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It has been a wild ride, it truly has. Writing, Incompetent Magician felt a burden at the first months, yet there is something we wanted to share that can be done by this story. I’m really glad we stuck through this despite not having the best synopsis or great first volume. For us, simply finishing this first volume is more than enough to satisfy us. However, this is but only the start as we have many things planned and wanted to convey through the story of Kan Uolo.  

We can go on and on about our experiences about writing the story and planning it out, but we feel like we have not experienced that much. One thing that became clear is the willingness and your resolve to endure the times when you cannot think of anything to put in the dialogue or describe a scene. In fact, we’re still mediocre in these areas and so many more. We will do our best as every volume, you, our lovely readers could see our improvement and growth for narrating this story.  



An official release of the first volume of incompetent magician will be announced in the coming weeks. The contents will not be altered, although some scenes may be portrayed in a different way. By doing an official release we can reread and rewrite from the start up until the last pages of the story to fix any redundancy and other problems as well. We hope for you to check it out before the announcement of the 2nd volume of incompetent magician. That will be all from our side!  


The remaining pages below are special point of view not mentioned in the story... Have fun reading them and see the different perspectives of the story!  




Unknown Harbinger