back, biting his ears and urging him to go faster.

Zhao Xuan’s whole body felt as though it was doused in flame because of these words. The two of them hurried into the Golden Palace. All the attendants there had been sent out by Wang Bao and it was only an empty room with cold wind blowing.

After being blown by the cold wind, Zhou YunSheng finally recovered some of his rational sense. He twisted and jumped down from his lover’s arms, pushed him against a column and with his sharp nails cut off the jade belt around his waist. Then he buried his head between his legs and swallowed the thing between there.

He was extremely ravenous. He had to absorb yang energy as quickly as possible or else he would go mad.

“Oh…” Zhao Xuan couldn’t control an in-drawn breath. His back was pressed against the column and his hand were holding the little fox’s cheeks and laughing. “Good Li’Er, so good at sucking. I love you to death!”

Zhou YunSheng ignored him. With one hand he held the thick blue-veined monster while alternate deep and shallow sucking motions. His other hand was occupied with playing with the two heavy balls, trying to get his lover to cum for him.

“Wu-wu” moaning sounds echoed through the empty hall, making people who were listening’s hearts race and faces go red. Wang Bao who was standing guard outside really hated that he couldn’t block his ears.

After sucking him off for nearly thirty minutes, his lover still showed no signs of cumming. Zhou YunSheng’s eyes were red. He used his sharp small baby teeth to grind the top of the cockhead. He had an urge to bite the whole thing off however of course he could not bear to really do it.

A feeling of itchiness and numbness spread throughout his body like electricity and made Zhao Xuan feel dizzy.

He lowered his eyes and focused on the little fox whose mouth was stretched around his giant instrument. He saw that he looked pained and anxious and because of his desire had not been met, a large teardrop had already formed. Thus he held him firmly on the back of his head and finally released a concentrated white essence deeply into the back of his throat.

Zhou YunSheng froze then swallowed automatically without any gag reflex.

The world’s most precious yang energy was injected into his body and immediately relieved him of the desire which made him want to spontaneously explode. He swallowed the last drop of semen into his belly, licked his bright red lips and sighed.

“It’s my turn now, suck me properly.” His face appeared casual however both of his eyes were red. He supported himself on the pillars, stood up and then marched lazily towards the throne while at the some time untying his waist-tie and tearing off his robe.

When he finally sat upon the supreme throne and lay down as though he was boneless, there was only half a shred of material half hanging off his body. The snow white cloth was contrasted against his pale pink jade body, and the appearance was both pure and obscene. It really made one want to go crazy.

“Hurry up and come here.” Seeing his lover standing and not moving, his expression looking frozen, Zhou YunSheng crooked his finger. Then he spread his two feet and folded them upwards, stepping onto the corner of the throne. The jade liquid and his slippery wet hole was exposed to the air. 

He seemed unable to wait even a second longer. He parted his buttocks then used his own finger to probe inside. He imitated the movement of intercourse and thrust it in and out, eliciting the jade liquid from the hole to spread outside like a tide, quickly making his entire palm wet and dripping down his wrist.

This didn’t make him feel much better and only made him feel more empty and more difficult to bear. His two feet applied force to raise his butt even higher into the air so he could penetrate his hole more deeply with his finger. From his lips he made both a high and low moaning sounds which echoed through the room.

Seeing the little fox could get so excited on his own, Zhao Xuan felt as though his soul was being stolen away. He strode forward with big steps and flipped him over on the throne, pressing down on his two legs violently. He folded him upwards and held onto the top of his hips.

A strong fragrance entered his nose. This was the special scent given off by fox demons in order to seduce humans into having sex with them and so it had a strong aphrodisiac effect.

Zhao Xuan’s eyes, which were previously red, turned pitch black. He stuck the tip of his tongue deeply into the hole to probe around.

“Not enough, go deeper.” Zhou YunSheng raised his lips and hurried him.

Zhao Xuan obeyed his words and violently pulled open the snow-white buttocks and probed deeper into the honeyed depths of the hole, thrusting in and out and swallowing the jade liquid into his mouth with a crisp watery sound.

Zhou YunSheng moaned while writhing his waist and tightening his jade instrument to prevent it from erupting prematurely. He had a pure yin body, only when his back hole was filled with pure yang energy could he be satisfied. If he came from the front it would only make him weaker. This body was born to be defiled and its degree of wanton-ness far exceeded his expectations.

He moaned in the back of his throat as liquid filled his hole. He swayed back and forth in a wanton manner and the bright golden throne was completely messed up as his body was covered with tiny sweat beads. Under the rays of moonlight coming in from a window, the scene was extremely lascivious.

Zhao Xuan’s lower abdomen felt as though it was about to explode. He pulled the top of his tongue out of the slippery hole and stroked the little fox’s body with his hands. Bright red hand marks were left on his heel and calves.

How could be satisfied with just kissing? The yang energy he had consumed early was quickly transformed by his demon core and changed into demon energy, making Zhou YunSheng want more.

He flipped over his body and supported both of his hands on the back of the seat. He lowered this thin waist and said in a hoarse voice, “Hurry up and come inside.”

Zhao Xuan didn’t need to be reminded by him. He lifted up his hard and enormous cock and penetrated him. Inside it was extremely warm and tight, no matter how much violent thrusting it could derive pleasure. The two people made love furiously, connected intimately without the slightest bit of space like two fish in a ying-yang shape, with only the secret hole opening and closing, their private parts intimately entangling. 

After furiously being thrust into hundreds of times, Zhou YunSheng’s feeling of emptiness slowly left. His two feet were wrapped around his lover’s waist and his two hands were holding the back of the throne. His buttocks were suspended in the air and pressed down on his lover’s penis.

“Good boy Li’Er, I like this position. I can enter even more deeply.” Zhao Xuan teased him in a hoarse voice. He thrust deeply towards his prostate, making the little fox give a high-pitched scream. Then suddenly a snowy white fluffy tail appeared from his tailbone, rotating in mid-air.

Extreme pleasure made Zhou YunSheng unable to maintain his human form, however he wasn’t scared of being seen at all. With one hand he played with his own jade instrument. When he felt like cumming, he would press his nail against the cockhead in order to prolong his orgasm. With his other hand he held the end of his tail, kneading it in a circle. 

The pleasure from both ends made him moan uncontrollably, his hole contracted tighter and tighter, almost making Zhao Xuan shoot immediately.

Zhao Xuan was helpless. He could only press down on the little fox’s legs, preventing him from moving. Then he leaned back and allowed the little fox to sit on his waist, bearing each and every violent thrust from him.

Because of the thrusting of the giant monster, Zhou YunSheng’s stomach was turned in a slightly 凸 shape. A life-stealing type of thrill ran through his body, making him feel both pleasure and pain, almost as though he was going to go mad.

He raised his head and crazily wagged his tail back and forth. He said in a high voice, “Quickly, quickly, I’m about to come. Cum inside me, cum everything inside me!” 

Zhao Xuan laughed lowly. Then he opened his arms and changed to hold his thin waist. He pinned the snow white body beneath his yang instrument and finally exploded inside.

The two people both groaned before collapsing. The four limbs were entwined together intimately. You rub me and I kiss you. After resting for only a little while, their desire rose again and they immediately entwined together again and continued thrusting. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh was very unseemly to hear.

After taking care of the business of the assassins, WanQi Yan hurried over to enquire about the youth’s health. When he saw Wang Bao standing guard in the corridor, he asked in a grave voice; “Why aren’t you inside serving? Is the little Marquis’ injuries serious?”

“Why don’t you listen and tell me?” Wang Bao had already been standing for two shichen and his face was extremely helpless.

WanQi Yan inclined his ear and listened. Immediately his face became bright red. He stood rooted to the spot, not knowing if he could go forward or back. He paused very awkwardly for some time and finally didn’t leave, instead standing guard with Wang Bao outside the door. He listened intently to the moans that belonged to the little Marquis until the sun finally came up and he made his leave.

At liushi, the sound of the Regent’s voice summoning him finally came from inside the palace. Wang Bao hurried to follow orders and entered the Golden Palace.

A pillar was covered with white liquid which had already dried. The throne was an entire mess and all the cushions needed to be changed. In half an hours time it would be time for the Morning Assembly, cold sweat poured down Wang Bao’s head.

Zhao Xuan had a satisfied face. He wrapped up the sleepy and half-unconscious little fox until he was completely covered up and wanted to intended to take him out via a window. Halfway there he turned back and said, “Go and tell Zhao ZongZheng, this Lord will be getting married soon and needs to take two months leave.”

“Get- get married?” Wang Bao was so shocked his tongue almost stopped working. He hurried to ask, “Who is the wangfei?”

“Other than Li’Er, who else would it be?” Without waiting for his words to completely finish, he had already disappeared, leaving a shell-shocked Wang Bao doing panicked circles around the room.

The news that the Regent wanted to marry the Zhong Yi Marquis created huge waves inside the Tian Yuan Country, momentarily suppressing the momentum of the news about the assassins at court. In order to save HeLian MoYuan, the Empress of Da Yong Country, agreed to cede the borderlands of her country to bring the matter to a close. After being beaten, HeLian MoYuan was finally sent back. Because his reputation had been sullied by not performing his duties well, he was later murdered and it was unknown which one of his brothers was responsible.

If Zhao Xuan wanted to marry a male wangfei, then of course Zhao ZongZheng couldn’t be more happy. He pretended to try to dissuade for a while then pretended to helplessly agree without any other choice. He even gave them an imperial marriage order. The lackeys who followed the Regent had thought that eventually he would get rid of the young Emperor and crown himself, however how could they have expected that he would suddenly marry a man. Since he had cut off his chance of having descendants, it made everyone very disappointment and not unexpectedly, some developed traitorous thoughts.

Because of this, everything became a chaos at court. The old ministers who supported the Emperor voiced their opinion that the young Emperor should be allowed to govern. Some people agreed, others disagreed. They argued non-stop.

Thus in these two months, the Regent’s power dissipated quite a lot. Only a few loyalists were left, the others all left him in favor of Zhao ZongZheng. Zhao ZongZheng was overjoyed to death. He began to enact change with big strokes, and aimed his blade squarely at the Regent. Inside and outside he began to make waves and gather up resources and soldiers.

Zhao Xuan wasn’t worried about it at all. He took the little fox around travelling, playing in the mountains and rivers, and only when the honeymoon passed did he return to political affairs. At the same time he took a good look at who the traitors around him were.

After weathering several rounds of “cleansing”, and as someone who was loyal to the Emperor’s faction, the Bai family finally obtained Zhao ZongZheng’s recognition and important use.

Bai Lian’s ministerial position rose. Not long after marrying OuYang MingYue, he rose to a third rank official, making Old Madame OuYang overjoyed. The OuYang family were initially predisposed towards the Regent’s faction, but seeing that the Regent appeared to be weakening they immediately changed their direction towards the Emperor. In the process the Bai family helped them a lot to make connections and build bridges. This marriage was very profitable and so OuYang MingYue’s position naturally rose. Every time she returned back to her home, she would be met with a lot of fanfare and regard.

Having OuYang MingYue wasn’t happy at all.

Right now her biggest concern was still the piece of meat inside her stomach. This fetus was extremely stable and no matter what happened it refused to miscarry. It steadfastly and stubbornly remained inside her. Right now the birth was almost at hand and she had no choice but to purchase a baby from outside just in case. If the baby was Bai Lian’s, they she would return the infant she had purchased. However if it was the Kunlun slave’s, then she would exchange the two babies. These days the only times she went out was for the purpose of making inquiries as to whose due date was close to her own.

After searching for one or two months, she finally found a woman who was willing to sell the baby in her belly. OuYang MingYue gave a big sign of relief. She kept her in a side manor, taking care of all her expenses.

The woman gave birth first and successfully bore a male infant. She hadn’t even had a chance to look at the baby for more than one eye before she was suffocated to death with a pillow by OuYang MingYue’s loyal maid. After patiently waiting for a few days, OuYang MingYue’s belly finally started to move too. Her maid held a basket and hurriedly ran back to the manor. However just as she entered the door she froze. Because all the people responsible for the birth were unfamiliar faces and not the people she had previously arranged. The maid immediately went forward to ask the two midwives what they were here for and wanted to kick them out. 

No matter how capable OuYang MingYue was, right now she was only capable of lying on the bed and screaming loudly.

Bai Lian was worried about her safety. When he saw her maid not letting the midwives enter, he immediately got angry. He ordered people to arrest the maid. It was unknown who accidentally knocked the basket in her hand and discovered that inside there was an unconscious male infant. From his extremely red skin, it was obvious he had been just born in the last few days.

Bai Lian didn’t know how to react immediately but Madame Bai already instantly developed a lot of thoughts. She was angered to death and ordered people to lock the maid up in the firewood room. After the young lady gave birth, she would be interrogated thoroughly.

When OuYang MingYue heard the commotion outside, she was really at the point where praying to heaven and earth was no use. She really wished she could dig out the baby from her belly and eat it. However the two midwives didn’t give her a chance. After forcing her to drink a bowl of medicine, within half a shichen a male baby with dark skin and a strong bone structure appeared, and the ethnicity was immediately apparent that it was a Kunlun slave.

Madame Bai screamed and fainted dead away. Bai Lian gazed down at his extremely weakened wife and didn’t say anything for a long time. He was extremely heartbroken and finally his heart died. He didn’t want to look at OuYang MingYue for one more glance and definitely didn’t want to listen to her explanations.

How deep his love was, was now how strong his hate. He wasn’t the same person as in his past life who was a slave, who after his whole finally had been put to death by the Regent, was rescued by OuYang MingYue. He didn’t need to rely on OuYang MingYue to live and so he could not tolerate her betrayal. He gave the baby to a trusted aid and ordered him to swiftly throw the child away. Then using the excuse of a serious illnesss, sent OuYang MingYue away to the countryside and never wanted to see her again.

In order to assuage the pain in her heart, Madame Bai quickly helped him marry a few concubines. Their family backgrounds weren’t worse than OuYang MingYue’s. If not because she wanted to cover up the ugly situation, then she really wished that she could directly drown OuYang MingYue and that bastard child, in order to satisfy the anger in her heart. After Old Madame OuYang received Madame Bai’s letter, she had a stroke on the spot and died not many days later. Grandfather OuYang gave the order that OuYang MingYue would never set foot inside the house again.

But no matter how hard she fell, OuYang MingYue would never accept defeat.

She didn’t protest when she was sent to the countryside. Every day she would eat her meals on time and not forget to take her medicine. She wanted to hurry and nurture her body back to health and practice her martial arts. She was overjoyed to discover that as the Regent’s power waned, the people sent to spy and watch her also slowly decreased. In the last two months they hadn’t appeared at all. In other words, she was free. Although she didn’t know how long her freedom would last, however she had to grasp this opportunity.

She behaved just as she did before getting married. She wore male clothes and went out to seek business opportunities. She needed money and connections. She wanted to return all the humiliation she had suffered onto the people who had looked down on her. The Bai family. The OuYang family. WanQi Yan. Zhao Xuan. And also Fan YuLi. These people were all on her black list.

She was the female lead and the world never failed to give her an opportunity. One day, she helped a young man chase back a wallet that a thief had stolen from him. She unexpectedly discovered that the young man was the young Emperor Zhao ZongZheng in disguise. The two people immediately felt a connection at first sight, they had a wonderful conversation. One of them was frustrated because he was unable to take back military power. The other person knew military strategies and tactics from another dry and age. After testing each other a few times, they decided to become allies and forge a career for themselves.

OuYang MingYue told Zhao ZongZheng the blueprints and formulas for creating guns, gunpowder and hand grenades. In return she obtained huge amounts of gold and power. In a split second, the originally rumored to be almost dead Young Madame Bai suddenly revived. She was recognized by the Emperor as his adoptive older sister, and taken back to the Imperial City with a lot of fanfare. She was give the title “Zhen Guo Princess” and given a residence with walls made of gold.

Now that she had the title of a Princess, OuYang MingYue momentarily became one of the most illustrious women in Tian Yuan Country. When the Bai family and the OuYang family saw her they had to kneel down and pay respects. She summoned Bai Lian countless times to the Princess’ Residence to serve her in the bedchamber, however each time she was firmly rejected. In anger she had several of his concubines killed and one of them was even two months pregnant.

She only know how to kill and didn’t know anything about love. So she had no idea how to turn back Bai Lian’s heart. Not only did Bai Lian not return to her side, but even the last bit of love he had for her was completely destroyed clean. Quickly he sent her a divorce letter then quit his official post and left to go far away. It was unknown whether or not he would return in his lifetime.

As time passed, OuYang MingYue gazed at the empty spot by her side and discovered that all the men in her life had left her one by one.

Li WenHan died. Fang WeiTong died. Fang Shou died. The Kunlunslave died. Only Bai Lian didn’t die, but hated her into his bones. This was even harder for her to bear than dying. How come it had become like this? She asked herself in her heart time and time again, she kept feeling that this wasn’t supposed be her fate. In order to assuage her loneliness, she seduced Zhao ZongZheng. Every day she would enter the Palace to mess around with him and quite a few times was discovered by the Empress and imperial concubines.

It didn’t take long for the rumor about the two people’s sordid relationship to disseminate around the imperial city. However the young Emperor had power and wasn’t afraid of offending anyone. And anyone OuYang MingYue was right now divorced and logically should be able to remarry. After the ministers grumbled for a few days they eventually dropped the subject.

In order to completely control OuYang MingYue, Zhao ZongZheng intended to marry her into the Palace as a concubine. He finally consulted the heavens and selected a fortuitous day. When the Empress who was already nine months pregnant heard the news, she rallied all the imperial concubines and went to his study to stage a protest. However they didn’t even get to see the Emperor’s face. She was so angry she almost had a miscarriage.

OuYang MingYue already had a sordid reputation before entering the Palace. However she didn’t let this stop her at all and even took pride in it. She raised her head high and lifted her chest up, walking around with her nose in the air, causing many people around her to gnash their teeth and hate their into their bones. But what was the use of their hate? After half a month she still gloriously married into the Palace and become Concubine De, and obtained all the spoiling and attention from the Emperor.