Chapter 26
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Once Zhou RenShu had woken up the next day, Liu Yong was already staring at him. He quickly looked around before rolling on the floor giggling. We have a home together! Liu Yong picked the wriggling boy up and sat him on his firm stomach. “Do you like it here?”


En, is it ours now?” Liu Yong stretched his hand out to the piece of paper on the floor and handed it to Zhou RenShu. Reading still wasn’t Zhou RenShu’s strong point but he had improved. He slowly read through the contract without fully understanding until he got to the bottom. He took the paper away from his face and looked at Liu Yong, his small face full of confusion. “Why isn’t your name on here? It only says my name!”


“This is a present for you, you wanted a home now you have one.” Zhou RenShu sadly misunderstood Liu Yong’s words and small tears filled his eyes as he slid off of Liu Yong’s torso. The moment had been so warm but now that Zhou RenShu was crying it left Liu Yong with a mild case of whiplash. “RenShu? Why are you crying?”


“You want to leave me here! Th-The last time y-you gave me an a-apartment, you left!” Liu Yong cursed himself for his bad choice of words then scooped Zhou RenShu back into his arms, kissing the salty tears away before Zhou RenShu’s eyes could swell. “I only meant that this is yours, I’m not going anywhere. I only wanted to give you a proper home since you’ve never had one. I don’t need something like this anyway, since anywhere is good enough as long as you're there and happy.”


Zhou RenShu angrily shoved the paper in Liu Yongs face. “You have to sign it, that way you can’t leave anymore. You’re not allowed to leave me anymore!”


Liu Yong teased Zhou RenShu by turning his face away. Giving off the look of “I won’t do it!” Zhou RenShu sat on top of Liu Yong’s chest as he forced the paper onto Liu Yong. Refusing to be given no as an answer. “You have to sign it!”


“How about I sign something else?” Zhou RenShu took the paper away and looked down at Liu Yong. What other papers are there to sign? Liu Yong stretched his hand out to his side, Zhou RenShu watched as a piece of old parchment materialised. His eyes widening in amazement. Liu Yong sliced his finger with the unusually sharp edge, dropping his blood on the bottom of the paper. “If you sign this, we’ll be connected to each other for the rest of time. This blood contract means I’ll belong only to Zhou RenShu.”


Zhou RenShu stuck his small finger out without a single second of thought. If Liu Yong belongs to me then he can’t leave me alone anymore! We’ll be able to spend the rest of time together. Liu Yong sliced the small finger then placed it on the paper binding their souls together. With both signatures the paper burnt up, leaving no trace of itself. Liu Yong brought the finger of Zhou RenShu’s that had been sliced to his mouth. He ran his tongue over the tiny wound, as if he had magic saliva, the cut closed instantly. 


Although the cut was gone he kept the small finger inside, adding two more. Zhou RenShu’s face blushed as he wriggled on top of Liu Yong’s chest. Liu Yong slid Zhou RenShu’s pants down until they were around the boy’s knees. There was no stopping as Liu Yong gripped the two round asscheeks, sliding Zhou forward until his little flower was sitting above his mouth, replacing the small fingers.


Zhou RenShu pulled at the long hair in front of him while Liu Yong’s tongue poked and licked at his sensitive skin, his large hands also played with the small plump flower stem. Once the small hole was dripping, Liu Yong pushed Zhou RenShu off of his face. He held the small face in his hands while staring at the large eyes. “RenShu, I only belong to you. I won’t be going anywhere from now on.”


“I love you. I only love Zhou RenShu. Okay? You don’t need to feel scared about me leaving” Zhou RenShu nodded before he jumped at Liu Yong’s strong body, his legs wrapping around Liu Yong’s waist. The two men attacked each other's mouths with their tongues until spit over flowed from their lips. Liu Yong ripped piece after piece of clothing off of Zhou RenShu while he stayed fully clothed. Kisses and bites rained over the pale pink skin, leaving Zhou RenShu breathless in the best way.


“I love you, Liu Yong.” Zhou RenShu was roughly rolled over onto his hands and knees, Liu Yong muttered I love yous against Zhou RenShu’s ass cheeks before parting them and tasting the precious hole again. Zhou RenShu reached back with both arms as his back arched. Liu Yong was held in place by Zhou RenShu’s arms, the small hands pushing him deeper into the small hole until Zhou RenShu was trembling.


Liu Yong removed himself and Zhou RenShu weakly laid on the soft carpet, his own fingers traveling to his sloppy flower. Liu Yong slowly undressed himself as he watched Zhou RenShu finger himself, his eyes darkening from lust. “You’re so fucking sexy.”


“Liu Yong it’s itchy here!” Zhou RenShu’s fingers dug deeper before they were roughly pulled out, a spank hitting his tender hole causing his hips to buck. Liu Yong rubbed over the red hole before another slap came down on the tender spot. “When we’re fucking, you call me hubby.”


Zhou RenShu rubbed his small hands over his ass while his head laying on the floor turned to look back at Liu Yong. He could see the man was ready to dual cultivate, even though they had only gone without doing it for 2 days. Seeing the dark look of lust paired with pure love filled Zhou RenShu’s body with delight. His voice sounded extremely hot and seductive. “Hubby~ My hole is itchy.”


“Should I help you?” Zhou RenShu answered by parting his cheeks further while his hips perked up, giving Liu Yong the perfect view of his breakfast. Liu Yong didn’t wait as he pushed himself into the tight space, he reached down and pulled the gasping Zhou RenShu up to lean against this broad chest. He caressed and rubbed over every inch of the small boy’s body as he continuously pounded away. Zhou RenShu reached back to hold onto Liu Yong’s strong biceps, keeping his balance.


Liu Yong was good at fucking Zhou RenShu but today was different. He gave it his all. His hips moved with a new power, as if he was trying to impale his whole body into the small boy. Zhou RenShu was about to fall onto the soft carpet, before he felt empty in his behind. 


Before he could dwell on the emptiness he was turned around and picked up, Liu Yong’s cock pushing it’s way back inside. Liu Yong walked out of the room while Zhou RenShu’s body bobbed up and down on his cock, each step would cause both men to feel immense pleasure. Zhou RenShu didn’t know where they were going but he also didn’t care as he bounced his hips harder.


Once in the kitchen, Liu Yong pressed Zhou RenShu against the cold fridge, his small chest pressing outwards giving Liu Yong the perfect opportunity to suckle and nibble on the red beans. While sucking on the small nipples, Liu Yong’s hands kneaded Zhou RenShu’s ass before slapping it. Once a loud spank was done he would return to kneading the red skin only to slap it again after a few seconds. Zhou RenShu continued to bounce and wriggled around in Liu Yong’s arms as he grunted and whined loudly.


When Liu Yong had had enough of the kitchen he moved to the living room. All of the rooms were empty so they laid on the carpet and continued fucking. Liu Yong was squatting above Zhou RenShu’s small body as he plowed his weight and cock down, his large hands gripping onto Zhou RneShu’s narrow shoulders, using them to force the small boy back as he pounded his hips down. 


This would have been too much for Zhou RenShu but since they were dual cultivating his body felt fine and full of energy, the harshness in Liu Yong’s hips making him want more. Both men had lost count on the amount of times they had cum but this wasn’t the end. Liu Yong picked Zhou RenShu up from the floor again, slinging him over his shoulder as he opened the balcony door.


The spring air felt warm as he walked to a small wooden table, laying Zhou RenShu down gently, Liu Yong re-entered. The small body rocked rapidly as Liu Yong’s hips moved faster with every thrust. Zhou RenShu’s voice had gone hoarse from all of the moaning but he still continued to call out in ecstasy. Liu Yong sat Zhou RenShu up so they could taste each other and more spit flowed from their sloppy kiss, sliding down their chins and jaws onto their sweaty chests.


“RenShu….RenShu….I love you!” Liu Yong’s hips jerked forward ferociously as he grunted breathlessly, Zhou RenShu couldn't speak anymore as he pulled Liu Yong back down to his lips. His body trembled and spasmed as his last orgasm coursed through his entire body, it felt like he would pass out from the pleasure. Liu Yong pumped his hips a few more times before his own ecstasy washed over his body, his strong arms pulled the small boy closer until there was no room for air.


The orgasm was still going on inside Zhou RenShu as he whined through the pleasure, his face was covered in a mix of sweat and tears while his body had stiffened, he couldn’t move as Liu Yong gently slid in and out of his swollen hole. Each pump brought another round of shivers and tremors. Finally the high passed and his tired muscles relaxed, leaving his body and mind exhausted. 


Liu Yong quickly brought Zhou RenShu inside, although it was warm he didn’t want his lover to get sick. Thankfully, dual cultivation allowed semen to be absorbed into the body otherwise Zhou RenShu would have dropped Liu Yong’s milk all over the new apartment. Liu Yong took Zhou RenShu back to their room before walking into the large bathroom. He ran the water for the tub.


Once the tub was filled he sat down with Zhou RenShu sitting in his lap. Zhou RenShu had fallen asleep once his long orgasm had stopped but he woke up once he felt the feeling of warm water. His dazed eyes opened as he looked around, seeing that they were still in the apartment he dropped his head back down onto Liu Yong’s shoulder. Mumbling against the warm skin. “I thought we were back in the river.”


“Don’t worry, we won’t see that place anymore.” It was true that the field and river were beautiful but the beautiful place had also been an eternal hell. Liu Yong could never understand what Zhou RenShu had gone through in that place but he knew his own memories. In his own dreams he had continuously walked away while hearing Zhou RenShu beg and cry for him. In his dreams his body would never listen to him and although he tried his legs would continue walking away, never stopping.


The couple spent the rest of the day in the apartment, after their bath they dried their bodies in front of the large windows inside the living room, Zhou RenShu had never felt so warm in his life. By the time the sun had set he didn’t want to leave but they couldn’t stay here for a second night since there was nothing there. 


_ _ _ _ _ _


After dinner the couple returned to the small dorm and sat on the bed together, Liu Yong sat his laptop on his lap while the couple looked through various furniture websites. Liu Yong would have liked to hand the laptop to Zhou RenShu to pick everything but he still struggled with reading so it was best if he did the scrolling and buying while Zhou RenShu did the picking.


“We need a big bed, it has to be soft too.” Liu Yong told Zhou RenShu it’s best to pick beds in person then scrolled through the sofas. Zhou RenShu happily pointed at an orange sofa set that came with an armchair and square extension. Liu Yong added it without hesitation. “Can one of the rooms be an art room?”


“If you want. What do you want to do, painting?” En, Li Yong changed websites, bringing up an art supplies store. He bought different paints and canvases while also picking a few sketch pads and pencils. “What’s next? Kitchen?”


Zhou RenShu agreed and they bought different pots and pans as well as the normal tableware and dishware. Next was the dining table. Zhou RenShu looked at the different types of tables but couldn’t find one he liked. Liu Yong also looked at various websites before coming across a light wood table with a white concrete top. “Do you like it?”


En, the item was added. For hours the couple picked various things for their new home, Zhou RenShu was so excited he couldn’t help but wriggle around. Two days later, Officer Yu helped move everything into the new place and listened to Zhou RenShu tell him where to place everything. “Move the sofa a little to the left.”


“Did you mean right?” Zhou RenShu looked at the way he was pointing before thinking back to what word he had used before nodding his head in agreement with Officer Yu. Once that was done and the large TV was mounted on the wall, Liu Yong left to find his phone so he could order food. Officer Yu looked at Zhou RenShu before he couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Zhou RenShu I really have to apologize.”


“Apologize for what?” Officer Yu looked pitiful as he came closer to Zhou RenShu. “If it wasn’t for me then you wouldn’t have been abducted by Li Qing.


Zhou RenShu had never thought about it in that way, he didn’t hold bad feelings towards Officer Yu. Li Qing had tortured me and I had almost died but I’m with Liu Yong now, so everything is good. “There’s no need to apologize. I’m all better now, and Li Qing is dead so there's nothing else to apologize for.”


“But I am also to blame for what happened to our great Liu Yong, it was a chain of bad events all started by me. If I hadn’t gone looking for you then you wouldn’t have been abducted and Liu Yong wouldn’t have almost died!”


Zhou RenShu felt the blood drain from his face as his hands started to tremble. “L-Liu Yong almost died?”