: Ch 1 : A good day
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[Atsumi Ebenholz]

[Human child (10)]

[122cm White skin Black hair Black eyes]

[Mei Ebenholz]

[Human adult (16)]

[175cm White skin Blonde hair Pale blue eyes]

[10th Of August 7:30 AM, Saltlake city, 4th district]




Today is gonna be a great day, just like yesterday was. I can feel the sun's rays peeking through the holes in the ceiling, warm my face up slightly. Usually it's my amazing big sister lying next to me that wakes me up when it's breakfast time, but she had to stay up later than usual yesterday, so she's really tired and is sleeping in right now. Although this doesn't happen often, it makes me a little sad every time it does since I get to spend less time with sister.

Yesterday was still a great day. Even though I had less time to spend with sister, in the end, she still gives me big hugs every time I she comes back home. The moments I get to hug sister always give me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside that makes me happy. It's almost as great a feeling as when she gives me head pats. Ahh, those times are pure bliss.

Today is going to be a great day since it's one of the few times that sister gets the day off. I can't wait to surprise her by showing her how good of a meal I can cook for her. She always brings so much joy to my life that I don't think I could ever repay it, but I still try my best to make her happy and do whatever she says.

Since mother died it became really hard to make enough money for us to survive, especially since I couldn't do anything at the time cause of how little I was. Sister was 10 years old then, but has been working so hard for both of us. I'm 10 now too, so I have been able to help out making money recently by doing various small miscellaneous tasks. I heard somewhere that girls like pretty things, so I had wanted to save up to buy sister a new kimono since her current one isn't looking so good, but sister told me that she doesn't need those things, and that the only thing she needs is me since I'm the most important part of her life. When I heard that I cried. Not because I was sad though. I was so happy, yet for some reason tears came out of my eyes. I don't quite understand why that happened yet since usually you only cry when you're sad. Sister is amazing. She made me so happy that my eyes broke and cried out of happiness. Isn't my sister amazing?

Oh, I got lost in my thoughts of my amazing sister again. I need to focus on preparing an amazing breakfast for sister, and find more things that make her happy since she said she doesn't need anything too fancy. I have a feeling that doing this will give sister a really big smile and make her so happy.

I learned how to cook from sister's work place. She's a servant at a restaurant but sometimes helps out in the kitchen so she learned how to cook really good. She might get hired as a cook and be able to make more money too! Well, I also help out too, you know? Sure I mostly just scrubbed the floors to keep things clean, but one time I also got a chance to cook in the kitchen! It was after closing time when there was some leftover ingredients lying around, I asked if I could give cooking a try. The big chef said that I could keep the rest of the ingredients if I made him something delicious. So I just remembered what I saw the big chef do when I was cleaning the floors and did that. It was then that the big chef had a surprised look on his face. He told me that he liked it so much he wanted me to come work in the kitchen! That means I could make money for sister! I was so happy I jumped up and down with joy. When I calmed down a little I decided to tell him to not tell my sister that I'm cooking since I wanted to make a surprise for sister by cooking her a big meal on the special holiday in a week. That was a week ago when we made the plan. So far everything has been going very well and nothing's gone wrong. Even though I had to have her stay up late so she would sleep in today, the hugs sister gave me last night alone made up for it. And now on top of that I get to make sister delicious food! No doubt about it, today is gonna be amazing. Oh I just can't wait!

Every day this week I have been learning different things about food to be able to make the best possible food for sister. I learned a whole lot and it was really fun too! I made the big chef make that surprised face a lot during this past week. He was really funny. I didn't know he could be this funny until now. He even said funny things like calling me a sponge that soaks up information. How silly, I'm not a sponge, I'm a person! I'm gonna thank mr big chef for making me laugh so much this past week. He praised me a lot during the week too. It feels good to be praised like that, but not as much as when sister praises me.

Im currently cleaning myself at the restaurant before I go cook. Most of the preparations are done by mr big chef before I even stepped into the kitchen. I just need to do the cooking part really quickly before sister wakes up. Then I just have to wake her up and bring her over here so she enjoys all my delicious food I made for her. I can't wait to see her reaction when she finds out that I made all this food. I hope she praises me a lot and gives me big hugs.

(One cooking montage later)

Phew. That was tough. Now that the food is all ready, I just got to get sister to hurry up and come eat before it gets cold. Since we only live a minute away from the restaurant it shouldn't take long. We live really close to the restaurant since the owner was friends with mother. He even helped mother when she couldn't work when she was having both me and my sister, whatever that means. I'm really thankful to the owner and mr big chef. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be able to spend so much time with sister and make her happy.

There she is. Although I don't want to disturb her peaceful sleep, I want to surprise her and show her all the hard work I did even more. It's time to wake sister up to show her this amazing day, and thank her for all she's done for me.




Atsumi: "...come on sister wake up! I wanna show you something! It's really cool! Sister come on I know it's a holiday but please..."


I'm sooo tired. Boss had me stay up late yesterday even though he knew that today was a holiday and I wanted to spend the whole day spoiling my little brother since I don't get to do that too often. Seriously... boss can be so mean sometimes.

Mei: "Sorry Atsumi. I didn't mean to sleep in, but please don't yell so loudly."

I can hear you just fine you know? You're lucky you're such a cute little brother. Why don't I just hug you and make you sleep in with me too? Yeah, that doesn't sound too bad. That way I still get to spend time with you today.

Atsumi: "Ack! Sister nooo! Don't squeeze me so hard! I'm serious! I have something to show you! Why do you always act funny when you're sleepy… Although this isn't that bad either..."

I couldn't hear that last part he mumbled under his breath, but it seems that I was being too selfish this time since Atsumi doesn't request things from me unless it's to show me something he thinks might make me smile. I'm so fortunate to have this bundle of sunshine as my little brother.

Mei: "Alright alright. ~yawn~ So what do you want to show me?"

Atsumi: "Follow me! It's at the restaurant! It's amazing!"

Mei: "Ok, but you still didn't tell me what it is…"

Atsumi: "It's better to just see for yourself. You'll love it, I promise!"

And now I'm being dragged out of the sweet warmth of our bed I share with my brother. Even though I could resist easily since he's really small and weak, even for his age, I let him take me by the hand. He always smiles so happily when I let him hold my hand, so I couldn't ever tell him no. It's not something I have to get serious about, so it's fine to let him have his way with small things like this. He's such an smart and obedient child too. I never have to correct him more than once about his mistakes in behavior. He's an angel that never ceases to make me proud to call him my little brother.