Chapter 160 – Creampie Economics (18+) 
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“Aaaaaahhhhhhh…… aaaaaangggggggg……. haaaaaaahh!!!!” 

The tightness of her pussy was absolutely unreal, and Devon could barely hold it in any longer. Every pump made him feel like he was just one pump away from busting inside her. 

“Cuddle me…. cuddle meeeeeeee harderrrrrrrrrrr!!!” Vesta moaned in her half-awake state. Devon couldn’t tell if she was awake or dream hallucinating, but as long as he got to cum inside her he couldn’t really care less. 

“I’m gonna cum inside you,” Devon said with a grin. “I’m going to shoot so much of my seed inside you that your belly is gonna be full of my cum. How does that sound, Vesta?” 

“Sounds…… gooood,” Vesta moaned. 

Alright, she was actually awake, Devon thought to himself. 

His cock sank into her warm and inviting pussy for the umpteenth time, her wet and soft oyster serving as a bed of fuckmeat for Devon’s cock to thoroughly enjoy. 

“Aaaaaahh…. I feel your man part shooting inside meeeeeeeee!!!!” moaned the sensual tribal healer who had now been reduced to a cum slut for Devon’s meat. 

Cum gushed inside her, the thick white man juice splashing her insides with Devon’s virility and fertility. 

After taking in all of Devon’s semen, the tanned beauty snuggled up with Devon and pulled the blanket tighter. She pressed her shapely ass towards his lower half, and Devon hugged her close to him. 

Notifications flashed across his vision as he lazily blinked his eyes. The notifications seemed to hover in front of him like they were being projected from a projector or something. At least he wouldn’t be bothered if he wanted to sleep, since if he closed his eyes they would disappear. 

Oh, and there was a minimize function at the top. He missed that, haha… Anyway, it was time to check his new system and see what the hell he got himself into this time. 

[You have creampied a female. 10 points earned.]

[Your lust stat has been reinforced]

[You have leveled up to Lv 1 Budding Immortal]

[Creampie sex shop points unlocked. You will now earn points for each creampie you shoot into a woman]

“Huh,” Devon thought out loud as he examined his new notifications. He leveled up rather quickly after becoming a Human (immortal) (awakened). Devon guessed that awakening tonight was what allowed him to unlock the leveling up function and his system. The good thing was that the system took note of all of the different sex achievements he’d accrued so far, and so he got a flood of points earlier on from all his adventures leading up to this point. 

“So I can just keep collecting points as long as I keep creampieing girls at level 1. I’ll need to fuck often then, to keep the points flow coming in. Let’s see if there’s anyone else back at the village that will let me cum inside of them,” he thought out loud as Vesta slept beside him snuggling with him nicely. 

Devon said that he’d try to find girls who would let him cum inside of them, but really, when was the last time that he actually asked for permission for that? He honestly just didn’t give a fuck and would stick his cock into whoever he wanted and cum inside them even if they begged him not to.

He liked to keep his girls happy though, so Devon thought that a certain degree of pampering would probably be necessary as well. After all, he’d feel a bit guilty if he only went around raping girls without helping them out and spoiling them a bit too. Once he had enough gold he’d probably buy a nice mansion for all his girls to live in luxury. 

Oh yeah, speaking of gold…

Devon wondered if the dwarves would have any interest in buying modern technology from earth off of him, since the sex shop said that earth tech things like flashlights and the like were well beyond the technological capabilities of this world. 

If he set up some business dealings with the dwarves to trade modern technology for gold, he’d probably make an absolute killing without having to endanger himself with normal adventurer duties like questing and clearing out monster burrows and stuff. 

His only reservation was that he was a little worried about any unintended long term effects that might happen if he handed over modern technology to those smart bastards. How much could they reverse engineer? Oh yeah, and the fact that modern tech was really really points expensive to buy from the sex shop. 

He would need a lot more creampies to buy another desert eagle from the shop, eh? Devon yawned, feeling a bit tired now. He closed his eyelids, thinking about how many points he was going to get and how many creampies he wanted to give all the sexy girls in this world.