Chapter One: Every Time
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I groaned, as you would when being thrown through a concrete wall. Why the hell do people keep making Chimeras? Nobody has been able to control them for long, those creatures eventually break out of their bonds and kills everything in sight. I spat out the blood that I was tasting in my mouth, hoping there wasn’t a tooth mixed in their. It wasn’t like I didn’t have dental insurances, but rather, who the hell likes visiting their dentists?

“Anne, quick! We got the slime head evaporated right now,” the captain called out. As nice as it would be to just lay here with possible broken ribs, I forced myself up to my feet and ran forward. In a moment I ducked low, feeling the pressure of another tail swing above my head. The damn creature was hidden and grew to the size of a school bus, anymore and it might have been as large as an adult dragon. 

While the Chimera was distracted, the freakish tiger head mixed with an arachnid eyes and fangs, lashed out at another knight. They had already taken care of the gecko head. Slowly we were whittling the creature down, the creature becoming desperate like any cornered animal were. Truth be told we were in the same situation, having been locked in the warehouse with it, a barrier setup until the job is done. 

I whispered my chant under my breath, the crystal embedded in my blade lighting up to a silver light. As though a mist had surrounded the sword itself, the blade shimmered in the little artificial light produced from the building. I kept on dashing forward, going underneath the creature, stabbing into their chest, hoping the rib cage had formed in a relatively normal way. The creature roared, rearing up to their hind legs, taking me along with my blade. The mist like quality of the sword had already entered their body, tearing through their internal organs. 

“You sure love being a raggedly doll, Anne!” Called out one of my team mates. I wanted to swear back at them, but I was afraid by all the movement, I’ll bite off my tongue instead. What ended the creature wasn’t my sword, but a an arrow, infused with the essence of lightning that had entered through the creature’s mouth. The shock spread through the body quickly and guess what else is a great conductor?

The next thing I recall was being awake in a field transport, strapped so I wouldn’t fall off while they were driving and maybe to avoid me trying to strangle someone for the situation. Was a heads up really so much to ask? There were a few other knights alongside me, their helmets off as they chatted. My mouth and throat was dry, the first words I managed to say was more of a wheezing sound. They were kind enough to give me some water. 

“Looks like our princess is finally awake again,” Captain Hilda finally spoke, making a kissy like face. The others laughed, having seen this exchange many times before.

“Fuck you, why didn’t any of you warn me,” I spat back.

“And what? You let go and get flung through another wall? Your armor has protection runes for a reason, besides it wasn’t nearly as heavy as it looked.” 

“I would still like a notice before being shocked like that, what if it causes permanent brain damage?”

“I think we all have that if we’re in this line of work,” chirped in Alexander. 

“Nothing the docs can’t deal with, plus the good news is, you don’t have any broken bones this time around!” 

The bickering continued on as usual for a bit longer before moving to more mundane topics like the family, what to do with free time, where the best restaurants were in this city and so forth. The chattering came to a stop as soon as the vehicle stopped and everyone piled out after undoing the straps. 

“Can’t wait to see Kin-,” before I could even finish that statement, someone ran up to me with another mission folder. I knew we were short staffed, but couldn’t a woman get a break after slaying a hellbeast? With a sigh, I opened up the folder to read the contents as I headed to the break room for a much needed cup of coffee. 


So I had this idea for awhile now and decided, why not? Just gonna start right here. Welcome to our world, but not really! Like I’m not trying for a light novel like feel, but I’ll definitely be influenced by all the stuff I’ve read over the years. I hope I set this up properly.  (⊙_⊙')