Chapter 11
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“Sword fights, bombs, and tears. What more could you ask for?” Lark says he’s voice sounding like it was coming from above, us.

The arena screen went pitch black and is now indicating that we vote for something else.

I reached into my pocket once more and got out my phone. I pressed the power button to awaken it from sleep mode and went directly to the Della application. There were two options to pick from.

1. RD

2. inviso Neil

I looked at both options bewildered I hadn’t the slightest clue which either one was while looking at them both I realized no one is discussing their choices, the audience dead silent as they were picking from one of the two. I decided to look at the guy next to me.

“Hey hi what exactly is RD and inviso Neil? This is my first Della and I’m still getting used to everything.” I whispered to him, trying to be quiet but I could tell I was rumbling a bit. He didn’t say anything to me however he did point to a red glowing sign that said ‘Silent’ and placed his index finger over his lips, showing me we had to be silent. He’s eyes observing me until I nodded that understood what he’s telling me.

I looked away from him, and back at my phone and number 2 how bad can something with the name Neil be, I quickly tapped the second choice, my phone then vibrates and gives me a second pair of choices.

1. Quicksand

2. Tornadoes

I tap on choice two again, tornadoes are always a fun choice but I can’t help but wonder how they’d actually do it in the game. I placed my phone back into my pocket and looked around me to see a good amount of the audience doing the same. The ‘silent’ sign was still on so everyone being as quiet as possible. I took a glance at the arena screen it was still pitch black only this time you could see Mr. Lark standing in the middle of it looking at his watch with a blank expression that almost seemed creepier then he’s excited one. He then looked up as if he felt my eyes on him and gave me direct eye contact, that caused me to look away for a brief second til I realized there’s no way he could tell me out of the entire audience is staring at him, he tilted his head and gave a smile, that sent a chill down my back.

He proceeded to raise his left arm into the air and put his hand near his face as he mouthed the numbers while counting down on his left hand near his face as well. The red ‘silent’ button turned off and everyone’s free to speak again, however, no one did it seemed as if they were waiting on someone and that someone turned out to be Mr. Lark.

Mr. Lark had put his hand down and tapped his forehead a little before speaking. “Let’s tally up the votes, shall we?” He asked to no one particular. He pulled out his remote and click one of the buttons. The results showed up on a screen to his left, Lark grinned and said “so the votes, have it. Two for two. I’d say.”

Two for two, both number two choices were picked.

Inviso Neil and tornadoes.

Lark clicked another button on his remote, and the screen went dark again but this time only for a second the players were on the screen again, Jefferson was leading the other two boys, the blonde from before is apparently named Will he was the first one to notice, maybe because he trailing behind and kicking dirt.

“Hey, you guys hear that?” Will says stopping in his tracks and looking behind him, staring at the darkness of the tunnel, Cody’s the one with the lighter and he’s stilling walking in the opposite direction with Jefferson.

Will closed his eyes and leaned forward as to concentrate on whatever he seemed to have heard after five seconds of nothing Will scrunches up his face and puts his right hand to his ear trying really hard to hear something and there it is a whistle. Will drops his hand from his ear and opens his eyes a look of terror on his face, he wastes on time yelling

“Run! It’s Neil!” He shouts not even trying to save himself, there’s little light on Will now. The camera shifts to night vision as the audience and I couldn’t see a thing, however, I did see what appeared to be nothing grab Will’s left leg and throw him into the right tunnel wall He hit the wall with a thud and lands with a painful whimper.

“Why do you always come after me?” Will said to nothing as he lays on the ground for a second but attempts to get up, something grabbed him by the collar and punched him hard, I flinched as I heard the cracking noise.

“Fuck..” Will said in a painful voice, “I think you broke my nose.” I’m no doctor regardless it’s very logical that Will’s nose is shattered it looks from what I can see crooked to the left a bit and is bleeding a lot, I never realized that night vision is so progressive, I mean it’s probably going to be a very long time before Will smells anything.

“You know Neil, If you weren’t such an asshole you’d probably have way more friends,” Will says with a grin and opens his mouth to say more, he, however, doesn’t get the chance as whatever Neil is throws him again against another wall only this time Jefferson is there to catch him.

Aww, bros really do stick together.

“I’ve got you,” Jefferson says as Will is thrown into him and Jefferson back receives most of the impact from the tunnel wall, Jefferson then maneuvers Will’s body so he’s carrying him bridal style.

“Dude!! No not like this!” Will says to Jefferson while holding his nose in his hands and looking awfully uncomfortable all of a sudden.

“You’re a damsel in distress, you don’t get to pick how you get saved.” Cody’s voice from somewhere in the tunnels he’s laughing at the way Jefferson is holding Will, the audience, and I join in on the laughter.

“I’ve got this you figure a way out of these stupid tunnels, I can’t deal with walking into another circle.”

Will still holding his nose lets out an offended sound and puts one of his hands on his chest like he can’t believe what he had just heard. “You guys were just going to leave me?” Will says in a disbelieving tone

“Dude, you literally told us to run,” Jefferson says raising an eyebrow at Will in his arms.

“Yeah, but I can’t believe I’m not the reason you guys came back,” Will said with a pout.

“We’re here now,” Cody says, as he steps into the view of the camera

“Yeah, only because the tunnel is a hellish maze!” Will say forgetting about his bloody nose and crosses his arms to over his chest. “I told you the tunnels were a bad idea, now we can’t see our enemy.”

“No, you didn’t and new-flash loser we could never see him, he’s invisible.”

“Why would they vote for him? that’s so cruel-” Will started to say something more but was cut off by a growl coming from somewhere.

“Will, you’re so fucking distracting,” Jefferson says and turns bolts into a different tunnel. He yells some encouragement to Cody “Hit him where it hurts!”

“Yeah,” Cody answers back with a nod and begins to crack his knuckles, he reaches into his pocket to pull black sunglasses out.

While he places it on his face as someone in the audience says “I totally forgot he won those.”

“Oh yeah, this is about to get interesting.” A different guy says with a chuckle.

Cody, gets into a fighting stature and begins to look around the dark tunnels for something the audience nor I can see, he stands at a stillness for a second, his head more slowly as to scan the area, he then jumps into attack throwing punch after punch, and I can’t help but laugh at how stupid he looks right now, he’s literally punching at nothing, or so I thought my giggle got caught in my throat as I see Cody finally hit something and it crashes into the wall I felt my jaw drop as I look at the big dent.

What The Fuck?

Cody doesn’t let up, he runs over to the huge dent and lifts his fists to start punching again, but doesn’t get the chance as he’s hit in the stomach and then again hit in the face. Whatever it is, growls at Cody sounding anger by the minute. I wish I could see what is it. I turn to the kid next to me and ask “Hey, what exactly is Neil?” I lean over towards him but keep my eyes on the match in front of me, as not to miss anything, Cody’s staggers a little though stays on his feel seemingly dodging attacks maybe it’s really hard to tell what was going on with the match seeing as Neil is invisible.

“No, one knows for sure some say he’s human and others say he’s a supernatural being.” the kid finally responding my question though keeping his eyes on the match as well.

Supernatural... Yeah, right. I bet this whole thing is smoke and mirrors at best, however, I’ve got to give it to them. It sure is interesting.

“Shall we continue watching or move on elsewhere?” Mr. Lark voice comes out of nowhere, I feel my phone vibrate, I rolled my eyes at the interruption and begin to pull my phone out once again to see another poll.

Move on?




There was a minute count down timer, right under it. I glanced at Cody fight Neil and decided to vote yes. I felt I was missing the whole fight, I couldn’t even see Neil and truth be told Cody looked like an idiot.

The count down finished, and the yeses had it. There were a few people in the audience who booed and complained.

“The fuck? I wanna see Neil beat his ass.” Some guy yells from the crowd, only to be answered by someone I wasn’t expecting one of the girls from earlier.

" See? He’s invisible, you dumbass.” She replied to him which got a few chuckles from everyone.

The camera switches over back to the town, it trails along with the buildings some looking worst then others because of the shout out bomb, I leaned forward and with my elbows resting on my legs and rested my chin on my hands mentally preparing myself for what’s to come.

Unexpectedly Bradford comes running passed the camera, and as the camera follows him a solo shoe hits him in the back, and he fumbles a bit and continues running just then The other shoe hits him in the head, Bradford stops in his tracks and looks down at the shoe in confusion and looks behind him at the first shoe and as he’s just standing there looking like an idiot, a sword goes through him like butter and he pixelates away.

“Wow.” Someone says near me, I glanced at where the voice comes from to see them shake their head disappointedly at Bradford.

The camera swings in the opposite direction that the sword, to a scrawny boy with glasses on, dark green hair that looked almost black. He grins a little and walks over to pick up the sword, his title card says his name is Freddy. He slides the sword over his back and begins walking towards one of the buildings only to notice that the wind is starting to pick up.

My guess’s tornado time.