Chapter 3
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            The girl had one thought, and one thought only. Stay calm. Breathe. And stay asleep. It's all a bad dream. Nothing will happen once you wake up. And she had been content so far.


How long was that?

            She had another thought. How long has it been? How long have I been sleeping?

            And another thought. Is another demon coming to eat me? Even in sleep, she saw nothing around her. And even in sleep, demons came to haunt her dreams.

            They came to lick her. Feel her. Expose her and seduce her. Penetrate her like they would do with any other girl. Humiliate her. Sometimes, they started out different. In the end, they were all the same.

            She hated waking up. Every princess would have to wake from their slumber, unless it was eternal. She had dreams about demons when she slept. And waking up meant that she met new demons. And sleeping meant dreams with old demons and new demons.

            Why did they choose her? Why me? I'm just a girl. But the answer was already there. Because I am a girl…and they want girls.

            The girl wakes up to the sound of her cell opening. Ah, another demon's coming. I get to meet another one today. In her mind, there was giggling. And she felt that she might go insane.

            The demon spoke. "I think I'll go with you." She clutched her teddy bear closer to her, not trusting her eyes to meet the demon. She felt arms reaching around her and she cuddled with her teddy bear even more closely. She felt those arms pick her up, and she felt the demon's chest. Her left arm clutching her teddy bear and her other arm, her right hand briefly grasped the demon's arm.

            It feels the same. Demons were all alike. And like every new demon, this one was different. She felt herself turn around in an unfamiliar direction, and eventually ascend.

            Ah. Have I finally died? Am I rising above the demons and going to heaven?