Chapter 15
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Two weeks passed by after their warm night together. Liu Yong had worked through most of the case files during the evenings spent at his work, while Zhou RenShu worked on his reading as well as writing. During the first week Zhou RenShu felt sad whenever Liu Yong left since he thought the handsome man was meeting with Wang Ling but when he saw the large amount of paperwork Liu Yong had brought back one night, the thought was banished from his mind for good.


During the two weeks Liu Yong hadn’t gotten any closer to finding either Wu Yun or Li Qing. He tried to find more snake demon case files too but there hadn't been any recent cases fitting into the pattern he had noticed, instead they were standard murders done in hatred. It’s been a couple months, will they be striking again?


Liu Yong was working on his laptop when there was a knock on the door, during the day Liu Yong would remove the silencing seal since he was home, only placing the seal on when he left for work. Zhou RenShu was too engulfed in drawing in the new book Liu Yong had bought him and didn’t notice the knock. Liu Yong stood up and wrote a seal to see through the door. That woman?


Zhou RenShu only looked away from his drawing when he noticed Liu Yong was opening the door in his disguise, he couldn’t see who had come to their room but when the woman spoke his face turned sour. Liu Yong’s disguise couldn’t hide his could expression that he wore but the woman seemed to not notice. “Hi handsome.”


“Why are you here?” Liu Yong couldn’t remember the name of the woman and he didn’t know what had happened to the card he had been given. Even with such cold words spoken, Wang Ling looked happy to see Liu Yong. “I haven’t seen you in a while, I am meeting a few business friends for dinner tomorrow night, you should join us.”


“Why?” Liu Yong felt this wasn’t right, he wasn’t close to this woman in any way and whatever conversations they had, had all been one sided. Liu Yong looked into Wang Ling’s eyes, they looked clear and her energy was the same as always. Clean with high cultivation. Even though it was obvious that Liu Yong didn’t want to meet with her, she still persisted. “One of my friends actually said they know you and told me to invite you.”


Liu Yong’s intuition told him to decline but his curiosity had also been grabbed. “What friend? Give me a name and I might consider attending the dinner.” Wang Ling smiled beautifully while she came in closer to Liu Yong’s ear, she spotted Zhou RenShu staring at them and winked at him seductively before whispering. “If you want to know come find out for yourself.”


“Tomorrow at 8pm downstairs, I’ll meet you in the lobby, handsome.” Wang Ling turned around to head back to the elevator. Liu Yong closed the door then removed his disguise. All of this is too odd. Out of pettiness and anger, Zhou RenShu had scribbled all over his drawing, however it wasn’t enough so he ripped the page out and scrunched it before throwing it at Liu Yong’s face. “Why did you agree to that dinner with her?”


Liu Yong threw the paper back at the sour face glaring at him. “I believe she is involved in the case with Wu Yun but I don’t know how. Her energy is clean and she didn’t look dazed as if she was under someone else's control. If the case isn’t solved soon, more people will go missing.”


The answer was obvious enough but Zhou RenShu felt sour in his heart as he grumbled under his breath. “I thought you weren’t focusing on Wu Yun anymore.”


_ _ _ _ _ _


The next night Liu Yong put work aside and left the room wearing an expensive suit. Wang Ling was standing patiently in the lobby, when she caught sight of him she smiled and walked over. “My friends haven’t arrived yet, we’ll go to the table first.”


Liu Yong walked beside Wang Ling but his eyes scanned the room a head, his inner energy reading the rooms behind him. He was searching for both Wu Yun and Li Qing but he felt nothing. At the table Wang Ling acted more shy and reserved, wanting Liu Yong to act more like a gentleman. Which he did. Wine was ordered and poured by Liu Yong and while they waited he made small talk. After an hour of waiting, Wang Ling’s friend had still not arrived. Wang Ling nervously looked at her phone.


“Should we just order first? We will starve to death if we continue to wait any longer” It was easy to see through Wang Ling’s pouted act but food was ordered anyway, after a light appetizer and more small talk, the friends Wang Ling had used to invite Liu Yong to dinner still hadn’t come. Liu Yong more or less guessed it was a set up but now he realized it was a set up for a date instead of a ploy to trap him. Their main was placed down and Wang Ling was about to order a dessert but Liu Yong held his hand up, cutting the woman sitting opposite him off. “No dessert for us, send the bill to my room.”


Liu Yong stood up and tucked his chair in, Wang Ling stood up both in shock and embarrassment. She quickly clutched Liu Yong’s arm while trying not to cause a scene. “Where are you going? We haven’t finished eating and my friends haven’t arrived yet.”


“I know there aren’t any friends coming.” Liu Yong slid the woman's tight hands that were digging into his skin off of his suit then walked away. He was waiting for the elevator when his phone rang. The number was private. “Hello.”


“Why are you so cold hearted? Breaking a pretty girl's heart like that.” Liu Yong’s blood turned cold as his chest burned with anger. He glanced around but there was no one he noticed to resemble Wu Yun, even if they were in disguise he would be able to recognize his aura. “How did you get this number?”


“I was upset when I heard you accepted the dinner offer from a pretty girl but refused mine, you still haven’t apologized for that.” Liu Yong walked outside to finish the call. “Me, apologize? What about the hundreds of people you’ve murdered. And for what? Immortality? Pei!


Hehe, you still think this is about living forever? What we’re doing is revolutionary. This isn’t just about immortality anymore but how far we can push cultivation. Is there a limit to the amount of energy one being can hold?” Liu Yong almost threw his phone at the concrete wall. After Wu Yun’s explanation the phone fell into silence. Liu Yong wanted to hang up but he didn’t, In the end, Wu Yun spoke again.


Fu~ To be honest I was planning on coming tonight, to watch your little dinner but I was held up. Maybe I’ll visit the restaurant later on this week. Do you think that pretty girl will accept your request after the way you treated her?” Liu Yong gripped the phone in his hand tighter. “What game are you playing?”


“I just want to have dinner with a pretty girl and an old friend, nothing else.” Wu Yun hung up without stating a day on which he would visit or even a goodbye. Liu Yong leaned his head against the cold concrete. He had fallen into Wu Yun’s games again. Even though he had stopped searching for the man, Wu Yun still had Liu Yong in his sights.


Liu Yong wanted to throw his phone away but he knew Wu Yun would only find his number again. Slowly he took the elevator back to his floor and pushed the door open, he had been gone for close to three hours. Zhou RenShu had tidied away the dishes he had for dinner and had also cleaned the room since roomservice wasn’t allowed to enter. 


When Liu Yong pushed the door open Zhou RenShu was watching TV, as usual the sound was off but today he was reading the subtitles aloud. Liu Yong changed into casual clothes then sat beside Zhou RenShu, the words coming from Zhou RenShu changed between making sense and complete nonsense. By the time the show finished Liu Yong had a slight headache.


“How was your dinner, Liu Yong?” Zhou RenShu didn’t want to hear about the dinner but he asked anyway, Liu Yong sighed tiredly and rubbed his eyes. Zhou RenShu felt a little bit of hope in his heart seeing the distressed man but his happiness was cut short. “I’ll be seeing her again tomorrow.”


Before heading to the elevator, Liu Yong walked by the bar and saw Wang Ling sitting alone, drinking a full glass of wine. He had no feelings for this girl but he had to get closer to solving the case. In the end he apologized to Wang Ling and offered a redo dinner. Liu Yong had no idea when Wu Yun would make an appearance or if he would stay true to his words but he had no other choice as of now. 


Zhou RenShu’s face fell even though he tried to hide it, Liu Yong couldn’t see Zhou RenShu’s sad expression but judging by the silence in the room, he knew more or less how Zhou RenShu was feeling.


_ _ _ _ _ _


The next night Liu Yong dressed in another suit and made his way down to the lobby, him and Wang Li ate and drank a full meal with dessert but there was no sign of Wu Yun. At the end of the night Liu Yong walked Wang Ling back to her room and declined the offer to come in, making his way to his room his phone rang. “Is it fun pretending to like someone?”


“Just tell me if you plan on really showing up or not, if you don’t then I won’t have to endure such boring tasks.” Liu Yong’s patience for Wu Yun had always been large but over the years and as more truths were unfolded the patience had dwindled down to nothing. “It wasn’t fun sitting in a crowded restaurant alone, it also wasn’t fun spending long nights alone once my seal had been removed too.”


“You’re punishing me!” Liu Yong punchd the elevator door, leaving an indent on the metal. “You’ve committed serious crimes, and you, Wu Yun are punishing me?”


“I want to get under your skin and make you crazy, maybe then I’ll stop playing with you.” Liu Yong got out of the elevator and stood outside his room. His hand on the handle but he didn’t push the door. “Just tell me, will you really turn up this week?”


“.....Two days, I’m out of town at the moment.” beep, beep, beep. The tone rang in Liu Yong’s ears, he threw the phone to the carpeted ground, if it wasn’t for the carpet the phone would’ve smashed into hundreds of small pieces, when he picked it up only a few cracks had formed on the screen. Walking into the room, Zhou renShu was drawing at the table, a small cake sitting beside him. He looked both beautiful and lonely whenever Liu Yong opened the door and saw him.


“Your back.” Zhou RenShu kept his head down as he continued to draw, Liu Yong walked over to take a look at what Zhou RenShu was drawing but the book was shut before he could get too close. Sliding the dessert in front of himself, Zhou RenShu slowly took small bites. Liu Yong moved to his suitcase and changed. “How is Wang Ling?”


Liu Yong’s hands unbuttoning his shirt paused. “Fine, we’ll most likely be having dinner again in two days.” Zhou RenShu's eyes pricked with hot tears but he forced them away, stabbing his cake until it turned to a pile of mushy crumbs. Liu Yong continued changing then sat at the table, watching Zhou RenShu shove the messy food into his mouth. “RenShu…..”


“Do you like Wang Ling?” Zhou RenShu’s voice was barely audible but Liu Yong heard him, he grimly looked out the hotel windows then grunted a no. “Then why are you going on dates with her?”


Liu Yong continued to stare out the window, he was thinking of Wu Yun. Zhou RenShu stood up and placed his dirty plate outside the door. I knew it, he’s telling me we don’t have the same sort of feelings for eachother. I thought you were starting to like me Liu Yong, especially when you hold me close every night before falling asleep but that was only my stupid thinking.


Zhou RenShu walked into the bathroom and closed the door, the shower could be heard from the other side of the door. Liu Yong stared out at the window feeling conflicted. Centuries ago Liu Yong and Wu Yun met when joining the academy at the same time. Liu Yong didn’t know why but he became attached to Wu Yun early on.


When they weren’t training or studying they were inside their dorm together, at first they would play various games or talk but soon things escalated. Wu Yun hovered over Liu Yong as he was sleeping and nuzzled his nose against the bare shoulder peeking out of the thin blanket. Liu Yong woke up and his lips were instantly attacked. Two men with strong Yang energy can’t cultivate together but they can have sex.


Liu Yong pushed Wu Yun beneath him, at the time Wu Yun was still skinny, no muscle had grown around his body yet. Both men grunted between gasps as they groped and pinched at one another. By the time the sun was rising they hadn’t gotten an ounce of sleep and their bodies were exhausted.


Together they excelled in their studies and training, their youthful bodies changing into the bodies of strong men. It was obvious the two men were close since they were constantly together. Liu Yong couldn’t say he loved the man he stood beside everyday but he knew he couldn’t stand to go without him, he was more obsessed than anything else.


Wu Yun however loved Liu Yong, he always told Liu Yong this. When they were having sex he would beg to hear those words from Liu Yong. It was only during those times that he could hear them. When Liu Yong pulled him closer and slowed down his rapid thrusting to whisper I love you in Wu Yun’s ear the whole world disappeared. 


Thinking back, Liu Yong regretted his actions. If I had been honest would he have chosen the path he is on now? After a few years of being rookie officers Wu Yun began to change. His face turned cold and his temperament was harder to handle. He would lash out whenever he wasn’t given his way and only Liu Yong could settle him down. The first time they had sex after a huge fight, Liu Yong felt different, his Qi had gotten better and his culitvation had grown.


He could sense Wu Yun had normal Yang energy but both men knew they could never cultivate together, all they could do was fuck. After years of this happening, Liu Yong’s aging decreased like Wu Yuns and their cultivation grew faster and faster. It wasn’t until Liu Yong discovered Wu Yun’s side job that he knew what allowed them to cultivate together.


Liu Yong was still thinking over his past when Zhou RenShu came out of the bathroom, his eyes were bloodshot and a little swollen. He had an excuse ready in case Liu Yong asked him but he was able to slide into bed without Liu Yong even glancing towards him. For most of the night Liu Yong sat thinking about Wu Yun and what he could’ve done to stop him from falling down the wrong path. 


When he finally moved the blankets and slid into the warm bed, he wanted to bring Zhou RenShu into his arms, it was almost a habit now. As his warm hands slid around Zhou RenShu’s waist, the small boy reached back and pushed his hands away. He didn't turn over or say anything, Liu Yong couldn’t tell if Zhou RenShu was asleep or not but he didn’t try to pull the small boy closer again.


The whole night Zhou RenShu stayed awake, silent tears leaking from his eyes.