Chapter 7
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“Can you believe how much homework she gave us?” I complained.

“I believe it, she obviously hates us and wants us dead.” Riley said as he ran a hand through his hair. We had just gotten out of art class and now were walking to get a snack to eat. Before our next class.

“Death by homework, what a way to go.” Cody says, stopping by his locker, to get money out for the vending machines.

Mrs.Q is ‘The ultimate art’ teacher she takes her job very seriously, and what I mean by that is she wants us to actually be one with our art, to really become the art and let the art gods into our souls, yeah she really said that on my first day I thought she was joking and laughed a little and she made me tell the class who my art animal was, I still don’t understand what meant, I ended up just saying something stupid like the ‘mighty koala bear’ she said she liked my animal and made me sit all the way in the front so we could be buddies, I’m her sixty seven


Apparently she goes through them like socks, and I’m just a phase till she finds someone else, which is hurtful and everyone is obviously just jealous of me.

“ASH EARTH TO ASHLEY!! CAN YOU HEAR ME?” I must have really been zoning out for Cody to yell like this,

“I’m sorry Riley, she’s obviously dead from the amount of homework she received.” Cody says to Riley being a tad bit dramatic, Riley wipes away a few fake tears and says “dips on throwing the body in the dumpster”

“Woah! You are such a fake friend!” I yelled completely thrown off guard, I was not expecting that.

“Yeah totally, if anyone is throwing her into a dumpster it’s going to be me, I met her like an hour ago, and I feel like we’re could have be lifelong friends, but sadly those dreams are dead just like she is, and I need to throw her in the dumpster to get rid of these and feelings.” Cody said talking in a really fast way, just when you thought you made a new friend they turn on you.

“Cody, I didn’t know you felt that way. I don’t know what to say except how about we share this opportunity.” While they were talking about throwing me into a dumpster for zoning out. I pushed past Cody and stole his five dollar bill.

“Catch me if you can suckers!” I yelled at I ran for the vending machines, I knew if I got there first they’d back off because the hunger would take over. Well I hoped anyways.


“Dude! She jacked my five!”

“That’s what you get for leaving it in your hand, and not putting it in your pocket.”

“Can you guys stop saying the word ‘jacked’ Its weird hearing my name, and I’m slightly offended.” Some kid whose name I’m guessing is Jack.

“dude, I said it like once, and-” Jack cut off Cody and continued “I’m not just talking to you. I’m talking to everyone who uses the word, I don’t like it and I’m here to tell people to stop, with if I used your name when something happened, I totally zammed that one.”

“Who is Zam?” Riley said looking at Jack like he’d lost his mind. Jack gives Riley the same look and gestures to Cody.

“That’s not my name?!” Cody starts, but Jack continues to talk, “Zam I’ve been in classes with you for like 2 years, I think I know your name, anyways the point I was trying to make was-”

Jack was cut off by the fifthteen minute bell.

Dang it these losers wasted our time and I didn’t even get to eat anything. Jack was still Trying to talk, Riley and I said our goodbyes to Cody and headed off to English.

What is art?

How does someone become the art?

Can’t anything be art?

I’d been laying on the floor in my room for the past three hours trying to get started on my art homework, I need to write either a 6 page essay or make art and at this point I was really starting to think about writing the essay.

I was going to work with Riley and Cody but with what happened earlier I didn’t need the distraction, also I had an English paper that need to be done and an online Math test. I can’t believe Zoey101 made me think boarding school was fun, I’m literally drowning in homework.

I ended up turning my phone off and unplugging all my electronics devices, so I wouldn’t be tempted to use them. I put the portable ones in a box in the living room while I locked myself in my room, since I didn’t have my brothers here it was up to me to actually do the work, and it was so hard.

“You know what forget you.” I said to my art project, I was done. I rolled to my left side, and floor swam to my book bag, and pulled out my English notebook, I’ve decided to just do my English work, that’s pretty easy, not as easy as my gym homework at been. He just wanted us to work out for thirty minutes a day.

I needed to write a paper on myself, which sounds easy but I literally forgot everything about myself the moment I turned on my laptop.



It was 10:30pm when I was finally done with my paper, I ended up calling Topher and Nicholas and asking them about myself, because I was totally blanking.

Just because I was on my own for the first time, didn’t mean they had abandoned me. Which was kind of nice, I’d been getting super homesick recently. Nicholas even helped me with my Math test, though he didn’t know it was a test but still passed it.

Topher ordered me to eat, before bed. He said to call him in the morning to he could video call me and help with the art project. I didn’t want me to over do it, and stay up all night. I mean it was a Thursday night, I had school in the morning.

He dated an art student and said we’d just use one of her old projects, and copy it enough so it wasn’t technically stealing. Topher was kind of a douche.

I ended up cooking some chicken and mashed potatoes, and watching Brooklyn nine nine, I didn’t necessarily have a favorite character, the whole cast is pretty hilarious, it’s hard not to love everyone.

I was watching the one where everyone meets Amy’s dad and Charles tries to kill a live turkey in Amy’s bathroom but Gina and Rosa aren’t cool with eating an animal they have to watch die, and Jake is trying get Amy’s dad to like him by pretending to be someone he’s not. Overall not a bad episode.


Topher ended up calling me 5 am in the morning, so we could get my art project done, but we were both so tried, he ended just photoshopping a bird on top of a rocketship, with the word art in huge letters in the background, and told me to believe in myself and hang up. I stare at the picture for a good ten minutes before going back to bed.