Chapter 45: My Familiars Worked Some Things Out
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With my talk with and cleaning of Sarise done, I let the miasma curtain formed from my Darkness Magic dissipate, surprising Melody who looked to be checking something on herself—whatever it was, I couldn’t tell.

“So-Master Soar! Is everything okay between you two now?! I heard some strange noises from time to time behind that partition, but I didn’t check in to see what it was you two were doing! I swear!” Melody said quickly in a panic, but not loud enough that might raise the concern of those outside the room, or even Zalena and Ms. Renne, who looked to have moved from the washing area earlier.

I waved a hand, “Everything’s fine, Melody, no need to worry about those noises. We just cleared up some misunderstandings as I washed her. Right, Sarise?”

Sarise was still lost in embarrassed shock due to the kiss to her cheek. She cleared her throat and sat up, trying to look more dignified despite her nude state as she realized I’d called her name.

“Indeed. After talking things over with Master S— … with Master, I feel we have grown much closer as familiar and master,” she corrected.

Wonder why Sarise felt she had to correct herself when addressing me? There may be formalities to consider between familiar and master, sure, but she literally screamed ‘Master Soar’ moments ago. Even if they can’t address me as casually as I’d like, I’m fine with being called that way. Come to think of it, Melody casually referred to me by name only before the others showed up, I thought.

Melody sighed a breath of relief with a hand to her chest. “I’m so glad. I was worried from how in pain she looked a while ago.”

Sarise rested a hand to her own bosom and bowed her head. “I am fine now. I apologize for troubling you, and thank you for your concern. Moving on, you have not washed yourself yet, right, Master? Shall I assist you in washing your back while we are here?”

Ugh, she’s not gonna let go of this, is she? Melody just asked that question not too long ago, either. Oh, god, I can feel her eyes boring into my back and staring straight into my soul. I can’t risk playing favorites here. “… Only if you let Melody join in. You can each have half of my back to work on. It’s either that, or neither of you get to wash my back at all.”

Sarise shifted her gaze over to Melody, “I am fine with that arrangement if you are.”

“Y-Yes! I am, too!”

“Then, it is decided. Here, Master, you can take my spot,” Sarise said as she stood up and gestured to her stool.

I accepted her offer and sat in Sarise’s place in front of the faucet before wetting my body first, taking care not to let too much water soak the towel tied around my waist. My angel and devil familiars then took their own stools—with Sarise grabbing a vacant one from the side—and went to work washing my back the same way I had with them, bare hands lathered in soap. I had pointed out I found some extra wash cloths for them to use after my cleaning session with Sarise. However, they apparently found using their own bare hands more effective, and I wasn’t really one to argue their preferred method of cleaning, especially when it felt so nice.

Since my back is small like the rest of me, cleaning it shouldn’t take long for them working together. Though, should I, myself, enjoy getting pampered by my familiars? the thought crossed my mind as my familiars’ smooth, gentle hands massaged and lathered the soap onto my back.

“Please forgive me, I have not properly introduced myself yet, yes? I am Sarise of the demons, Master’s familiar from Zalecks,” she introduced, “I admit this meeting was very sudden for me, but I look forward to working with you.”

“Y-Yes! I’m Melody of the angels! Master Soar’s familiar from Zaleese! Wait, I already said that, didn’t I? U-Um, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m totally new at this, so I’m in your care!” Melody exclaimed in a fluster.

“Technically, I was only summoned a bit earlier today than you, so I am about as new to this as you are.”

“Th-That’s not, um …” <Master Soar, can the three of us talk like this for a bit?> Melody asked me through telepathy.

I focused on keeping my thoughts to myself for a moment, I’m guessing she wants to keep this private so Zalena and Ms. Renne won’t hear? That’s probably for the best. If she’s confessing that to Sarise now, it’s better to do it like this so the others don’t know how unprepared she is. <That’s fine. Tell Sarise what she needs to know,> I answered to Melody in kind.

<U-Um, Sarise? The truth is … I didn’t train to become a proper familiar before this,> Melody confessed.

Sarise blinked and raised a brow, <I beg your pardon?>

Melody then quickly explained to Sarise her situation through telepathy while I listened in. Both of them continued to wash my back while I did my front, arms, and legs with a bar of soap held with levitation magic. It may look to others like I was being lazy, but any situation, no matter how small and mundane, is an opportunity I can use to practice magic and to improve my mana capacity. Sometimes when I don’t have anything to work with, I would constantly manipulate mana through my own channels to improve my body’s mana transmission efficiency, control, and capacity. It’s a constructive way for me to kill time, especially when there is almost nothing in Lunargrove to entertain yourself with other than reading books and experimenting with spells. There are also the occasional festivals the town holds a few times a year, like the one approaching less than two weeks from now, the Fairy Step Festival.

<I see, so that is how things are,> Sarise thought after Melody finished explaining her situation, <Well, I imagine Lord Nodem must have had as much reason to select you as Master’s familiar as Lord Garem had for me.>

<So … you’ll help me?!> Melody exclaimed with enthusiasm.

<Master, would you leave Melody’s difficulty with clothing magic in my care? I will, of course, leave the final approval for her outfits in your hands.>

<If you don’t mind, Sarise, that would really help me out,> I answered her, Plus, if I have the final say in her attire, I can protect her so that she won’t have to dress as erotically as Sarise does.

Sarise stopped washing my back and turned to Melody, <Understood. Melody, while I would like to help you train to be a proper familiar, I do not know how angels from Zaleese go about it. I can only teach you on what I learned during my training as a demon from Zalecks.>

Wait, are their training methods that different? Is it even okay for an angel to learn techniques from a devil?

Melody went into a fluster once more, interrupting my panic, <That’s fine! It’s my fault for not being as properly prepared to be a familiar as I should have! I’ll take whatever help I can get if it means I can be of use to Master Soar! Please, Sarise, take me in as your apprentice!> I couldn’t see what was happening behind me, but I could imagine Melody prostrating to Sarise from the subtle sounds I was hearing. The thought of one naked woman doing that to another felt like it would be an oddly sexy sight, though for Melody’s sake I tried not to think about it.

<Very well, then your training will begin first thing tomorrow. Prepare yourself until then,> Sarise ordered.

<Yes, Ms. Sarise!> she answered formally like she would to a teacher.

I’m still a bit worried at just how differently demons and angels are taught to serve their masters, but at least it sounds like Sarise and Melody will get along fine, I thought, As long as they’re able to cooperate, we can take on a lot of things together as a team.

With my washing done, I rinsed the soap off my body and went to the bath with my familiars following behind. Sarise, with her hair tied in a bun, supported Melody, whose hair was wrapped in a towel, as the angel still needed support to make up for her reduced coordination. It was when I untied the towel around my waist and got in the hot bathwater that I suddenly remembered. Oh, fuck, Zalena and Ms. Renne are in the bath, too.

“You three seem to be in a good mood. Did you work everything out?” Zalena teased a few arms lengths away from me. Her blonde hair was also wrapped by a towel to keep it from touching the bath water—something that’s to be avoided in Dustarga’s bathing culture, unless you’re a beastman with a tail that you can’t help dunking in the water. This left Zalena’s long, pointy ears exposed to the open air, as well as her generous breasts bobbing on the water’s surface.

“U-Um … you could say—” I said while averting my gaze before the next thing that caught my line of sight stopped my train of thought completely.

Ms. Renne had her butterscotch shoulder-length hair held up with a hair clip—likely something she had in her Dark Space since Darkness Magic was one of her specialties—leaving her fox ears jutting up from her head. Ms. Renne’s breasts, while not as big as Zalena’s, were still impressive in comparison, especially as they floated on the bathwater’s surface. That wasn’t the only thing that surprised me, however.

Dude, are those nipples … inverted? I wondered.

“Soar, it is very rude to stare at a woman’s chest, you know,” Ms Renne scolded with a furrowed brow.

“I-I’m sorry!” I straightened up and directed my gaze to someplace else. Honestly, I had seen breasts, whether mostly or completely exposed, so many times over the course of my life here that I hadn’t realized that I was staring. First there were my fairies who either changed clothes while I was in the room, or bathed in the nude with me without a lick of shame or embarrassment. And then there were those outside of my fairy harem that I had seen having raw sex in various locations, unaware that I could see them with my magic-enhanced sight, my vision’s default setting thanks to my gift. When there were so many more opportunities for me to see exposed breasts in person than I had back on Earth, I grew numb to it. It wasn’t until I saw Zalena, Sarise, Nova, and Melody for the first time today that I caught myself staring at their boobs unobtrusively.

Actually, how am I just now noticing the fact that most women have bigger breasts here than those from Earth? I suddenly thought while looking up.

Thinking back on it, having sexual thoughts about my caring ‘second’ mother in this world had made me feel conflicted, especially whenever Mom bathed and breastfed me as a baby. Perhaps I had mentally blocked the erotic atmosphere surrounding women’s bodies as a habit after being exposed to Mom’s figure for so long. Like how I usually pretended to not see fairies whenever they were having adult fun, including my own Companions. 

Sure, I grew a crush on Ms. Renne, but I didn’t think too much about her body. What really attracted me was her personality. Plus, she was almost like a part of the family since she helped raise me. When I first met Lilia, I only saw her as one of Dad’s old friends, and I bet I was like a little brother to her or something. I was also really young and didn’t have to worry about romantic relationships during that time, so I didn’t think too much about her attractive features then, either. It gags me with guilt thinking back on it, but when I first saw Flomi as she was about to get raped by those bandits, for some reason her large and natural breasts made me remember how beautiful and amazing boobs are.

That had to be the switch that brought my perverted thoughts back into full swing. Zalena then followed later with tits just as big as Flomi’s while also actively flaunting her sex appeal. It wasn’t until Sarise pressed my face into her impressive tatas the first time in that dungeon that my appreciation and admiration for the female form evolved into lust. And then there was Melody’s rack that’s so GINORMOUS that I couldn’t help but touch them, along with the rest of her VOLUPTUOUSLY padded body in that cave. Not even the stripper from my favorite club on Earth could begin to match Zalena’s and Sarise’s breast in size or gravity defying perkiness, let alone Melody’s.

I had seen enough adult material through the internet back on Earth to get a good guess on what Earth cup sizes look like, at the least. On average, how big are the women’s breasts here in Manara? How off was I on my occasional guesses about their chest sizes? Will my fairies ever get that big in comparison to their tiny statures? What about the girls like—

“Soar!” the naked Fox-kin shouted.

“Y-Yes?! Ms. Renne?!” Snapped out of my thoughts, I stiffened at my teacher’s raised tone as I shifted my attention to her, then quickly averted my gaze again when my eyes caught on her chest once more.

Ms. Renne sighed, “Usually, I’d wonder what is going on in that head of yours when you space out like that, but you were thinking about women’s chests just as I was lecturing you about not staring at them, weren’t you?”

I couldn’t deny that. I didn’t even realize I was being lectured. This was not only embarrassing, but also shameful when it happened right in front of my first long-time crush since coming to this world. I thought my 50-year-old soul was better than this, I began to worry that my mind was regressing in some way to try and line up with my new body.

“I’m sorry, I really shouldn’t be here,” I said as I started to get up.

“Ah, ah, ah. You, sit down,” Zalena said as my body was stopped in a partially standing position by some powerful force, likely her levitation magic. “Sarise, Melody, grab him.”

“Yes, Lady Zalena.”

“Huh?! O-Okay!”

Before I realized what was happening, I got trapped on both sides, sandwiched between two large, hot, wet, and voluptuous female bodies with their almighty tits pressing against either side of my face. I would have sat back down at her request anyway, but perhaps it was due to how I kept going off on my own that Zalena resorted to trapping me like this. A brief question of who Sarise and Melody were following as their master came to mind, but I had no complaints, nor any reason to resist under these circumstances.

I shouldn’t be feeling so happy getting stuck like this, should I? I thought.

“Now, now, Renne, there’s no need to be so harsh outside of school hours,” Zalena started while wagging a finger, “While there are manners to be accounted for, there’s nothing wrong or shameful with a growing boy getting curious about a woman’s body. That just shows he’s growing up to be a healthy young man. It won’t be long before he graduates from your class, yes? He’ll be out of your hands then.”

“But I—”

“Besides,” Zalena continued, interrupting Ms. Renne, “We still need to pull out of Soar how he summoned Melody before deciding what to do next. And just look at how his familiars are clinging to their cute little master. They just want to bathe with him like good, loyal familiars. Are you really going to cut them off so soon on their first day here in our realm?”

With my face sandwiched between two pairs of large, beautiful chest pillows, I couldn’t see the expressions on my familiars’ faces. However, the way they held me a little tighter told just how much they wanted me here. As awkward and shameful it is for me to admit, I also wanted to stay, for totally obvious reasons.

Ms. Renne sighed, caving in under the peer pressure. “Try to mind your manners while you’re with us, okay, Soar?”

I nodded in confirmation.

<… Just curious of thought, but does my staring bother either of you?> I then asked my familiars through telepathy.

<Not at all, Master> Sarise started in kind, <On the contrary, I am delighted to be a subject of your interests. Say the word, and you will see whatever parts of me at your desire, for as long as you like.>

<I-It’s a bit embarrassing … but it’s not bad if it’s you, Master Soar, especially after what happened earlier,> Melody followed, <My entire body is at your disposal, so you may use or look at it however and whenever you like.>

One of these days … sooner or later, I’ll have to get in the bath with just my familiars and fairies and enjoy ourselves more comfortably, I thought. It may be sleazy of me to think so, but I already feel like I will receive divine punishment upon my second death, anyways, so I might as well enjoy what I have while I can.

“Now that that’s out of the way,” Zalena started while eyeing me with excited curiosity, “Please, do fill us in from the beginning on how you acquired your new angelic familiar.”

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