Chapter 3 Part 4 (Updated)
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“I assume you’ll listen now, Kan Uolo?” Reina once again asked the student before her to which he nodded.

“As, our Professor, Mariko explained there will be groups that will divide all the students to weed out most of them. Have you ever fought with more than 20 participants before?”

“I haven’t” Still in a downcast gaze he softly replied.

“I see.” Reina carefully assessed the situation before advising. “The possibility of you being out in the first elimination is quite slim. Still, I think what makes you different from Mika and Shinra is that you have little power as a magician.” Reina carried on. “Although what you have against them is immense knowledge. I’ve seen how you fought against Vanque Milios and seeing to what kind of magic you used to best support both Mika and Shinra, you can nab a place this First Trial, Kan.”

Reina only expressed confidence in both her analyzation and evaluation of Kan’s potential to take a place in First Trial.

“You’re still unsure? Well, that is a part of being a good fighter to be cautious, however, being too cautious wouldn’t get you anywhere. Confidence and understanding yourself is where improvement lie.” Frea added.

“Why not have a simulation?” Mariko-sensei proposed an idea. “Supposed, Kan was placed in Block A with 20 students. The match will only end when there are 5 participants left. How about it?”

“Where are we going to find 20 students?” Initiating a question the 1st year pondered.

“Don’t worry about it.” Mari then closing in the distance stepped closer.

Mariko-sensei opened a dimension ring and took out 16 puppets. “I’ll be giving them a temporary soul so that they can fill the remaining students. Summoning Magic: Loosened Soul Strings.”

“By gathering the tiny spirits around us they can unify as a temporary soul to incorporate each puppet.” The Dawness professor then explained a little bit further.




After a bit of instruction from the Mariko, the 16 puppets along with, Reina, Mari, Frea, and Kan gathered around the center of the open-ground field.

“I’ll be explaining once again. As soon as Kan gets out of the line or Frea does the simulation will stop. Reina and Frea will be the opponents while Mari will be your ally Kan. The 16 puppets will be used as a distraction that will also fight the four of you. Clear?” The four students nodded and spread out towards the area.



“Let’s do this, Kan!” Mari looked forward to the simulation like a child finally able to play with her friends.

“Yeah, let’s” Although Kan was also eager, he clearly did not see this as a simulation.

“Start!” The summoned puppets that took a figure of a bodiless knight were surprisingly quick and adept at fighting.

One after another the summoned knights sprung forth towards Reina and Frea.

“Tremble.” Reina casually manipulated the particles of mana around her as an element of wind to push back the charging summoned knights. Frea enhanced her body and the instance when her fist hit one of the summoned knights a sudden force propelled it towards the other charging knights.

To the Tempest student’s surprise this kind of fighting was unknown to him.

“I forgot to add, even if the knights get out of the line, they can still fight you.” The Dawness professor reminded.

“What kind of fighting is this?” Unable to keep it to himself, Kan exclaimed out loud. “We don’t use only one element nor only one teaching. There are different kinds of fighting that are not being taught anywhere. That’s why the Dawness pushed this new curriculum last year.” Marigold glossed over the current ways of teaching are around the Dawness Royal School.

Subjected to a few beatings, the summoned knights finally turned their sight towards Kan and Mari.

“Here they come.” Taking a deep breath staying calm on top of it. The air around Marigold Leona suddenly changed as if a tiny sliver of pressure that came from Cecilia is being exuded by her.

“Light of Execution: Disperse” The summoned knights one after another suddenly dispersed radiated from the Dawness attack resulting in countless tiny particles being sucked out of thin air.

“Th-that was...?” Kan stopped in his tracks unable to grasp the power Mari had used.

“Looks like, it is just us four remaining. Let’s stir up the pace, shall we?” Frea appeared to be more vigorous and gently loosened her body finally taking things seriously.

On the other hand, Reina casted an orb of pure elemental ice to which Mari casted a buff spell towards Kan and herself, “Song of the Bard: Miaci’s Call”.

Dashing with quick steps as Frea casted an earth spell that supported her to glide across the field layering her body with wind spell. Cutting the time to near three seconds closing in the distance against Kan and Mari.

“Earth Manipulation: Closing Arc” Kan hastily chanted as the land beneath him moved like a wave abruptly transforming to spikes in a crescent angle. Frea flawlessly jumped, as she was in midair, the spell Kan used naturally gravitated towards Frea’s feet allowing her to use it as a steppingstone and charged straight ahead at Kan augmenting her right hand with an earth element. “Enhancement: Iron Fist; Tenfold.”

“Light of Courageous: Shield!” Mari successfully casted a defensive spell to stop Frea’s attack.

“Are you going to let Mari do all the work, Kan?” Frea grumbled in deep tone not letting the Tempest student get away freely.

“Of course, not! I call the spirits of wind that lies here in Tempest, gather around me, and create a surging wind to strike my foes! Whirlwind!” A gust of violent wind gathered around Kan as the whirlwind charged right ahead in front of Frea.

Reina jumped in and dispelled the whirlwind at the sweep of her hand. “Is it the time for me step in as well? Brace yourselves, this will decide the fight immediately.” The orb of pure ice levitating around Reina grew larger as it scatters around taking a form of countless pure ice shards.

“This is bad, Kan. Each shard of ice around Reina can deal fatal blow against us. Be careful.”

“I have a plan, Mari.” Kan muttered without taking her eyes away from Reina and Frea closely looking at their movements. As of this moment, he had already forgotten that he was fighting one of the strongest duo’s in Dawness.

“Let’s try it, Kan!” Mari exclaimed excitedly.

“Show us your potential, Kan. I won’t be holding back this time.” Frea stopped in her tracks raising her hands as it completely started changing the aura around her. “Incaria’s Wrath 1st Phase: Battle-God" It wasn’t a simulation anymore. This is already a battle of magicians. Meanwhile, Mariko-sensei slowly locked them in a downgraded version of veil so that any damage would not result to great casualty.

Without minding if Kan and Mari were ready, Frea momentarily vanished in their view as her right fist was already a few centimeters close to Kan’s face.

Grappling Kan immediately, the still Kan then dissipates as an illusion. Quickly realizing as she scanned the surroundings in great speed just then when a figure resembling Kan got recognized. “Blinding Light: Ultra!”

Reina aimed at Kan waiting for an opening. Before the countless pure ice shards were close enough, his figure once again vanished, this time as a light. Mari then appeared in Kan’s place. “Sonnet of the Courageous: Bard’s Call!” A stream of euphonious voice shattered the attack of Reina.

“Breathe and rally the particles as one and circulate it like a storm. Faintly but precisely add your mana increasingly to the point you can barely control it. This is the strongest spell, I can use. Half-Tempest!” It wasn’t beautiful nor powerful. In fact, it was incomplete and rushed. However, it has what many spells could only hope to achieve. It had been poured everything into it. A result of hard work and countless practices. A mediocre spell that carries an unbreakable will, that is Kan’s strongest spell.

Frea couldn’t dodge nor move to where she was standing. The toll of a full power Incaria’s 1st Phase drained her stamina as well as her mana pool.

“It’s not yet over! Earth Manipulation: Dance and Tremble!” Reina abruptly caught Frea’s attention managing to defend herself from Kan’s final attack. On the other hand, the foothold of Kan and Mari felt like an uncontrollable surging wave throwing them out of the line.

“The match is over! Reina and Frea wins!” Mariko-sensei then hurriedly ran towards them.

“Why do you look so worried, Mariko?” Frea jokingly utter as her skin grew paler and felt lightweight.

“It’s Mariko-sensei! Jeez, I told you to only use that power in life-or-death situations!” Disregarding Frea’s fatigue condition, the Dawness professor smacked the student with a mighty fist.

“Aaarghhh, that hurt! I get it. I just had to use it this time.” Fighting back Mariko-sensei looked at Mari and Kan’s side.

“It was a close one.” Reina extended her hand towards Kan.

“Was it really?”

“Your plan worked didn’t it, Kan?” Mari walked closer dusting off the dirt from her uniform.

“I guess so...”

“What is there to worry about? You’ve faced us seriously and although you couldn’t win. You certainly proved your worth as a contender for the First Trial.” Frea acknowledged Kan Uolo’s strength while Mariko-sensei helped her walk.

“Now, now, it’s okay to feel like you could have done better. Still, I don’t think you were that far behind while fighting against Reina and Frea. Your match was surprisingly exciting to watch.” The Dawness Professor commented.

“Match? I thought it was a simulation?” Kan dumbfoundedly asked.

“Do you honestly think that kind of fighting is a simulation in our current power? You’re overestimating us, Kan.”

“It was a match between magicians, as far as I know.” Reina gave her verdict.

“Mmm, I had fun fighting beside you, Kan. I also learned some things today, so don’t be so bummed out.” Mari cheerfully shared.

It was faint and quick, but Kan smiled for a bit. “Thank you, guys. I definitely learned that there are other types of fighting, and I am only scratching the surface. If possible, can you teach me some few things?”

The three Dawness students hastily replied yes.




Meanwhile, at Fleusoar...


“What do you mean, Lionne Allair?” A man dressed wearing a 3rd year uniform asked with a cunning smile.

“I will only fight under Fleusoar for this First Trial, after that I would like to join another group.” Still, with the confidence and dignity, Lionne Allair remain unfazed even with the fiery glares from the members of Fleusoar.

“You do know I’m being generous enough to have you explain yourself, yet you still have the nerve to mention that you’ll join another group. Lionne, it seems you’ve been living in your bubble too much.” The 3rd year sitting at the master’s seat glanced right through Lionne’s crystal clear eyes.

“I think explaining why I can only join your group for the First Trial is needed. Besides, I wouldn’t join this group without my family pestering me.”

There was a brief silence for a moment that seemed the time for Lionne to draw back his statement.

“You have really proved to be a spoiled nobility, Lionne Allair. I thought you were different from your sister who avoided public appearances. It appears that bad blood also courses through your veins Lionne.”

“Whatever you may think or say, my decision stands. If you won’t listen, I’ll be going now.” Lionne tried to stand up before he was halted by the members of Fleusoar.

“When did I say you can go?” The president of the Fleusoar guild couldn’t remain composed in front of the honorary 1st year’s attitude.

“You’ve greatly disrespected me and now you think you can just go?”

“What other business could you possibly have, Yashin?” Yashin stood up from his seat and silently walked closely towards Allair.

“That’s senior Yashin for you, Lionne. Don’t get so overconfident when you’re close enough for me to burn you alive.” Darting out his shrewd eyes, Yashin emitted a refined aura of an experienced magician.

“Extinguishing your flames is nothing noteworthy.” Lionne as well didn’t hold back and tried to overpower Yashin’s aura.

“Ember’s touch.” A sliver of flame gathered around Yashin’s index finger as it fires off directly at Lionne.

The 1st year tried to extinguish the flames which resulted to it transforming to a lion’s head prowling against him. “Wind Manipulation: Upstream.” the charging fiery lion propelled upwards towards the ceiling causing the fire to spread out.

“If you’ll continue with this, I won’t even join the first trial under a Fleusoar representative.” Still composed he looked to threaten Yashin.

“I see you still have the power to back your arrogance. If you don’t win the whole First Trial overwhelmingly and convincingly, you’ll continue to be part of the Fleusoar Lionne, got it?” He then went back to his seat as his fingers flickered the flames it got extinguished. Such display of power and control both in fire and wind element.

“If that is all then I’ll take my leave.” Lionne marched towards the door disregarding the glares of the members of Fleusoar in the room.

“Assuming you’ll win when there are rumors that three 1st year students fought the attacker of Tempest the last few days.” Jiura Creina provokingly added before Lionne could reach the doorknob.

“You best brace yourself then. The students you mentioned might just grab your place this coming First Trial.” Revealing his sly devilish smile, he had full belief that Kan, Mika, and Shinra can upset the favorites this coming First Trial.

“Who are these three students you mentioned, Jiura?” Catching the captain’s interest, he asked while fiddling with a small ember.

“It’s Mika Torri, Shinra Mavirus, and Kan Uolo, Sir.” Jiura suddenly changed his tone to a more polite and formal one.

“Hmm, Mika Torri, Shinra Mavirus, and Kan Uolo? They’re the ones that fought those puny Hawklight members, weren’t they? Interesting… Gather information about them, that’s all. You’re all dismissed.”

One after another people have noticed something might be going on behind the grand scheme of things around Tempest.