Chapter 44: I Gave My Devil an Amazing Scrub Down
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To make sure we had some privacy, I erected a wall of purplish-black miasma with my Darkness Magic. Once that was done, I started off Sarise’s cleaning by soaking her reddish body with a wash bucket of warm water.

<I’m going to start with your hair. Don’t move,> I said through telepathy.

<Yes … Master.>

I squeezed some shampoo onto her head and started massaging it into a lather, getting thorough and washing her scalp. I even worked around the area where her horns joined the sides of the head and behind her ears, which I noticed they had slightly pointy tips. Like Melody, I worked my way down her snow white hair, but I didn’t come across any tangles or split ends. This showed great signs in how well Sarise managed and maintained her locks.

The time I spent on her hair was used to come up with the right questions for my devil familiar. Once I manipulated the warm water to thoroughly rinse out Sarise’s hair with Water Magic, I soaked her body some more and started rubbing her back with a bar of soap. When I had a lather going, I massaged her wet back with my soapy hands. Sarise helpfully tied her hair in a bun with her own levitation magic to get it out of the way.

To make a comparison, Melody’s back was all wide, pale pink skin, etched with gold grapevine markings. Sarise’s glistening back was noticeably red tinted, with moderate-sized shoulders and a thinner waist. It was all in a balanced mix of modest fat and lean, sculpted muscles, with similar grapevine patterns in black. The size of her breasts in proportion to her torso, while not as great, was nonetheless generous as I was still able to see the former’s outer contours from behind. There were also the black sheep-like horns jutting out of her snow-white, long hair. Her slick black tail topped with an arrowhead curled around in front where she held on her lap, but I could see it trembling slightly. I tried to keep her nervousness in mind as I figured out how to approach this.

<First, Sarise, how was the meeting with my parents?> I asked, starting the questioning telepathically.

<Lady Renne said things might work out … Lady Zalena made a couple of suggestions to settle some concerns, of which one is already fulfilled,> Sarise said as I noticed her head turning to one direction.

I followed it and saw she was staring at the miasma partition between us and Melody, causing me to blink in surprise, <You mean … summoning an angel?>

Sarise only nodded in confirmation.

Man, what are the odds I’d jump on the same idea by coincidence? <So, this meant you were already expecting to need to cooperate with an angel in order to stay. Were you comfortable with this condition?> I asked as I moved beside Sarise to work on her sides and arms next, lifting the latter to get to the devil’s pits.

Sarise nodded, <I agreed to it, yes. I have no qualms working with an angel or any kind of Zaleesian to serve you, Master.>

<So, you knew what to expect in order to stay here, had made peace with the idea, and were probably hoping I’d be able to summon an angel, right?>

Sarise nodded.

I stopped my cleaning and raised a brow, <So, if that’s really the case, then why did you try to run away like you just witnessed your best girlfriend making out with your crush?>

Sarise paused briefly before asking, <Am I … unreliable? Untrustworthy? Unattractive?>

Sarise’s question temporarily halted my thought process, <Wait, what? No, of course not, not at all in any way. Hell, you should already know how ‘unattractive’ I think you are after I played with your tits earlier.>

The tips of my devil’s ears got redder than usual, <Right … you even called them ‘luscious’. Forgive me, I forgot to consider that, but can you blame me questioning your trust in me when you went and summoned another familiar behind my back? You didn’t say a word ahead of time. When I saw you washing your new angel earlier, before we even told you what happened, I felt like you had given up on us and didn’t have any faith that we’d succeed. Then you just went out and summoned my replacement instead.>

<I wasn’t sure how tense things were between you and my parents. I didn’t want to interrupt things and make you more nervous than you may already have been,> I defended.

Sarise peeked up at me, <In that case, I will have you know that hearing your voice, no matter the circumstances, will always calm my heart. It would have made me feel as if you were right there with me. That feeling would eliminate any nerves I had when I spoke with your parents. I would even have described in detail for you my outfits in the little show I put on for them to demonstrate my inverted Aura’s effects.>

Why does that make me imagine one of those phone sex services from Earth? Do I even want to know what she wore for my parents? Well, my parents being there is kind of a turn-off, but I’m sure I’d go nuts if she held a personal show for me. Come to think of it, I’m not as ashamed thinking of Sarise in that situation than I would be for Melody. I wasn’t even shy about grabbing her tits to stop her from escaping. Could it be because of her background as a demon that I feel more open to doing naughty things with her rather than Melody? I thought before shaking myself to stop from thinking any deeper on that right now. Instead, I got up and went around to her front to focus my attention washing her legs next.

<Okay, I didn’t know that you’d feel that way, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you anything sooner. It wasn’t like I didn’t trust you and Zalena would pull it off, either. It was just that, if there was a chance I could change my parents’ minds further by my own contributions, I wanted to take the shot, at the very least, anything I could do to make sure you would stay with me permanently.>

Sarise’s eyes widened, <To stay with you … permanently?>

With Sarise’s calfs cleaned from the heel up, I focused more around her thighs, inching closer and closer to her glistening sex. I didn’t realize until then that she had slowly spread her legs to reveal her devilishly beautiful womanhood, its pubes, which matched her hair, were trimmed and groomed specifically to direct my attention to it. I restrained myself and avoided the area entirely, massaging soap into her washboard abs instead, taking advantage of the space she made for me.

<Yes,> I answered, <After everything I saw from you in the dungeon today, you are far from unreliable and untrustworthy. Unattractive? With this body I’m taking great care cleaning every nook and cranny of? This same one with a smooth, firm, and springy texture that I savor as I run my hands all over it? Knowing full well that it all belongs to me, especially these beauties?>

Saving the best for last, I aggressively lathered soap onto her tits, taking care to thoroughly scrub each one before I started playing with them just for the fun of it. Squeezing and bouncing her boobs, pushing the devil’s engorged nipples inside with my thumbs before watching them pop out, then circling them outwards as my fingers sunk into her flesh. Watching how they reacted to my touch, it was a sight to behold. Sarise gasped at my sudden assault on her breasts, but held back from moaning.

<Master …> my demonic familiar cried telepathically, her face turning redder than her normal skin color.

Unlike Melody, who didn’t expect to be chosen as a familiar at all, Sarise had made that choice, committing herself into the role. She was fully aware of what she was getting into. Had trained herself in preparation for this very day, this very moment, showcasing every feature of her sexy body, encouraging me with her arousing body language to take her like the devil she is. On that note, though she’s different from a succubus, I wondered if she had any of the sexual nutrition needs succubi had in Earth’s myths. It may have been quite the rude surprise for her that her master would be a young boy, thinking he might not be able to fulfill her sexual needs. In the worst case, she might have feared that she’d need to seek out older, more virile men to satiate her necessities while staying as my familiar. Still, she said it herself that I would grow up to be a splendid young man.

If Garem, the god that looks after the realm of Zalecks and everyone in it, really played a part in choosing Sarise as my very first familiar, he had to have known what I’ve been going through up to now. Even before I reincarnated in Manara, he must have known at least some of my background on Earth. Was this his way of giving me a chance to have fun? To do the things I couldn’t do back in my old world due to the consequences I would face? Rewarding me for my hard work in honing my magic? Does he believe I’d become a ‘splendid Magician’ like Sarise told me?

If so, then I was going to show them both just how ‘splendid’ I really am, surpassing all expectations and common sense Sarise may have of me as a kid. I was going to help myself and enjoy every part of her body like I was doing right now. My devil was clearly enjoying this wash, and as a demon, expressing pleasure in such a manner under erotic circumstances was probably in her job description. For a sweet thing like her, I wasn’t going to let anyone else have her.

<It’s almost insulting, really … to think I would let such a beautiful piece of work, a devilishly sexy familiar like yourself, slip between my fingers without doing anything about it,> I said mentally while pressing her tits together, <If anyone should feel hurt, it should be me. Do you, Sarise, not trust me? Do you not believe in your own master’s will to fight for you, to keep you from slipping out of my grasp?>

<N-No! Absolutely not! I would never doubt your determination, Master! I apologize if I ever gave that impression!> Sarise exclaimed, flustered enough for her own mind to stutter briefly when the tables were turned.

<No, no, this is likely my fault,> I argued, <I thought I demonstrated my power well enough during our dungeon crawl together. Clearly, that isn’t the case if you’re still capable of doubting me for even a brief moment. With that said, I believe another demonstration is in order. I will not only show you how gifted and intelligent I am in magic, but prove to you, my dear Sarise, that I am more than capable of taking proper care of you, like a man does for his woman. Let me do so now, with your body.>

With a mischievous smile, I lifted Sarise off her stool with levitation magic, surprising her. This is the first time I had demonstrated such a high ranked Aptitude Magic, as well as using it with such precision and expertise. It’s something no being would ever expect from a young boy. With my devil in a sitting pose while being levitated, I slowly forced her legs to widen further and straighten out into a full split. Her vulva was fully exposed, and despite how much she was stretched, there wasn’t a hint of pain on her face. Nor was any part of her body shifted out of place from her strenuous and awkward position. Sarise’s flexibility was so high, it gave me a moment of pride knowing I had such a capable familiar.

<You’re very flexible … impressive. Also, while I washed your legs, I noticed you opened this in front of me, Sarise,> I said while rubbing my hand on her inner thigh, just inches away from her wide spread entrance, <This beautiful, blossoming rose of a pussy … were you planning to clean this area yourself?>

<Well … a Proper Familiar must clean herself thoroughly enough to be presentable for her master,> she answered while giving a shy, blushing smile.

<Is that so? Since you did a fine job at the dungeon earlier, I suppose I could help you with this as a reward. Looks like I also missed some other dirty spots that need a cleaning, too.> I gave her large, red ass a light spank, making her body quiver in delight.

I took one of the remaining spare clean towels, cut it into four rectangles with my Aerial Cutter spell, and made new washcloths out of them. I realized then that I could have done this when I was cleaning Melody. My conscience pounded me with guilt that I didn’t think of this sooner to lessen the degree of lewdness in that situation, but I tried not to dwell on what I couldn’t change now. 

I took the soap bar to lather my hands again, then did the same for the four new washcloths after soaking them with water. I also increased the height of the purplish-black miasma wall. This was to ensure our privacy for what happens next. Once I was ready, I moved Sarise’s body in a full split above me. 

I have to say, I may have seen talented strippers doing the splits on stage a few times back in my previous life, but I doubt very many ever got to see them from this perspective. With her firm ass cheeks spread along with her legs, I could see everything, from her blooming, dripping vulva, to her puckered anus. It would be like if I caught Melody in her dramatic slip and fall with levitation and then took an up close view. In Sarise’s case, her holes tinted in darker red colors gave off an exotic form of beauty that I wouldn’t get bored of staring for hours. If my body was an adult’s right now, I would do so many things with those holes in this position. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go far while my body was still so young, nor could I dwell on this sight for too long when there were others in the washing area waiting for us.

Still, that didn’t mean I couldn’t have some fun with my devil’s sexy body. So, I took my lathered hands and started feeling up Sarise’s plump, firm ass cheeks. Stroking them, squeezing them, moving them the best I could while she was still in the splits, giving me a good view of her exposed holes. I then directed one of the soap-lathered wash cloths around her tail and started stroking it with my levitation magic, covering it in soap.

<W-Wait! Master! Y-You do not! N-Not need! C-Clean there!> Sarise exclaimed, barely managing to keep her thoughts coherent.

I knew how sensitive her tail is after seeing her reactions first-hand in the dungeon. Seeing her writhe like this, I had a hard time keeping myself from laughing. <Oh, but I simply must, Sarise. As your master, I have to make sure you’re squeaky clean of any doubt, and that requires me to be pretty thorough. You just relax and let me take care of everything, and don’t forget to not let your voice out,> I thought before continuing my vigorous cleaning.

Sarise emitted a high-pitched squeal in her throat, but managed to not open her mouth to scream. <I will … do my … b-best!>

Deciding that her tail and ass were clean enough, I stopped my hands’ and washcloth’s motions. This gave Sarise a momentary break as she slackened all tensions in her body and took deep, shallow breaths. I looked down between her split legs and saw she was dribbling with feminine liquids. Granted, this started with occasional drips after I spread her open, taking away all control of her pelvic and kegel muscles. It was only after I started washing her ass and tail that she really started leaking. I took the liberty of using a spare wash bucket to catch all those liquids for her like she was a leaky ceiling on a hard, stormy night. Sure, she couldn’t help but make a leak while in this position, but I’d soon make her beg me to release it all.

After making sure my hands and the second of the four washcloths were lathered with soap, I moved onto two areas I need to give attention to. First, her voluptuous breasts with my own hands reaching around from the back, to do an unneeded second rub down like I did with Melody. And second, her leaky honey pot with a washcloth coming up from below. Sarise seemed to have realized where I was going, as her body stiffened again.

<U-Um, Master! I think I am actually pretty clean now! Really, I can clean the last area myself! I do not want to trouble you any further making a mess on your floor!> Sarise exclaimed in a panic, though there was a hint of excitement in her tone.

<Nonsense. This is my way of thanking you for your hard work today,> I said with as much care as I could with my mental voice, <I would feel awful if I don’t properly express my appreciation to you, my familiar. I want you to relax and get comfortable while I clean you, unless … you’re not satisfied with my efforts and wish for me to stop—>

<NO!> Sarise screamed in desperation through telepathy, surprising me. She seemed to shrink back a bit in embarrassment as she tried to regain her composure. <I mean … I am humbled by your generosity, Master, and it would be rude of me to decline your reward. Do continue with your washing … please.>

<But of course. Still, you’re right that we wouldn’t want you to make a mess, but I think your insides need to be cleaned and flushed out the most of all. Well, not to worry, I know of a way to help stop the leaking for a moment.>

Then, with just a quick moment of focus, the dripping sounds stopped.

Sarise looked down with widened eyes. <W-What? What did you …>

<I just took hold of your kegel muscles and closed that leaky passage for you. Now you won’t have to worry about any sudden leaks while I clean around your pussy. Then, to finish off, we’ll release all that you built up with one flush. This won’t take long!>

Without stopping to listen to her thoughts, I went right to washing her breasts with my soapy hands. Her pussy, as well as the area around it was scrubbed with the lathered washcloth. This, all while making sure I had a firm grip on her kegel muscle, keeping her inner passages closed with my levitation magic. I made sure I went agonizingly slow here, focusing on rubbing and pinching her nipples between my fingers, while the cloth scrubbed itself against the fleshy areas of her crotch and pelvis, teasingly edging along her slit. 

I could tell how much her fluids were quickly building up, but keeping the hole plugged along with holding everything else up with levitation wasn’t difficult. Still, this was basically the equivalent of holding in your pee to an unhealthy degree. So, I needed to finish this up quickly, especially since I still need to tend to my own cleaning and not keep Zalena and Ms. Renne waiting. Honestly, I was hoping to push Sarise a little closer to the edge with my fire mana massage technique, but the poor devil looked like she wanted to die right then and there. But it’s the feelings that come from finally releasing all that buildup in such a unique and exciting manner that I was aiming for her to experience. Something that no other Magician could ever pull off, especially not from one of my physical age. For me to be able to do this while still so young, with so much of my life here ahead, Sarise ought to wonder what else I could come up with in the future. Sarise’s libido will heighten her curiosity to experience it all. That curiosity will hopefully be enough for her to want to stay with me, never questioning my intentions again.

“P-Please …” Sarise uttered in a strained whisper.

<Hm? Sorry, you’re gonna have to speak through telepathy. It can be hard to hear in here with the sound echoing off the walls and all,> I thought to her.

To the best of her ability while being held by my levitation magic, she twisted her head and torso to face me with pleading eyes and flushed cheeks, <Please, Master … c-cum, please let me cum! I feel like I am going to explode!>

I stared into her pink eyes with a hard gaze, <Do you understand more about my powers now, that this isn’t even a quarter of what I can really do?>

She nodded desperately, <Yes! I understand completely!>

I briefly looked up in thought, <Just to make sure, tell me your honest thoughts about staying as my familiar. Why you won’t doubt me about letting you go ever again, before I give you your needed release.>

<I think Master Soar Osmis is an amazing Magician who has the power to take over the world if he wants to, and I want to be there by his side when that happens! I am a failure of a familiar to even question his intentions! I won’t ever doubt his power ever again. I want to stay by his side for the rest of my life, and I will do everything in my power, anything he asks of me in order to make that happen! As his servant and familiar, my body and soul are his to do with as he pleases! Please, Master! I beg of you! Let your disobedient servant cum and flush away these doubts forever!>

I leaned in close to Sarise’s ear, bringing the wash bucket she was leaking into position for what would happen next. <Good girl. May you stay by my side as my familiar, my servant and maid, forevermore. Now … come, and scream for me, my dearest Sarise,> I whispered.

At that moment, I shrunk the field of my Silencing Winds spell down to surround just the two of us, moved the washcloth away from her trembling, swollen pussy, brought the wash bucket against it, and released my hold on her kegel muscle, all in rapid succession.


Sarise’s body exploded and spasmed with ecstasy, blasting her feminine juices into the bucket as she tilted her head back, screaming with great joy. It was as if she had finally seen the light and was ascending to heaven.

When she had finally calmed down and her powerful squirt became dribbles, her body slackened. Sarise dropped her head forward, panting hot breaths with her tongue lolled out like a bitch in heat. I wasn’t sure if I’d call this an ahegao face, since I think that was usually pulled off during climax, but it was more or less her expression at this moment.

I took the washbucket that was a third full of her juices and poured it down the nearest drain. Then, taking the shrunken field of my Silencing Winds spell, I converted it into a ball that contained all the smell of the devil’s pheromones in the wash area. Directing the ball out the nearest open window, I let it dissipate. To finish the coverup, I cast Silencing Winds again to cover the span of the bathing area like I originally had before. Once I rinsed the remainder of Sarise’s juices from the wash bucket with Water Magic, I filled it with warm water and soaked her body with it, rinsing away the remaining soap and feminine fluids. With her cleaning complete, I set her body down on a stool with levitation magic, finally letting her legs relax, but kept holding her upright in case she lost balance. I stepped in front of Sarise with a contented smile, hands behind my back.

 <How do you feel right now, Sarise? Was the cleaning satisfactory?> I asked telepathically.

Sarise looked up to me, still catching her breath, but smiling brightly, <That was … amazing. That moment … was more than anything I could ever dream of. I feel like a new devil.>

<I’m happy it was to your liking,> I said before holding her chin, closing her mouth, and putting a finger to my lips, <Keep this and everything else between us from now on to ourselves, and I’ll play with you more in ways both of us can enjoy. Understand?>

<Y-Yes, Master! My lips are sealed!> Sarise responded, flustered from my bold approach.

<Good. I’ll be counting on you from now on, my dear Sarise.> With that, I came in and placed my lips on her cheek. I could feel her body jolt like electricity had coursed through it as I let my kiss settle in before finally pulling myself away. 

Sarise was speechless, eyes widening in shock, her face, once filled with relief, was replaced with a severe redness of embarrassment that even managed to overtake her reddish skin tone.

Yeah. I think things will go just fine between us, I thought as I looked towards the future.

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