Chapter 48 – Quick, Hide in the Closet! (18+) 
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Chapter 48 – Quick, Hide in the Closet! (18+) 

Carefully slipping back on her panties up her long slender legs as Devon’s semen dribbled down her lovely thighs, the baroness motioned for Devon to follow her. “Come this way,” she said, standing up in her lascivious dark maroon one piece dress that barely covered her panties. “And put on your clothes first.”

Devon scrambled to put on his chef’s assistant disguise, donning the white buttoned shirt while slipping on the matching white pants that were wider on the bottom. Dressed like an absolute clown and his heart racing at the prospect of being caught by whoever this baroness’s husband was, he went along with the baroness who grabbed him by the wrist and was leading him to a dressing room closet. 

Opening up the wardrobe, the baroness whispered to Devon. “Stay in here, sweetie. And don’t make a sound.”

Once she closed the door on him, it was pitch black inside the closet, although rather spacious and extending back several meters with scattered clothing on hangers, boxes, and other random things, some which looked normal for a closet but others completely out of place, like a miscellaneous metal pipe lying in the corner for no particular reason.

Outside of the closet, Devon could faintly hear the baroness speaking on the communication crystal with a gruff, fat sounding man who spoke in a nasally tone.

The sound of their conversation was a bit muffled by all the clothing inside there, but he could make out some snippets here and there.

“Yes, I’m in the guest bedroom,” the baroness said. “You can come here.”

“Oh, that place?” her husband the baron replied. “We haven’t slept there in a while, huh. Why don’t we stay there tonight… burp.”

His voice was inebriated, as if he drank heavily before coming back home on his carriage. 

“I’ll be up in a minute,” he said. “Just wait for me.”

The baroness nodded. “Alright. See you in a bit.” She hung up after that, and headed straight for the closet and creaked the door open slightly. “Sorry Devon honey, you’re going to have to stay here for a few hours alright? At least until my husband is asleep. It won’t take long, he always goes drinking whenever he’s out whoring... I promise I’ll compensate you for the trouble.”

Devon was in no position to argue about his current predicament, so he just nodded his head in agreement. “Okay. So I’ll stay here for the night and leave in the morning?”

The baroness tilted her head in thought. “It depends if my husband falls asleep soon or not. If he doesn’t fall asleep, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning when he goes to take care of business. I’ll keep the guild backrooms informed, so you don’t have to worry about your boss okay~”

Devon nodded. “I have another job tomorrow so I need to be back at the guild by mid morning. Is that okay?”

The sultry dark red haired baroness in her lewd one piece dress laughed, putting one leg in front of the other. “Yep, you don’t have to worry about anything besides staying quiet for tonight, okay deary~”

The sound of footsteps was coming from the staircase outside, and the baroness ushered Devon further inside the closet as she closed the door. It was rather spacious in there, so Devon could easily make himself comfortable and out of vision range even if someone opened the door. There was so much clutter lying around that it was hard to see further than a meter into the closet.

A creak came from the guest bedroom, and heavy drunken footsteps waddled into the room. “Aenaaaaa,” the fat baron said with slurred speech. “How’re you *hic* m’dear.”

“Fine, like usual,” the baroness replied with a cold tone. “Where were you tonight? Why are you drunk again?”

“Just b’sness… *hic* you knowww, the usual…” he replied, stumbling onto the bed. “Were you sleepin… here? Why’s it all messy…”

“I took a nap,” the baroness replied sharply. “Since my dear husband is home late again tonight, there was nothing else for me to do besides prepare for the ball this weekend. I don’t want to entertain those friends of your downstairs any more than I have to.”

“I’see…” the baron replied in a stumbling voice. “Business w’s tough today *hic* y’know… clients giving me hard time…”

“Oh, really?” replied the baroness with a hint of mocking in her voice. “So since business was so tough, did you have to go find someone to accompany you to drink?” 

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