Chapter 1: I Have Return!
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Disclaimer: I own nothing, this is purely a fanfic for enjoyment.

Cross-over from various games, books, anime, manga, and movies.

The familiar characters you see here belong to their respected authors and owners.



Chapter 1: I Have Return!

A youth with a slim and tall statue with sharp brows and thin lips. Although he appeared not to be particularly handsome or heroic initially, upon careful inspection, one could sense something special about him. His lips were curved, forming an inverted bow, giving the expression of arrogance and brutal aggression. His gaze was as sharp as swords, so sharp that others would have felt like they were being compelled to look away!

Long black hair, which is tied in a ponytail. Wearing a simple, black robe, with the color red inside and black pants. On his left waist is a special sheathed sword with interesting golden engraving, that makes many pay attention to it upon first glance.

This is Dugu Qiubai; well, this wasn't exactly his name before ever since he has somehow been sent into the past, or at least, it's the past for Dugu Qiubai. Either way, he has long forgotten his birth name after not using it for a long period of time and instead of using Dugu Qiubai.

Ironically enough for Dugu Qiubai. He somehow, out of nowhere returns back home. His time. If the modern-day buildings around him are to go by. Furthermore, Dugu Qiubai noticed something weird. For one thing, he felt a bit younger. In fact, looking at his youthful hands. He is a little surprised to see clear skin, free of scar marks. The history of what he went through. Gone.

If it wasn't for the clothes Dugu Qiubai has worn during his teenage years while traveling and the very same first sword he used too, that has been with him for years. Dugu Qiubai would have believed that all those years while roaming the jianghu for more than 30 years was all a dream. Yet, Dugu Qiubai can sense his [Inner Energy] still there and still as massive as ever, strong too.

So, Dugu Qiubai still can't quite understand how in the world he manages to regain back his youth, when he didn't even practice any methods related to regaining back one's youth, and return back to his time. Or at least he hopes this is his time before he randomly popped in the past. Making him wonder if maybe, that's exactly how it happens. One moment he was sent to the past and next he returns with his teenage body. Yet, at the same time, he knows that this wasn't the same age when he left his time.

Dugu Qiubai frown, wonder why this happens to him, and curious about how long he been gone for. Though, that will be a bit hard to figure out since he can't even remember the year before he was sent into the past. Kinda hard to keep track of time when one too focused on practicing swordplay and hunting down worthy foes to test out his swordplay.

Looking around, to see if there anything to help him out, but nothing. So, for the time being, Dugu Qiubai will just walk around and hope for the best.

A few hours later*

Dugu Qiubai looks around, completely lost. He has no idea where he is and it's already night time. To make it worse for him. He discovered by listening to nearby people that are speaking in Japanese. It's a good thing, he travels nearly everywhere in Asia. Be it in the past or not. So, it's a good thing he learned how to speak Japanese too. As well as most of the common languages during his travel throughout the land of Asia. Well, at least, Dugu Qiubai thinks it's Asia.

Now, that Dugu Qiubai thinks about it. He really should have to pay more attention to other things, besides devoting to the practice of swordplay. Then again, it was a lot dangerous in the past than now. Where Dugu Qiubai can already tell he is in the time period of peace. Where he doesn't have to worry about anyone trying to attack him from the shadow while walking in the opening. Well, okay, the world is still a dangerous place after Dugu Qiubai saw something that triggers a memory buried deep within him. Guns. Yup, Guns, and modern-day weapons.

Dugu Qiubai honestly forgot all about that. Too used to fighting people that could cause explosions on a massive scale, that put modern-day weapons to shame. Of course, he could try to think about there is something else that would mostly kill all those martial artists he has faced. And now that he thinks about it. Dugu Qiubai wonders if he should try his luck in fighting people with guns. Maybe he will finally find defeat?

"Now, where can I... Oh, hey. Just my luck." Dugu Qiubai noticed some shady middle-aged men holding what looks like a handgun, with one of them holding a little boy, who should be 10 years or so, short brown hairs and brown eyes. Also, crying silently, if going from the tears running down the kid's cheeks. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this."

There are many things, that Dugu Qiubai hates, and seeing a bunch of grown men with guns kidnapping a child is one of them. However, it usually with cold weapons than guns, but still kinda the same in Dugu Qiubai's eyes. Though, just to be sure Dugu Qiubai wasn't making any mistakes of these men are actually protectors of the child. He decides not to draw out his sword, not that he has wielded one for years after reaching the point of using swordplay techniques in combat without the physical existence of a sword.

Therefore, Dugu Qiubai will have to go nonlethal and fast. Inhaling slowly before exhaling, then repeat this a few times.

Dugu Qiubai moves.

Appearing direction in the middle of the circle, with one of the men holding the child and strike with a two-finger jab at the back of the man's neck while at the same time, grabbing the child as the man drop down out cold.

Not giving these men the moment to aim their guns at him. Dugu Qiubai swiftly strikes all the rest of the shady men's hands, causing them to drop their guns and holding their hands in pain. Giving Dugu Qiubai the opening to follow up by knocking all of them out cold by aiming for the back of their necks while making sure not to move in such a speed, that would cause harm to the child.

All of this is done in a matter of seconds.

"Are you alright, little one?" Dugu Qiubai asks the little child he is holding with just his left arm alone. "Are you hurt anywhere?" Dugu Qiubai checks to find any injuries on the child's body, but only a bruise on the left cheek and that's it after he did a careful check. Of course, he will have to find a professional doctor to check the child since Dugu Qiubai only has a small amount of knowledge about a child's body.

The child nods his head first, then shook after a second later.

"Do you know these men?" Dugu Qiubai point at the men on the ground unconscious. Earning a shaking head from the child, that the child does not know who these men are. "Do you happen, to know where you live?" Again, a shake of the head, to let Dugu Qiubai know it's a no. "Well, do you know anyone around here?" Once again, a shake of the head. Making Dugu Qiubai wonder how far this child's home is. "Did these men take you from your home?" This time, the child nods his head. Now, this just made Dugu Qiubai relax a bit, for not attacking the wrong people.

In fact, now that Dugu Qiubai thinks about it. Looking at the men on the ground, where they are wearing a very stylish business suit, if that's what he remembers the name of these outfits they are wearing is correct. Also, the guns themselves should be hard to get, maybe? Anyway, Dugu Qiubai can understand that there must be something special about this child, for a bunch of grown men to kidnap the child.

"Want to tag along with me?" Dugu Qiubai looks back at the child, who looks back at him for a moment before nodding, making Dugu Qiubai smile. "Great. Until we find your family. I'll make sure to protect you and take care of your well being." This got a smile from the child. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Tsuna is Tsuna." Tsuna introduces himself. Then, his stomach growl, causing Tsuna to blush and held his stomach.

"That's a nice name and it looks like you're hungry. Let's go find ourselves something to eat. But, first..." Dugu Qiubai places Tsuna on the ground first, then begin searching through these men's bodies for any money. Dugu Qiubai has already checked on his person, no cash. So, better to loot it off these shady men instead. "Okay, let's go." Dugu Qiubai picks Tsuna up and begins walking away from the area, searching for any stores still open right now while finding a clinic that is still open too.

50 minutes later*

Dugu Qiubai sweatdrops as he exits a gas station after buying a few food items for Tsuna to eat and himself. Mostly for Tsuna really, since Dugu Qiubai has no idea when the last time Tsuna ate, nor does he really wanted to pay attention to the looks he getting from the workers and other customers. Then again, Dugu Qiubai can understand why with his current outfit and a sword. The latter, he wonders why no one comments on it, but that's fine for him. No point in thinking about useless things.

At least, Tsuna is fed and got treated from his bruise from the clinic that was about to close. Though, the look of suspicion from the doctor aiming at Dugu Qiubai almost made him want to take Tsuna away and leave, but he knew how important it is for a child to stay healthy while growing up. It's a good thing, the fee wasn't too much and didn't take up all the money Dugu Qiubai have stolen from those shady men. Of course, Dugu Qiubai can see the hidden fear in the doctor's eyes whenever he glances over his sword very often. Making Dugu Qiubai feel a little awkward the entire time.

"How is it?" Dugu Qiubai asks Tsuna, who is munching on a rice ball, he warmed up from the gas station's microwave. Which took a minute or two before he remembers how to use one.

"Mmm~!" Tsuna nods his head while continuing to eat the rice ball.

"That's good to hear." Dugu Qiubai nods his head before looking away, with his forehead now covering in sweats. Because Dugu Qiubai just realized something horrifying and that he is literally taking someone's child as his own, even though he would gladly return the child back to their family. In fact, Dugu Qiubai done this a few times, but that was in the past! This is modern! He might get in trouble just for carrying around this child alone! If that wasn't worth worrying about, Dugu Qiubai have near-zero knowledge on how to raise a kid!

Sure, he got some experience taking care of kids before while on his travel to find a family of the child or someone to take care of them. But, that was only a few days at minimum to a week at best before he resumes his travel after dropping off the child. The fate of the child after he left them wasn't something he should be concerned with. Cruel? Yes. But, Dugu Qiubai is a swordsman and the best, but he knows his own limits. He hasn't even got married to have a kid of his own yet!

Dugu Qiubai put on his usual smile and continue moving forward through the night, trying to find a place to stay and maybe look around, to see if anyone is missing their child.

30 minutes later*

Dugu Qiubai begins to wonder what to do with his life. Other than maybe finding some decent opponents, to find out how much of his body could take while using his [Inner Energy]. Though, he highly doubts he will find any martial artists in this time period. Well, the powerful ones he has faced in the past. No idea if martial artists in modern time would be on the same level.

At the very least, he found this abandoned shrine to stay for the night. Dugu Qiubai has been to places worse than this shrine that was abandoned before. Plus, there is a roof with no holes, so that's a good thing in Dugu Qiubai's opinion. Since most places, he had stayed for the night in the past, where they had countless holes or there isn't even a roof at all. Therefore, Dugu Qiubai knows he is quite lucky for finding this still intact abandoned shrine.

Looking at the sleeping child resting on a very worn-out bed, that's 70% in ruin and filled with holes and 30% is barely enough space for Tsuna to sleep on without having to worry about any random springs poking him. At the very least, Dugu Qiubai did his best to make sure to clean the dust off and anything else that harmful for a child before letting Tsuna sleep on.

Dugu Qiubai will have to buy a new bed for Tsuna to sleep in. After he finds some people to take their money from. People that are bad, of course. Dugu Qiubai is sure, he will be able to find some in this city. Though, Dugu Qiubai can't quite recall a small city going by the name of Namimori before. Nonetheless, for the time being. He will just have to deal with taking care of Tsuna for a while and think about his future.

So, Dugu Qiubai looks back at the night sky while sitting in a cross-legged position with his palms resting on his knees. For a few minutes of watching the night sky. Dugu Qiubai slowly closes his eyes, then begin doing the breathing exercises he has been doing for years as he uses his [Inner Energy] to run a deep scan of his body, finding out what has changed and also improving his body fitness too. Since Dugu Qiubai doesn't know if he still has the same physical speed he obtained through years of practice.

Even if he doesn't. That doesn't matter for Dugu Qiubai. Since he regained back his youth, then with his years of experiences. Then, gaining his peak speed is a matter of time and Dugu Qiubai can see it in himself, that he could even break the limit, surpassing his previous peak speed.

Dugu Qiubai knew this wasn't something to do too fast, risking of making his foundation unstable and would highly lead to his death. Something he saw many examples of one being too impatient and cause countless problems for them before as the result of their deaths or worse for most martial artists. Being crippled from not being able to use [Inner Energy] and live life as a civilian. Something Dugu Qiubai can't quite see him in a civilian lifestyle. As he too would rather accept death than losing the ability to use his [Inner Energy]. Well, maybe not since he can still do his swordplay.

The next day*

Dugu Qiubai opens his eyes, then exhales slowly as he discovered from last night deep scan as well as increasing his body fitness. He is 30% from his peak strength, including his speed as well. But, in exchange, his body generates [Inner Energy] much faster and easier to use. Furthermore, Dugu Qiubai can roughly guess, that it will take 4 years at least before he reaches 50% of his peak capacity. As long he doesn't slack off and always performs his daily breathing exercise.

Overall, this is fine for Dugu Qiubai since he is back in a peaceful time; well, somewhat peaceful. Maybe. Dugu Qiubai wasn't too sure after thinking about yesterday's event with those shady men that kidnapped Tsuna. Nevertheless, at the very least, Dugu Qiubai has the means to defend himself and protect Tsuna too. Also, he should take the time to find out the whereabouts of Tsuna's family, if not possible, then Dugu Qiubai may as well take this chance to adopt Tsuna. Something the kid made him feel a little protective and a little harder to push Tsuna into someone else hands. Which is a bit weird, but this has happened before in the past.

Either way, Dugu Qiubai will just let fate take its course. Who knows, maybe he can train Tsuna to become a great swordsman and give him the challenge he desires. Maybe even granting him a defeat in battle. Something he wishes for years. Since in Dugu Qiubai's eyes. Defeat is just another way to motivate him to become better because if he can be defeated, then that just means he still has more room to improve himself.

In fact, just being at 30% of his peak capacity should be made into some sort of training itself. By refining his swordplay to become better than ever. Though, Dugu Qiubai wonders if that's possible; well, he got something to do while figuring out what he should with his life in the future. Maybe Tsuna would help him out at some point. Dugu Qiubai just knows that something about Tsuna would change many people's lives, including his own. This is what his honed instinct is letting him know.

Now, Dugu Qiubai just has to think about if he should find a job or just go for looting from the bad guys. The former would mostly push him away from being able to practice his swordplay, but at the same time, giving Dugu Qiubai the money he needs to support himself and Tsuna. While the latter, would still give Dugu Qiubai money, but it will depend on his luck on rather if the bad guys even have money at all on their person. Not to mention, it would also draw attention to himself and make many enemies. Yet, this option would give Dugu Qiubai the time, to freely schedule when he should train and spending time with Tsuna and seeking out his family.

So many choices. Dugu Qiubai is going to have wasted the morning just thinking about this.

Dugu Qiubai blinks as he hears the sound of a child yawning. Turning around, to see Tsuna sitting up, rubbing his eyes.

"Morning, Tsuna." Dugu Qiubai. Well, he can think about this later after getting breakfast.

Author Note: The mc is pretty much those characters that been has isekai away and somehow *Cough* Forced Plot *Cough* return back to his world, or is it? Anyway, unlike almost all, if not all my mc, this mc do NOT have knowledge in anime and manga. Novels? Eh, maybe. Also, I'm planning to make book 1 solely focus on the world of Katekyo Hitman Reborn. So, no out of the expected random transfer to another world in the middle of the story. The end? Eh, maybe or maybe not.

Hm. Yeah, I got nothing else to say. Thanks for reading! Oh, wait! Let me know if you think Dugu Qiubai, even at 30% would still be considered overpowered in Katekyo Hitman Reborn, let alone reaching 100% and going beyond it.