Classified Research Project #1
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[Classified Research Project - Level 9 Clearance and above]

Project Team: Dr. Owens, Dr. Lewis &  Test Subject #0312 (Michael Princeton, reference file ######)

Project Objective: Analysing the differences between a Chair made from Wood-1 and Wood-0

As highlighted in ######## the research team has assigned Post-Cataclysm Event Wood as Wood-1 and Pre-Cataclysm Event Wood as Wood-0 for convenience. 

The terms '-1' and '-0' will be used throughout this topic to identify which of the Chairs the log is referring to, specifically what Wood was used for which chair.


At first glance Chair-1 and Chair-0 are exactly the same, they are both made from Oak Wood sourced from the surface and both have been processed in the same way by the same person to create two chairs that are on a surface level of entirely the same composition as one another.

However, as noted in ####### by Dr. #####  materials that we are familiar with and understand from a Pre-Cataclysm world have proved to be much weaker in comparison to those that we have sourced Post-Cataclysm. While it is not yet known the reason it has been theorised that whereas humans are able to undergo an Awakening to become 'Hunters' nature has, in turn, experienced its own form of Awakening which has allowed for both plants, animals and trees alike to become much stronger than their Pre-Cataclysm counterparts.

The subject of analysis of this experiment are subjects 'Chair-1' and 'Chair-0' as stated before, in practice a four-legged chair should be able to withstand an exactly 132 pound man without any problem, we will be looking at the chairs at an atomic level throughout the duration of the experiment and will report the findings afterwards.


Experiment #1 was completed with no problem, as assumed beforehand as soon as the man sat on Chair-1 the wood began to splinter and split apart as if being crushed by his weight whereas Chair-1 did not. While analysing these chairs through an atomic microscope the entire time we discovered that the atoms of the wood of Chair-0 began to vibrate intensely the moment our test subject sat down on it.

The solid form of the atoms quickly deteriorated before they completely shattered from their formation.

Chair-1 was unaffected.

It should be noted that our test subject was an un-awakened human, there was no logical reason for the chair to have collapsed and yet it did. 

From this test we've hypothesised that if the planet itself has undergone an 'awakening' those items that remain from the old world such as trees, plants and maybe (most likely) animals have become substantially weaker due to a change in the natural order of the world.

This is not to say that Pre-Cataclysm items are unusable however, items with better structural integrity may prove to be able to handle having their natural properties weakened however, more tests will be needed.


[End of Recorded Data]