Chapter 154 – The Anatomy of a Persona (18+) 
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Chapter 154 – The Anatomy of a Persona (18+) 

Devon’s cock penetrated inside Vesta’s virgin pussy over and over again like an unleashed demon who had finally had the chance to breathe fresh air for the first time in millenia.

“Aaaanngnnnngggggg!!!!!!” Vesta moaned. “It feeeelllssss sooooooo gooooooooodddd!!!!!”

Just like any other girl who got her pussy forcibly shoved into by an attractive boy, she quickly and easily fell into a state of complete lust and horniness. 

Life was kind of unfair that way. If you were an attractive guy, you would get away with a lot more than you would the other way around. Same way with an attractive glowing girl. Life kind of just parted its way for you like the Red Sea parted for Moses. Things were never really fair in life, after all. 

Of all people, Devon knew that more than anyone else.

Things were never really fair.

Your birthright meant a whole lot more than you’d ever want to know. The family you were born in, the genetics you were born with, your height, your face, your personality…. virtually nothing was something that you actually chose. 

Life was kind of like a giant reincarnator’s roulette. You know, Devon style. A blind roll of the dice. “Give me anything or nothing, I don’t care,” is what Devon said to Hecate all that time ago. Completely yolo’d, without a single thought about the consequences. 

Nobody got to choose anything.

It was easy for people to take the moral high-ground in Dvon’s old world and feel that they were superior due to the genetics and family background that they were born with. 

But really, what was really earned of all of that? Was a boy born to a rich family really deserving of that wealth? Was a smart boy born with well above average intelligence really deserving of that blessing? Was a boy or girl born with a pretty face really deserving of preferential treatment for the rest of their life, and deserving of the ability to sleep with whoever they wanted without any regard for anything? 

Of course not.

In the end, fate was what decided far too much of the course of a person’s life. 

Life was unfair.

The difference between someone successful and someone unsuccessful was often the luck of the draw. 

Sometimes, Devon wished that life was a bit more fair. Maybe everyone could have been born on the same playing field, with a unique but equitable skill set from birth.

Alas, that was not how it was.

Devon never asked to be born poor in his previous life.

He never asked for his parents to die so early in life. He never asked to be orphaned at such an early age. He never asked for the overly polite personality that he now had. 

He never asked to be born attractive enough for the guild backrooms receptionist to grant him a golden willy-wonka ticket to whatever he could possibly want in this new world. 

He never asked to be born attractive. He never asked to be born poor. He never asked to be born with parents who were not long for this world. 

But that was the hand he was dealt.

And that was the hand he’d have to play for the rest of his damned life. 

In an unfair life, it was only natural for him to take advantage of whatever the hell situation he ended up in.

It was the way of the world.

He just didn’t give a fuck anymore.

With his penis buried so far inside the beatiful tribal healer Vestas body, he just simply didn’t care about how he’d be punished or hanged for raping such a beautiful virgin girl from an all-female tribe of saliva-inducing tribeswomen. 

He didn’t. Give. A. Fuck. Anymore.

Vesta seemed to be enjoying it far more than Devon had first anticipated. But why? Just because he was born with an attractive face? 


That could be why.


Such a fragile existence… where your fate was decided by your birthright….

Devon was going to take advantage of his birthright to the maximum extent possible. He simply didn’t care anymore. Just like an eroge, most of the girls he raped in this world ended up liking it. It didn't make sense, but nothing really made sense in this world. Why the hell wouldn’t he take advantage of that? Isn't that what Zeus did? 

With that in mind, Devon thrusted his cock in and out of Vesta’s trapped lower half with the vigor of a maddened jackhammer. After a bit, he was feeling that inevitable feeling of cooking. 

He had no plans of exiting her pussy. 

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