Chapter 76 – Raping of the Witch (18+) 
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Chapter 76 – Raping of the Witch (18+) 

Back in a certain universe among many distinct universes, away from the businesswoman Hecate's ether-television screen, a disheveled young man winced as the Algorian mace-inflicted bruise on his face began to heal itself, the black and blue fading away ever so slightly as the seconds passed by.

[You have been injured.]

[Your injury is now healing.]

Devon could barely open his left eye due to heavy bruising as the four sided war waged on around him, with Algorian rebels trying to break free from the empire on one side, and the three armies on the other side. 

Actually, it was more accurate to call it a five sided war, due to the presence of a single white haired noble girl who was the catalyst for this entire incident, as well as the catalyst for intermittent explosions. 

But right now, something was wrong with her. After using her explosion magic multiple times in a row, the white haired Countess Ilyana that Devon previously played the 'listen to the king's orders' game with was panting heavily on the floor, a far cry from the composed and haughty girl who sat cross legged on the chair just moments ago. The cage door that contained her was also blasted open.

The Algorian rebel general signalled towards his goons by his side. “If they do not wish to negotiate, violate the girl! Rape her, ravage her, sully the bitch as much as you want. Show her what it means to not respect the wishes of the Algorian people!” 

“I wish I could join you in partaking, but there is a war to be won here. Attack!” he shouted, charging forward in his full armor with a spiked mace in hand. 

Devon twitched as he heard what the Algorian rebel general declared, and so did the two earls’ armies. 

“Defend the Countess from these cretins!” the leader of her father’s army declared. 

“Sir, they are holding firm, we can’t break through the line.”

“Blast the line, shove your way through if you have to. Our heads will roll if the Countess is violated by the hands of these Algorians!”

With renewed anger, the two earls’ armies pressed forwards in a frenzy, trying to break through. However, it was simply not possible. Roused emotions alone were not enough to pierce the tight spear and axe wall that the Algorians had formed at the line of skirmish. 

Several brutish Algorian men stepped forward towards the slumped Countess Ilyana on the ground, who had very little energy left after consecutive casts of her explosive magic. Her clothes were in tatters from the explosions, and one of the men knelt down and grabbed her leg aggressively. He pulled her body towards him as she kicked at him, screaming. 

“Get off me!” Countess Ilyana yelled, landing a kick on the man’s thigh. Unfortunately, he was armored and a bit strong for her. The rebel began to take off his gauntlets, unhooking them slowly. 

“Fuck,” Devon muttered under his breath. He felt the very blood in his veins roused into a fighting spirit, as anger coursed through his body, causing his hands to shake as he tightened his grip on the moonlight steel sword. 

Soldier after soldier from the two earls’ armies fell as they tried to break the Algorian line by force upon hearing the Countess cry out, and Devon shook his head. He didn’t care too much about most of the things that happened in this world, but one of the last things he did care about was when his women were threatened. 

If any of those Algorian cretins even touched a hair on Countess Ilyana’s body, he’d rip their spines out and skewer them like shrimp.

His instinct kicking in, Devon converted some of his energy into mana and concentrated it onto his legs.

[Blessing of the Witch has been activated.]

[Your mana pool has expanded.]

Without even paying much mind to the new notifications, Devon’s eyes were laser focused on the three rebel men who were now pulling the shirt off of Countess Ilyana, revealing her soft white breasts to the entire world. One of the men began to tug at her skirt, as she squirmed trying to break free from their lecherous grasp.


Devon launched himself into the air, the additional mana from Hecate’s personal favor [Blessing of the Witch] supporting his ascent like rocket fuel for a rocket that was about to leave the earth’s atmosphere. 

Devon ascended roughly twelve meters into the air in a parabolic arc, before he began his accelerating descent towards the cage where the Algorian men just managed to rip off the Countess’s skirt, leaving her in bare panties and topless, sobbing. 



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