Now get to it, Potter
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Harry was in jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. He had taken time to shower, get off, tried -and failed- to do something with his hair, and packed a bag, before leaving for his date. He had the bag slung over his shoulder with his invisibility cloak and a bottle of water stuffed into it. He looked up to Pax, who was perched on top of his mirror, and said, "Come on, we're going out tonight." The falcon spread her wings and glided down to land on Harry's shoulder. She was so small that Harry had considered stuffing her into his pocket, but he didn't think she would like that much. 

He cast a Tempus, 745pm. 

Perfect, he thought, opening the door. 

Pansy and Ginny were on the other side and both of them jumped from the door opening. 

"Um, hi," he said cautiously. 

"What are you doing here?" Pansy asked with wide eyes. 

"I was just," Harry fumbled. Then, remembering where he was, he said, "this is my room!" 

Pansy rolled her eyes, "No, Potter. You're going to be late! You think I don't know about your date? If you're late, I have to hear about it, and I'm not interested." She reached out to tug on his hoodie, pulling him through the doorway. "So move your Chosen ass." 

Harry shook her off, and straightened back up. He looked them both over and said, "Are you two staying here?" 

Pansy lifted her chin, "Yes we are. Now go away," she said with false sweetness. 

"Why?" Ginny asked. Harry glanced over at her and she asked, "Did you want to watch?" giving him a saucy wink. 

Harry blushed crimson, "No! No, I'm good." He turned to head down the stairs. 

"Harry," Ginny called after of him, "you should wear the cloak, there's a group of fans waiting to ambush you near the DADA class."

"Thanks Gin," Harry said without turning around. 

"And don't come back too early!" 

Ron might actually burn the castle down this year, he thought and pulled out the cloak to drape it over himself and Pax. 

Once outside, with the invisibility cloak pulled off, Pax took flight. The little falcon swooped delightedly along the edge on the lake. Harry spread out his cloak in front of the grove of trees where he had agreed to meet Draco. Then he leaned against one and waited. He had spent the whole walk thinking about what Hermione had said and trying to decide what exactly they should talk about first. He knew they had a lot of history, and she was probably right about getting some of it sorted out before-

Draco jumped out at Harry from behind one of the trees, "BOO!" he said, then fell into a fit of laughter when Harry jumped and squeaked in response. 

Draco was still in his uniform, fresh from his meeting with McGonagall. When he regained composure he smiled broadly at Harry. Harry's mind went blank, all carefully planned conversation stripped away, leaving only thoughts of heat and action in their stead. He reached forward tugging Draco close by the collar and bruising his lips in a desperate kiss. 

"Your glasses, Potter," Draco said, in between kisses. 

Harry hooked his leg around the back of Draco's knee and they both tumbled to the ground, with Harry straddling him. He pinned Draco's willing arms over his head and smiled. Then, tugging off his glasses, he leaned down and sucked a love bite onto Draco's neck. Feeling the blonde's moans more than hearing them, Harry felt dizzy with desire. His hands, lips, and teeth roamed over Draco's body, attempting to touch every inch he could reach. 

Harry knew better than to try and take off Draco's shirt. He wasn't ready to face that yet. So he moved lower and tugged at Draco's trousers. Once they were unbuttoned he looked up and waited until Draco chuckled and said, "Gryffindors, I swear. Yes, I consent. Do you want me to sign something?"

Harry growled, bit the hem of the other boy's boxers and pulled them down so he could wrap his mouth around Draco's cock. This was something Harry had really taken time to perfect over the summer. He licked the head of his cock, tasting the precum, then excruciatingly slowly, sucked him all the way in and started to bob his head. 

"Merlin, fuck," Draco said, breathless, "your mouth feels good, Potter."

Harry pulled off Draco's cock and looked up at him through his lashes. "You should call me Harry" he said. 

"Why would I do that? Didn't enough boys say your name over the summer?" Draco asked casually, with his head still laid back on the cloak. Harry wondered how he could think so clearly mid blowjob.

Harry huffed a laugh, "It is my name, though."

The blonde lifted his head and looked Harry now with a lifted eyebrow, "If I continue to call you Potter, are you going to stop?" 

Harry considered this for a moment until Draco's cock jumped against his chin, eager and still leaking precum. "No," he said roughly, "I don't have that kind of willpower." 

Draco smirked and laid his head back down, "Good. Now get to it, Potter."

Harry liked a broad stripe along his cock and swallowed him again, letting his throat constrict around the head of Draco's cock. Draco's fingers threaded into Harry's hair. 

"Don't stop, fuck-" Draco cried out, just before his body jerked and spilled cum down Harry's throat. 

Harry pulled off with a lick and kiss at the tip of his cock and then laid down on the cloak with a smug smile on his swollen lips. After catching his breath, Draco rolled over to grab Harry's cock. It didn't take long for Harry's cum to spill out over Draco's hand and onto his own t-shirt. Harry smiled up at Draco casting a wandless cleaning charm, then pulled him close for a lazy kiss. 

After they both buttoned back up, Harry had one arm tucked behind his head with the other wrapped around Draco, who was laying on Harry's chest. "That was brilliant," he said. 

Draco traced elegant fingers against Harry's ribcage, "It was."




The following week was perfect. Every day, Harry hung out with his friends at breakfast, he went to class, he was late to defense and supervised duels instead of participating. He sat with Draco at dinner, the two of them took Pax out for a walk, then they would talk, kiss, cum, and cuddle. Then he would sleep and start over. 

On Friday night when Harry went to his room to change and grab his cloak, the door was locked. He tried it again, it still wouldn't open. 

He heard Pansy from the other side, "Password?"

He sighed, looking towards the heavens for some sort of answer to his life's story. Instead his eyes caught on Luna's sign, 'Pots and Pans', which Ron had gleefully mounted to their outer door frame.

"Um," Harry said, "Harry Potter?" Much to his surprise, the door opened.

Blaise was standing on the other side, "No." he smiled, "But you can come in." 

Harry stepped through and took in the lot of them, and the transfigured couch, before letting his eyes drift to Draco, who was lying on his back in Pansy's bed.

"That's quite an ego Potter," Draco said without opening his eyes, a smile tugging at his lips, "Are you sure it can fit in here with all of us?"

Harry cocked an eyebrow, "It's a wonder you and I can fit in any room at the same time Malfoy. Yours has always been bigger than mine."

Pansy groaned, "Oh gross! Stop flirting," she said, throwing a quill at Harry, which he caught and set down on her desk. He leaned down to grab Draco's hand and pull him to the other bed. 

"So what are we doing in here?" Harry asked Draco once they were sitting. 

"I think Pansy is going to get us drunk."

There was another knock at the door and Pansy said, "Password?"

"Weaslette," came a voice from the other side of the door, which opened immediately, allowing entrance for Ernie Macmillan. 

"Ernie! I was worried this would be snakes only," Harry said happily, then winced in pain from Draco's elbow hitting his ribcage. 

Ernie flashed a big smile, "I brought the emotional support," he said, pulling out two bottles of firewhiskey from his robes. 

Both bottles were passed around throughout the night, until the last drop was gone.