Trixie in Star City
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"Alright listen up, I don't wanna kill anyone but if I must, I will. If anyone contacts the police or call for any sort of help, they will be held accountable for your doom." said Trixie.

There was a robbery in progress at a bank in which Mike was working. Trixie is one of the most dangerous criminals in star city mainly because of her unusual ability to bend light or be like it.

What makes her deadly is the ability to converge light waves into a hot lazer. No one really knows her identity because she wore a mask but she refered to herself as Trixie and she had never been caught.

She can stop any attack that is slower the speed of light i.e. bullets of any sort and this makes her impossible to be caught by the police. It's more like a reflex thing but she can actually see the bullet coming.

With this power, she is almost unstoppable. When she first appeared she could robe many banks with no  one to stop her but today, scientists devised a method of making her powerless by interfering with the frequency and wavelength of the light waves around her.

In this kind of situation, she could only hope to escape with the cash before the police show up with a power dampener to knock her out.

Having threatened her hostages, Trixie walked into Mike, stood him up and said to him, " Take me to the vault, now!" Mike was thrilled by her aggression but never the less this wasn't her first time robbing this bank so it wasn't new to him.

What really confused him is that he called upon the police last time, putting her Ina tight situation but she spared his life. As Mike walked her to the vault in which money is kept, she said to him, " If you dare double-cross me again I will kill you for sure!" But with the look on her eyes, Mike felt as though she was just kidding with him. She didn't have the killer instinct in her eyes but rather desperation and pain.

When they had reached the vault, he turned to her with an eye of suspense and asked, " Why did you spare me last time?" A look of anger flashed through her eyes and she yelled, " Get out of my way." Trixie pushed him to the ground and faced her palms towards the vault from which hot lasers blast it open. The blinding light and heat that was given off forced Mike to get up and therefore run as fast as he could.

As he was streaking through the corridor, a wave of condensed light energy knocked him off balance this crashing head-on with the ground. The wave was followed by a high pitched loud sound as though the frequency was out of balance.

Mike covered his ears and looked back only to see Trixie's hair floating with a surge  of electrical and light energy from it. With this he knew  that Trixie was trying to resist the machine supposed to dampen her powers and this meant that the police had finally come y rescue the hostages.

With a sigh of relief, he tried to get up but  he could hardly move or hear anything, and later, his vision started fading and therefore passed out.