Chapter 18: Hunters’ Alliance
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"First I should clarify that this information is the basics of what every Hunter learns when they awaken; Three human bases were established before the cataclysm." He paused for a second to let that information sink in.

"So you knew the cataclysm was coming?" He asked slowly, he tried his best to keep his voice calm as he spoke but he couldn't keep himself from trembling slightly as he heard this. "You knew and did nothing?" Seeing Erics' silence he pushed further.

"Don't make the mistake of blaming us for this worlds ignorance Jackson." Eric said coolly, "The Hunters' Alliance was established before the cataclysm occurred and they tried to warn everybody - they tried but no one wanted to listen, do you think the super powers of the world would really believe without evidence that the human race would be pushed from their position of dominance just because they were told so?" Erics' voice was tinged with anger as he spoke, he balled his fist as he did his best not to let his real emotions show.

"How did they know? How could anyone know this was going to happen?" 

"From the first person to awaken, the first Hunter in existence and also the founder of the Hunters' Alliance - Eleanor Craft, humanities' only S Rank Hunter and the only person known to have awoke Pre-Cataclysm." Jackson was dumbstruck, 'Someone could become a Hunter before the Cataclysm even began? How strong is she?' Similar questions spun in his mind as he listened to Eric continue.

"You think that's surprising? How about the fact that she awoke ten years ago, a full seven years before the cataclysm and she was already a Hunter, while she couldn't level-up she was blessed with the talent that has gotten us so far today. While we don't know the exact details she's revealed that it allows her to glimpse the future and that's how she knew what was coming, using her talent she amassed an immense fortune in just under a year and then set out to establish the three Human Bases: Invicta, Ciudad de la Cueva and Nozomo in America, Spain and Japan respectively."

"What about Mayson? You've said twice now there were only three bases, did she not create Mayson?" Jackson interrupted but Eric didn't mind as he seemed to have been waiting for that question in the first place.

"No she didn't." He shook his head as he spoke, "Mayson was only officially recognised as a Human Base after it was discovered a year after the Cataclysm by a group of Hunters who'd entered through a rift by mistake. After many long-distance negotiations Mayson officially joined the Alliance and the base had materials escorted to it by hundreds of Hunters from right here in Ciudad de la Cueva. This brings us back to the original question, why didn't you know of the other three bases?"

Jacksons' ears perked up as they came to the part he was most interested in, while the existence and creation of the Hunters' Alliance was important information he was more interested in information to do with his own home more than anything else.

"While Mayson City is officially a member of the Alliance it's controlled by some of the original governing members of the United Kingdom who escaped to the military base before it became a bunker for survivors because of that they're very keen on not letting the un-awakened populace know that there's someone else out there for them to rely on, while they can't stop the Hunters from revealing any of this they've bribed all of those who reside in Mayson with benefits to keep their mouths shut - the Hunters stay out of their way and they stay out of the way of the Hunters, although its only been two years so we'll see how long that so-called silence lasts." He ended with a chuckle as he observed Jackson for his reaction.

Jackson couldn't help but feel somewhat disgusted by the practice that Mayson had put into effect to retain control over them but at the same time aside from the hazard of rifts there were no real issues with how the city operated on a day-to-day basis but maybe that was only on the surface?

There were too many factors that were unknowns to him, "Why tell me all this?" He asked after a while, his question prompted Eric to chuckle while shaking his head. "These are all things that a Hunter would learn during Basic Training but seeing as to how you've managed to survive outside without it I don't believe you need it so I just condensed it down as much as I could - just call it special treatment eh?" He said with a wink.

"Anything else you want to know kid?" 

"Anywhere around here to sleep and eat?" Jackson said with a laugh followed by the low rumbling of his stomach which caused the two of them to break out into laughter, "Of course, don't worry I'll pay for a room for you for a week - hows that sound?" 

"I'll pay you back."

"Hahaha don't get ahead of yourself, you won't even be able to go out of the city without one of these." He dangled a small token similar to the ones he'd seen on the people outside, engraved on it was a golden 'A' that stood out on the wooden design. 

With that Eric led him out of the room to where Cecilia was waiting for them both, she was on a chair looking down at her phone, she was so absorbed into the game she was playing she didn't notice they were leaving until Jackson tapped her on the shoulder, "Ahhh!" 


"Oww..." Jackson moaned as he rubbed his face, a red hand-print marking his cheek as Cecilia sheepishly looked at him apologetically, Eric was struggling to stifle a laugh as they went back down to the main reception of the building.


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