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Very important news!!! Soul Shard Captor is moving from Scribble Hub!

This author needs to eat. Which means that if I am to continue writing SSC – seriously writing, with new chapters nearly every day – it needs to put my bread on the table.

Unfortunately, relying on occasional donations of a few very kindhearted and generous people is not cutting it and my publisher keeps asking when I’m going to start putting my chapters “behind a paywall”.

Thus, in hopes of a better future, from the next chapter, SSC will transition into a premium novel on the platforms that support this and move away from platforms that don't. 

Unfortunately, Scribble Hub is one of the platforms that do NOT support this!

The reason why chapters had been slow for a while now is precisely because I've been working on my site and preparing for the switch to premium. And now that the time is upon us, I will be marking the story as complete on Scribble Hub and moving the releases elsewhere.

I hope that this is not a goodbye, and you’ll still want to continue this journey with Noah, Blackie, and me.

If not, thank you so much for reading so far! Your comments and your support mean more to me than you’ll ever know!

And if you DO still wish to continue reading Soul Shard Captor, then come join me on one of the "premium" platforms: Webnovel, Flying Lines or I've also compiled a detailed comparison of all places where you can read SSC for you.

All chapters of SSC from now on will be “locked” on all platforms. But worry not! They can be unlocked both for free and with in-app currency. So, not much will change from what you are used to.

The only thing that will change is where you read it, and possibly me finally managing to feed my family and thus dedicate more time to writing SSC. Ah, how great would it be if you guys had more chapters of SSC to read, eh? I hope this move will make that possible.

In the future, some of the previously free chapters might also get locked and removed from non-premium platforms. So if you want to reread SSC, or have friends that are not up to speed with the current release of SSC, now is the time to read it.

If you are one of my supporters with a high enough donation (6$ or 7,000 Ink), you will be able to continue reading SSC on my site ( in the future without having to unlock anything. You'll also be able to read extras unavailable anywhere else. If you are not a supporter yet, psst, you might not need to pay to gain the mentioned benefits because there are also free ways to get your hands on it.

If you guys are unsure whether the experience of reading SSC on my site would be satisfactory, just head out there and see for yourself. I uploaded several free chapters on there too, so you check out the reading and commenting experience.

If you wish to see all the details about why I need your support, how to support, what you get in return, and how to access your benefits, you can do so here.

Thank you, everyone. ♥