Chapter 42: Should I Lewd or Not Lewd?
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Melody took deep breaths as her climax settled down and she transitioned into her afterglow. Her body had flushed from her arousal like it had the last few times, and she looked like she was about to tip over from how off center she was on her stool, so I straightened her up before she went too far. The dopey smile on her face told me that she didn’t have a care in the world for whatever happened at that moment. She even pulled me into a wet, soapy hug while in a fit of giggles.

While I was surprised by Melody’s sudden hug, it was her sneak attack of kisses all over my face while in her slippery embrace that left my mind in a temporary blank. She surprised me further by adjusting her ‘hug’ so that my face was trapped in the great valley that was her cleavage. I saw nothing but darkness. My sense of touch was heightened to where I could feel the slippery, soft warmth surrounding me thumping with her heartbeat. My strengthened nose was overwhelmed by the mixed scent of soap and feminine pheromones that emanated from her tits that were each bigger than my head.

“Thanks for that, Soar,” Melody thanked before nuzzling her face into my hair that was peeking out from between her boobs, “You were right, releasing these happy juices really does make me feel good. It makes me all warm and fuzzy, inside. I don’t know how I had lived for so long in Zaleese without something as wonderful as this.”

Still in shock from her boob hug and kisses, I didn’t notice the lack of air until I started having difficulty breathing. I had to make more room to give myself air, grabbing the underside of her tits in my attempt, but Melody had me trapped in a tight enough embrace that I couldn’t move my arms very much. I managed to grab her waist and tried tapping out for air like I was in a wrestling hold before I remembered I could just tell her through telepathy. 

<I’m glad you felt good from that but I can’t breathe because of how you’re holding me,> I pointed out.

“Ah! I’m sorry, Soar!” she exclaimed in panic, relaxing her hold enough for me to turn my head around in her cleavage for some much needed air, “This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I have stuffed animals back home that I still like to hug whenever I’m stressed. Holding them the way I did with you just now always calmed me down. I guess I fell into that habit since they’re as big as you are.” She then flushed in embarrassment while giving an awkward smile.

Though I almost died by boob suffocation, I couldn’t get mad at Melody thanks to how innocent and cute she looked then, especially after having the privilege to be in the same position as her lucky stuffed animals.

“You can hug me like that anytime …” I trailed off, uncertain if that was my euphoria or my oxygen deprived brain speaking for me. It was too late when I realized what I said just then, even as I quickly grew appalled by the inappropriate implications behind it.

“Really, Soar?!” Melody exclaimed, eyes sparkling in excitement.

I couldn’t take my words back now, “... Sure, if that helps you calm down. Just keep in mind you need to allow some space for me to breathe in the future.”

“Of course!” she agreed while squeezing me with her boobs some more in a fit of giggles. She took my words to heart as I wasn’t as deep into her valley as before while she nuzzled me.

I mentally sighed, Why do I keep making this harder on myself? In fact, is there even a point to continue with this so-called ‘restraint’? I mean, I’ve already crossed over a bunch of boundaries back in the cave. She was surprised, at first, but it looks like she’s starting to grow fond of stuff like this, still none the wiser of how bad it really is. Are angels so pure and innocent like Melody that they’re oblivious to erotic stuff? Could they even become corrupted? If she can’t be corrupted, would it be okay for me to indulge myself in her body from time to time? Just a little bit? Would she mind if I helped myself to these soft, succulent, malleable, practically gelatinous tatas all theI’m fondling them as I think, aren’t I?

“You really do love my boobs, do you, Soar?” Melody asked, confirming my thoughts, “Aren’t they too big?”

“Uh … my bad. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t notice,” I apologized, averting my gaze in shame, “And no, your … boobs, aren’t too big. They’re beautiful as they are.”

Melody giggled and squeezed me tighter, “Thank you, and there’s no need to apologize! You’re welcome to grab my breasts and play with them all you want! I did say my body’s yours to do as you please, after all!”

“... So I can grab other places on your body whenever I feel like it? Like your butt, for example?” I asked while looking up to her.

She nodded, “Yep! You can do whatever you want with my boobs and butt and everywhere else on my body! If it helps you relax and think, then I’m more than happy to oblige! I like how you touch me, and it’s kind of fun to see what you do with me too!”

… Welp, as long as I don’t hurt her or have sex with her, unless she tells me to stop, I’m going to take Melody up on that offer then. Whether this is Melody being herself or if all angels are like this, I’ll take what I can get without going too far, I thought, giving in to my inner adult and trying to get another handful of Melody’s slippery tits. This tickled her into a light giggle as she continued holding me.

Will I have sex with Melody once I get older? It’s a valid possibility, but I needed to make sure she fully understands the importance behind the act. Until then, I’ll just indulge myself in her ethereal softness when opportunities arise and responsibly accept whatever divine punishment the gods meet out to me after death.

While still in her embrace, I used Water Magic to quickly soak and rinse away any hint of Melody’s femcum in the washing chamber before directing the fluids down the nearest drain. Then I used levitation magic to open the window and sped up the rate of ventilation in the bathing area with Wind Magic, directing the flow and moving whatever scents that lingered to the outside. My Silencing Winds spell dispersed during that time, too.

When I felt the place was clear, I heaved a sigh of relief. “Okay, I’m sure your breasts are clean now, so I’m moving over to your back,” I said while filling up the wash bucket with warm water.

“Okaaaay,” she sighed, letting me go reluctantly.

Once I rinsed enough of her soapy body with water, using Water Magic to assist me, I lathered my hands with soap and finally returned to her back where I could take a breather.

It was definitely too late to say this, but I didn’t know just how sensational washing Melody with my bare hands lathered in soap was, compared to when I touched her body while it was dry. If I didn’t remind myself that I was limited on time every couple of minutes, I’d likely have played with her body a lot longer without even realizing what I was doing. Complimenting her body parts as I washed them made the moment all the more exhilarating. They were all true, too, and if she was my girlfriend, I’d likely have said and done so much more to her.

As I washed and massaged Melody’s broad back that glistened with water and soap, infatuation didn’t begin to describe what I was feeling right now while running my hands over it. It was like I had summoned her to this world all over again.

When I recalled those moments from our meeting up to now, especially moments ago, there was something I noticed that bothered me some while I worked. My mind’s aware of how sexy Melody is, my heart’s racing just thinking about it, so why … is a certain part in this body not reacting? I asked myself. Sure, it’s still relatively young, probably not close to reaching puberty yet, but is that really all there is to it? Or is there some other, magical, influence at play here?

<Mona, can you examine my body?> I asked the voice in charge of the more technical side of my Great Sage gift, having nowhere else to turn.

<About why your bodily functions aren't working as data would suggest they should? Analyzing … answer reached. This is the result of the administrator’s special Child-Protection function that was added to your body.>

<You mean my body has a built in ‘Child Lock’, like those medicine caps?! Does Elmyra have something to do with this?>

<Affirmative. Due to the likelihood of your adult soul’s mindset conflicting with the functioning of your younger child body, the administrator inserted a custom Child-Protection function to block any arousal signals from prematurely stimulating your genitals for the sake of your body’s safe physical development.>

<Huh … Okay, do I have any control over how this function affects my body?> I asked her.

<Negative. At this time, the administrator has locked off all access to the function until you reach the age of majority. At that time, you’ll be able to adjust how arousal can affect your genitals at will.>

<Wow, so, when I become of age, I have to ‘turn off’ the Child-Protection function to get ‘turned on.’ Am I getting that right?> I asked.

<Affirmative. The rest of your body except your genitals will continue to function normally in regards to arousal, however.>

<I’m a little concerned of how this ensures a ‘safe, physical development,’ but okay, I guess I can live with that reasoning. Does this also have anything to do with how I still notice that Sarise is attractive even when her Aura is inverted?>

Supposedly, a devil’s Aura doesn’t affect children by default thanks to the Child-Protection aspect. If a devil inverts their normal Aura, it should affect adults like it would for children too. Either way, I should have noticed a change at some point. Though I was exposed to both modes when Sarise demonstrated inverting her Aura that first time, I still saw her as a bombshell beauty with a risque choice of attire. My dick would have pierced the heavens from how aroused I felt just being near her if I had an adult body.

<Your mind isn’t affected by Sarise’s Aura or its Inversion due to your Great Sage gift,> Mona explained.

<Ah, I figured that’d be the case, but how and why?>

<Would you like the long version or short version of the explanation?> she asked.

<Uh … I’ll listen to the long version later. Try to explain the short version in accordance to what we’ve already discussed, please.>

<In short, your Great Sage gift allows you to perceive not just the mana signatures that exist on Manara, but Aura signatures as well. This is something other Magicians are not able to do, with or without familiars of their own. Since you are able to perceive Sarise’s Aura signature, and she is your familiar, you are immunised from its mind altering effects. This allows you to also see through her Aura, inverted, Child-Protected, or otherwise. In turn, you can thus observe Sarise with the unaltered desire and arousal of an adult.>

<Huh … I’m a little bummed I still get the short end of the stick in puberty, but I think I got the gist of what’s going on with my body, at least.>

“Thanks again for helping me wash my body, Soar, especially my back,” Melody said suddenly, snapping me out of my internal conversation with Mona, “I’m afraid I’m not flexible enough to reach back there without a back scrubber.”

Flustered from getting reeled back into reality, I was having difficulty finding words while washing her back, “I uh … suppose a lot of people would also have that issue. Can you move a little so I can get to your butt as well?”

Melody complied and tried to position herself on the seat for me to get to as much of her large ass as possible. Part of me was surprised by how easily she followed my request, but I was in more shock at how her firm, jiggly, ass cheeks moved against my hands as I scrubbed them. 

“That reminds me! Familiars like me usually wash their master’s backs, right? I should do that for you, too, since we’re here. Then we can take a bath together!”

If Sarise finds out I let Melody wash my back and bathe with me first before her, even though she asked first, things will likely get ugly. It would probably be worse if she also knew what I had done with my new familiar before her tonight, I thought, “Oh, no, it’s fine. I actually took a bath earlier. I’m just going to wash myself and supervise while you bathe so you don’t hurt yourself.”

“But you worked so hard, though! I’m also sure I … made a mess on your clothes with my happy juices too. Let me make it up to you for that much, at least.”

“I don’t—”

“Today’s been a long day for you all, right? So, let’s relax and take a nice, long … soak?” a familiar voice interrupted me. I turned to the source as I felt my stomach drop.

In the doorway stood Ms. Renne, Zalena, and Sarise, walking into the scene of me washing Melody’s ass, staring at us wide-eyed. I feel like I’m suddenly in a drama where I’m caught in the act of two-timing on my wife.

FUCK! What do I say?! “… H-Hey, guys! Look who I summoned from Zaleese!” I exclaimed with faux enthusiasm before putting up a smile of the same level.

It was then my light sky-blue eyes locked onto Sarise’s pink ones. I immediately noticed how dull and void of life they were compared to how they usually looked.

I am so boned now, aren’t I?

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