42 and 43. Ruthless Prince Ji Shu and Let’s Have a Visit
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‘Maybe I should just run away from here.’

She had thought of this countless times, but she couldn’t just leave Xiao Qing and Xiao Yu behind. Xiao Qing could follow her just fine, but Xiao Yu was younger and a bit more naïve. If she left them here, it wouldn’t take long before their body turned into corpse.

She didn’t want that to happen.

Besides, she didn’t know the world outside Han Shi Kingdom’s Capital City.

If she truly wanted to run away, she needed to start making her preparation thoroughly. Her little money that she had alone was simply not enough. With so many soldiers in the capital city and eyes everywhere, she would only get caught not long after she left the residence.

If only Wei Hong’s influence was not that strong, it would have been possible.

‘How about faking death?’


Wei Liuying laughed in her mind. If only it was that easy for her to fake her death, she would have done that. However, there were many people watching over her movements all the time. There was never any chance for her to find a body double for herself.

Even if she found someone similar to her, how could she possibly sneak that person to the residence?

It was impossible.

She needed another plan. A plan that could allow her to leave without leaving any suspiciousness behind.  With that in thought, Wei Liuying closed her eyes.



Prince Ji Shu stayed in Wei Xiao Hua’s residence much longer than usual. Aside from settling some matters, he also stayed for lunch and then took a walk together with Wei Xiao Hua. There were still some servants nearby as it was still inappropriate for the two of them to stay together. Though, the servants were lowering their head to not disturb the couple.

After the visit, Ji Shu departed back with his carriage. “What’s the schedule for today?”

“Your Highness, you have a promise to visit His Highness the Third Prince.”

“Oh?” Ji Shu recalled the face of his brother as his face darkened. He never liked his older brother, and thankfully, the Emperor also didn’t favor Ji Sheng. If not for that, there would be no way that Ji Sheng was sent to the border for years and forced to become the general there.

When the other princes were staying in luxury in the capital city while building their connection, Prince Ji Sheng was busy commanding soldiers to defend the border. The other three already could see that the Emperor didn’t favor him, so they knew that it was impossible for Ji Sheng to become the Emperor even if the crown prince fell out of favor.

“Your Highness, would you like to make a detour?”

“I’ll visit him.”

The servant acknowledged and the carriage headed to Prince Ji Sheng’s palace. The four princes all lived in different area. After all, the palace was huge even if there were only a few Imperial Family members who stayed there.

Prince Ji Sheng was in his office, so Ji Shu simply headed there to greet his brother. Ji Sheng was wearing light purple robe and currently busy reading. There was also Yang Xian who sat on the corner, working on some documents.

“Imperial Third Brother.”

“Imperial Fourth Brother,” Ji Sheng greeted back. His expression was placid. “It’s rare to see you forget the promise to have lunch together.”

Ji Shu’s expression didn’t change. “My apologies, Imperial Third Brother. As punishment, I’ll willingly drank the cup.”

“No need for that.” It was normal for men to punish themselves by drinking when they were late, but Ji Sheng didn’t really wish to care about such formality. “I’m more curious about the reason why you’re late, Fourth Brother. Is there any problem in Wei Household?”

“Just some lower ranked concubine daughter creating problems,” Ji Shu said simply. However, there was a hint of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes. Clearly, he regarded that person to be a threat.

From the corner of the room, Yang Xian noticed the glint. He rubbed his chin. Other than Wei Liuying, he didn’t think that the second sister whose name was Wei… Ziulin? Oh, Zilin, would be seen as a threat. He had seen her by acting as a lost servant and her acting was really bad.

In short, that girl was quite stupid.

Ji Sheng nodded. “To be able to make the Fourth Prince to be so busy, she must be remarkable.”

“They’re annoying,” Ji Shu replied. “I have already punished them.”

“I see.”

“I’m sure that you didn’t make me come here only to talk about my matters? Are there any problem regarding the border?”

“Fortunately, there’s none. However, I’m sure that you have heard about the agreement that Xiong Tribe proposed,” Ji Sheng responded calmly. He motioned the servant who came to prepared the tea as he put away the books.

Ji Shu frowned. “Imperial Father hadn’t given his response, but it looks like he’s going to agree.”

“Imperial Sister Ji Xiaoli wouldn’t be happy to have her marriage determined like this,” Ji Sheng added.

“Even if she disliked it, women were only useful for tying up power,” Ji Shu said with a sneer. It was perfectly normal for them to regard women as nothing more than tools because that was the only reason they were exist. In this era where there were no women’s right, they were only seen as other people’s properties.


“Even if she disliked it, women were only useful for tying up power,” Ji Shu said with a sneer. It was perfectly normal for them to regard women as nothing more than tools because that was the only reason they were exist. In this era where there were no women’s right, they were only seen as other people’s properties.

Ji Sheng didn’t give out his opinion. “She might try to escape again.”

“I have already send my order to watch over her. With so many guards, I doubt she’ll be able to escape.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Ji Shu’s words had more power compared to Ji Sheng in the palace. After all, everyone knew how much the Emperor doted on Ji Shu’s mother. On the other hand, Ji Sheng’s mother was left forgotten in the harem with only occasional visit that didn’t seem to be of importance at all. She was also very docile as she shied away from troubles and remained low key.

The two princes talked with each other for some time, discussing this and that. There were some matters that couldn’t be brought up to the court yet, so they discussed it in private. Besides, the two brothers were silently probing each other’s view and goal through the seemingly random chats.

After an incense stick (an hour) time, the two brothers bid their farewell. Ji Sheng tapped the table with his rough hand, which was the result of intense training over the years. “Yang Xian.”

“Yes, Your Highness?”

Ji Sheng furrowed his brows. “Drop the formalities. What’s your opinion about Ji Shu?”

When they were meeting each other, they would never call each other with the name directly. After all, they were not close to each other and it might be seen as impolite. But when it was discussing in private, Ji Sheng simply ignored their titles.

“He’s a very ambitious man,” Yang Xian replied. “I reckon he’ll be able to become a powerful hindrance for the crown prince’s path to the throne.”

Ji Sheng nodded, agreeing with Yang Xian’s view. It was just a short meeting after a few years, but he could see that Ji Shu was still very ambitious. He would do everything at all cost for his pursuit of power, even disregarding human lives.

“Tell me more of the young lady in Wei Household.”

Yang Xian arched his eyebrows. “You’re finally interested? I have told you numerous times that there’s an interesting girl, but you didn’t want to listen.”

“I’m listening now.”

“You’re really.” Yang Xian rolled his eyes. If this was done in public, many people would be horrified by his lack of manners. However, the two of them were very close to each other and after many life and death’s experience in war, they naturally grew closer as brothers. When it was in private, there was no longer any formality between the two of them.

“Third Miss Wei, Wei Liuying, is a concubine born daughter. She’s smart, but she always stays low and never stands out more than necessary. If anything, she’s known to be a useless lady that’s forgotten because there were several other concubine daughters who were similar to her.”

Thinking about that, Yang Xian’s lips couldn’t help but to curl up. If Wei Liuying’s position had been higher, there would be more people paying attention. But because Wei Xiao Hua performed worse and Wei Liuying was nothing more than a concubine daughter, it was easy to forget her.

After all, many concubine daughters were also useless since they would only ever get married as concubine in the future. Most of them still studied vehemently, though, as they wished that they would gain a better chance by trying hard.

“Also, I think she’s raised like a boy considering that she’s good at history, philosophy, and many others. In addition, Shi Yan said that she’s not that bad in terms of martial arts. Even though Shi Yan himself is only standard at most, to be able to defeat him showed that her skill is decent.”

Ji Sheng nodded. “Shi Yan is not that good, but not everyone can defeat him.”

In his store, Shi Yan suddenly sneezed. He rubbed his nose in confusion. Who was talking about him? Could it be that some ladies were missing him?

Yang Xian smiled. “So, how about if you come with me to have a chat with her?”

“You mean in a few more weeks?” Ji Sheng looked back.

Considering that it was Ji Shu who gave punishment, it was easy to guess that Wei Liuying wouldn’t be able to get up from her bed from a long time. Ji Shu never care for the fairer gender and always treated them harshly. Not that the other princes care, though Ji Shu was the most extreme.

“Well, I’m thinking of visiting her tomorrow in her room…” Yang Xian’s words trailed. He wouldn’t be able to wait for a few weeks. Since she couldn’t come, why don’t he came to visit her and have a chat about the books?

Ji Sheng paused for a moment. “Sure.”

“Really? You’ll come?”

“If you alarm the guards, I’ll send you to training.”

Yang Xian rolled his eyes again. Come on, he was not Shi Yan. How can it be possible for him to alert the guards?

In the store, Shi Yan sneezed once more.