55- Swimming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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We're about halfway though! From here on will be a bit faster paced time wise, a few more time skips than before. I've been working on storyboarding how the rest is going to go down, so sorry about the lack of chapters! There is also another story I'm working on which I'll start posting only after this one is done.

          We watched the Vel play enthusiastically in the water.


          He was doing remarkably well for his first time.

          “IS THAT A SHARK?!”

          And was even making new friends. I nudged Blackie, who was having an odd shadowy creature play with Vel, we didn’t want to stress the child out too much.

          He turned to smirk at me, and I smiled gently in return. My emotions had settled down, and I felt more at ease than I had in a long time. I motioned for him to lower his head, which he, suspecting nothing, did.

          As softly as I could, I tugged the front of his shirt, forcing his lips within snatching range. Babaris went ridged and round, blank orbs bore into mine. Returning his smirk, I grabbed his arm and shoulder to fling him clear out into the sea.

          “Only one way to learn how to swim.” I muttered softly to the wind, knowing he’d probably hear me. I caught a glimpse of his face at the high point of the arc. His arms were crossed with annoyance and every line on it read, “I should have known.”

          The coast was a lively green as moss covered most of the larger rocks mixed with the smooth sand. Trees towered in the distance and a few friendly critters were peering at the commotion curiously. Humans hadn’t settled this continent very much. The Mist Isles were also called the North Islands. We were currently on the North-Western Continent. There were 4 total continents and 2 island clusters if you count the central crater as islands. Humans had names for them, but it was a lot easier to just call them by their position from the Crater.

          It would take us a while to get back to the South-Eastern land from here, but we weren’t in a hurry anyway.

          Of course, the fastest way would be to shoot straight over the ocean on a direct line…we could even stop by the Crater area to say hi to Vel’s friend…

          Good swimming practice for the dear child too…

          After setting up my devious well-intentioned plan, it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen mt Beloved Blackie since he landed in the water with a satisfying plop.

          …he didn’t drown already did he? It was just water. Just because he hasn’t gone swimming before, or that he didn’t take off his heavy, absorbent clothes, or that it was remarkably deep and had fierce currents, …or that…demon wings…sink like stones……

          “I’ve made a terrible mistake”

          My heart pounding, I wondered furiously how long he could survive underwater. The cold wouldn’t harm him, but what about air? I screeched to a halt when the water was to my waist.

          Blackie glared at me with all the fury of a cat who was given a bath by a toddler as he calmly walked out the ocean.

          “This is why I don’t swim.”

          “…How was your walk?”

          “...” His wings were completely flat as they drug behind him while he was slouched so far you’d think his back was crooked. He briefly relaxed his glare as he looked to the sky as he recalled the trip. “…surprisingly nice. It’s very quiet, dark, and the colors are calming.”

          He recalled his pet, Vel hanging from its back wearily.


          “Do not fear dear child, Mother has a plan where you can swim to your heart’s content!”

          “Which is never again-”

          “We shall swim back across the sea to home!”

          “On the other side of the world?” Blackie asked dryly, or at least tried to as he was soaking wet.

          “We can just go up and to the left…”

          “Angel, you do know if we go any furth north you will freeze even before the brat?”

          “To the other side of the world!”

          “Velris, do you want to head south or east from here?” Blackie turned to the similarly drenched child.


          “What’s the difference?” Vel sat down and started to wring out his shirt.

          “The south has several unique old tribes and the east has the oldest forest, it dates back before the Crater split the world.” Blackie swung his hair in front of his shoulder with a splat and mimicked Vel’s wringing motions.

          “But swimming-”

          “What do you mean old tribes?”

          “We call this the human realm, but did you think humans were the only intelligent ones on the land? This realm is probably hundreds of times larger than either Heaven or Hell.” Blackie popped his shoulders. “Heat Furnace, get over here and do your job.”

          “…fine…” I went up and gave him a bear hug, popping several of his ribs. Steam rose.

          Vel stared, but finally came closer. When he was within reach, I swiped him and forced him into a group hug. He muttered nonsense into my wings, but didn’t fight. Poor dear must have been cold…

          “I’ll have revenge for this you know.” Blackie whispered into my ear.

          “Now, now Blackie. Vengeance is not good for you, or the world.” I patted his wings where I could reach them.

          “The law of the world has always been an eye for an eye.” He sighed, rubbing his cold ear into my neck.

          “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth-” I recited with amusement, switching to combing out Vel’s hair with my hand.


          “Well, I say it leaves the world blind and living on soup.” Grinning, I knocked his head lightly with the wing that wasn’t around the dear child.

          “…how long have you been saving that one?” Blackie rolled his eyes, probably. I couldn’t see his face.

          “…longer than I care to admit.” I muttered softly to Vel, who giggled despite himself. My heart warmed to see his young face loosen. I was sure he’d had a rough day.

          …though, based on a determined, young, and dark presence that was slowly making her way towards us- not a day spent in vain.

          Seems like I’ll have grandchildren in this life after all…

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