Imminent Battle 3
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"That is so, so let me make sure of one thing." spoke Paikos still holding the gun towards the Nen user." The phone in with neither of us and even if it was with us we wouldn't he of any use to you as the phone is password locked and neither of us knows it.So, I suggest you give up of taking us hostage."


"Hah, taking you hostage?! Are you the one who is pointing a gun at me or am I pointing a gun at you?" angrily said the Nen user as he looked like he was about to pounce forward, but held himself back.

"Think as you wish, but know that you don't have a choice." said Paikos with a snicker making the Nen user pop a vein 

' Pathetic, insignificant piece of shit! If it wasn't for that phone I would have killed you for fun.' angrily thought the Nen user as he looked at Paikos face. Paikos saw this and smiled a little more, but inside he was frightened.

' Caid, I'm sure that you will be rescuing the pilot as soon as possible, but please hurry up.' thought Paikos as he he also started to sweat. It looked like it was because of the sun, but if was a cold sweat coming from the depth of his soul.


Suddenly, as Paikos was about to continue the conversation a voice came from the side. It was Mikael who had been silent since the beginning.

"You seem angry." said Mikael as stepped forward and also lifted a burden of Paikos shoulders, making him finally able to breathe normally.

On the other side the Nen user looked Mikael up and down as if was evaluating him.

"Mikael Relov I presume?" said the Nen user as he moved his attention towards Mikael .

"Yeah, don't ware it out."

"Hmph, arrogant as I expected from the son of one of the Ten Don's. I bet that you wished you were spending your time is some private villa or a seasonal beach house, but here you are....

So much for the myth of the Don's beeing untouchable."


"Heh, you talk pretty big for someone with armed soldiers behind him, while we had nothing and we still managed to kick your ass. If we see it that way, it seems that the Ten Don's beeing untouchable is pretty much true, but still.....I can't help but feel sorry for you." said Mikael as he shook his head.

"Hmph, trying to make useless talk. " said the Nen user as he had enough of Mikael's word's. " Let's move down to business. What is the course of action that we are going to take? Are you going to take the coordinates from me, or are you going to give me the phone?" 

"Something like that." said Paikos who had regained this nerves. " We are going to make a trade, you are going to give us the coordinates and we will give you something of equal value to you in return."

"Oh, and what is that?" said the Nen user a little interested. "You have nothing that can make this happen.....

"You figured it out?" said Mikael as put his hands on his pockets and looked at the surprised face of the Nen user.

"You can't mean.... you're offering yourself? You're are suggesting that I keep you as collateral until we arrive safely to the continent?" 

" That is right. What better bargaining chip than the life of the son of one of the Ten Don's?"said Mikael nonchalantly as if he didn't understand what that entailed for him.



This statement made the Nen user speechless, but at the same time made the gears on his head start turning. ' This is certainly not a bad idea. Having him as a hostage will certainly get me into the continent safely, but that is as far as it goes. I'm sure that as soon as we land I'll be swarmed by hundreds of mafia soldiers who will want my head, but that's if I land.

With the Impenetrable Garb that I have acquired I can easily survive a fall from hundreds of meters up in the air with minimal injuries. By doing that I will have to give up on the treasures, but that is only useful if I'm alive. And with the garb I'm almost invincible, so I can easily make enough money by doing some work. Maybe I'll even take the Hunter exam and acquired a Hunter license?' thought the Nen user as he smiled.

"Oh, you seem to like the idea? Well, there is no need to answer that, it's obvious." said Mikael with a smug smile.

"Haha, yeah that's a pretty good idea." said the Nen user as he nodded his head, but inwardly he was thinking if how to beat torture the two of them, especially Mikael.' I'll see how smug you can be when I crush every limb of yours one by one. Then you'll be laughing....


 In the meantime Caid had already entered the airship through a window he had slowly chipped away with his knife. He had chosen one that led to an empty room so he wouldn't be noticed and then slowly forced the door open with his enhanced strength.


The side of the door frame gave out and he was greeted with a dark-ish corridor with no one in sight. This made the airship look erie, but Caid didn't have time to think about  that.'I need find where Tank is as soon as possible, and he could be everywhere, but taking into consideration that he won't be left alone I can assume he isn't inside any of the small rooms.

So that leaves big spaces where there there could be at least three people easily , like the cargo area or the dinning hall. ' thought Caid as he frowned. He  knew that the may be wrong, but his gut feeling and the knowledge that they were mercenaries pushed him in that direction.

' If I'm right they will surely chose a spacious place that is easy to defend where they can use their weapons effectively, and a place with only one entrance/exit so they don't have to devide their attention. The dinner hall is the obvious choice, but I need to eliminate the other option.' thought Caid as he activated Zetsu and moved swiftly towards the cargo hall.