Chapter 51: I Set Some Conditions and Asked for Seconds
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Aside from the few dates I had back on Earth, I never had an actual girlfriend before, and I hadn’t expected to get one so soon after coming here, either. I obviously wasn’t looking for one among my peers, they were all too young for me, both mentally and physically. And any female who was suitable wouldn’t have touched me with a ten foot pole, believing that I was too young and immature. Which was why I’d done my best to keep my crush on Ms. Renne to just that, a crush. Anything else would have been too painful and frustrating, especially if she patronized me.

But now, I did have a girlfriend, and she was voluptuous. And literally a horny sex demon. And able to expand her boobs and lactate on command. And probably a whole lot more as well. And Sarise was more than willing to let me do whatever I wanted to her, so long as it didn’t involve touching each other’s crotches. Which, as I had demonstrated last night, left me with plenty of leeway to do all sorts of fun stuff to and with my demonic familiar. Case in point, right now my head was buried in lush boobflesh as I sucked on a thick ripe nipple to extract it’s essence, while my hands squeezed her other tit and an ass cheek like they were those stress relieving exercise balls.

There’s an idea, an entire exercise and stretching routine centered around utilizing Sarise’s body … could I do arm curls using her boobs? I wondered, high on an endorphin rush as I hefted one breast. Whether or not it was possible would all depend upon how much Sarise could modify her body. I also quickly realized that I’d probably have to include Melody in these ‘exercises’, but I had already realized that it was far too late to protect her from anything and everything erotic. Even with me out of the equation, my demonic familiar’s company alone was enough to thoroughly corrupt the angel. And if it makes her see her body in a more positive light without involving sex, I’m going to count that as a win for right now. Sometimes, you just have to pick your battles.

Now to find out just exactly what my devil can do, and then lay down some ground rules…

<If I may ask first, can you change the size of your breasts without the assistance of milk to fill them up?> I asked, still using telepathy.

 <O-Of course!> Sarise exclaimed, <I am not as good at it as succubi are, but I would be more than happy to change my body—my bust, waist, and hips in particular—to whatever extent I need with Demonic Magic for your pleasure.>

I nodded in confirmation, <Very good, and you wish to serve me as a particular kind of maid? Like one of those you’ve read about in your books?>

Sarise looked away in slight embarrassment and shame, <W-Well, um … yes.>

I waved a hand, <No need to get all embarrassed, not after what we just did last night and this morning. If you wish to be that sort of maid while serving as my familiar, then, unless it hinders your work, I’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.>

<Really?!> Sarise exclaimed as her head jolted up, tail whipping the air beside the bed in shock.

<There are two conditions, however,> I added, releasing her ass to hold up one finger, indicating the first of my two points, even as I continued my assault on her fat juicy nipples with my other hand and mouth, <One is that there are some things that I not only can’t do right now at my current age, but that I don’t want to do until I’m 21. For reasons I can’t explain, I can’t go any further than what we did last night, even after I’m past my age of majority and legally am an adult, until I reached that aforementioned age. I’m sorry if I’m unable to accommodate all your fantasies to your satisfaction for some time to come.>

Sarise shook her head in a fluster, clutching me tighter to the breast I was suckling on, <Oh, no, don’t worry about me! As your maid, it is my duty to serve you, not the other way around! Moreover, I would never force my master to do something outside of his comfort zone. If all you are comfortable with is more of what you did to me last night, then I will still be quite satisfied!>

<I’m glad,> I said before holding up my second finger, <As for my other condition, from now on, I want you to address me as ‘Soar,’ or ‘Master Soar’ if that’s more comfortable for you. Or something similar like ‘Sir’ or ‘Lord’, so long as you include my name after it.>

<What?! B-But to address my master in such a manner all the time would be unseemly as a maid!> Sarise argued.

I stopped playing with Sarise’s tits, looking up at her, brow furrowed, <You didn’t seem to think that way when you screamed my name last night. Didn’t those other maids in your stories do the same thing? Surely there were times when they screamed their master’s name in ecstasy, repeatedly, as their pleasure starved pussies were destroyed by their master’s fat, meaty cock?>

That might have been the first time I ever used such crude language with anybody on Manara. If either of my parents had heard me, I would have been dead meat. It seems Sarise didn’t expect me to know such words, either, as she stared blankly at me, wide-eyed. Whatever had been going on in her head ground to a halt as her brain clearly stopped working.

<If that is the case, if they’re really your role models, then shouldn’t you do the same?> I asked before using my free hand to grab one of her still slightly swollen tits and give it a squeeze, causing a final few beads of milk form on her nipple, <You’ve already started behaving as my ‘Proper Noble’s Familiar’, flaunting your big tits and round ass in front of me. If that wasn’t enough, you’ve even started breastfeeding me, and let’s not forget that powerful orgasm you released while getting cleaned last night.>

Sending a trickle of the fire mana that I came up with on the fly with Melody last night into Sarise’s breasts and buttocks, I gently caressed her with the mana. Pitching my mental tone to the same soft and slow cadence, I stared up into her eyes.

<I loved all of it, and I want more. I want to see all of what you can do, all while getting closer to you as my dear, precious maid. Is using my name really something that you just can’t do? Do you … not wish to get close to me, like I do with you?> I whispered faux sorrowfully in her mind, before sending a powerful jolt of fire mana down the same path into her tits and ass, lighting up the nerves in her nipples and anus with a powerful erotic blaze and shaking my devil down to the core.

<N-No, I would never disobey you, Master …> Sarise whispered mentally, barely able to string two thoughts together.

<‘Master?’> I asked while condensing all the fire mana in Sarise’s body down into her nipples and anal ring.

My devil’s milk buds swelled slightly, and both they and their milk felt a little warmer when I sucked them both into my mouth. Hmm, warm milk before bed? I wondered idly. As I was monitoring everything with Healing Magic, I knew that I wasn’t causing Sarise any actual damage. And if the tautness of her muscles and clenching of her womb were any indication, she definitely wasn’t in any pain. I couldn’t resist, and nibbled on her thick, succulent, teats just hard enough to make her moan, but my well trained familiar kept it bottled in the back of her throat.

<I-I mean, I would never disobey you, Master—mph—Soar,> Sarise corrected shakily.

<Very good, Sarise,> I praised her.

Wanting to reward Sarse, I tried to figure out what she’d like best. Thinking of all that I had learned about demons, I remembered my thoughts on how differently Zaleckians viewed physical pleasure. For demons, vocal and physical praise are interchangeable, a tweak to the nipple as good a compliment on one’s choice of shirt. Physical intimacy was paradoxically both commonplace and casual and yet still significant and meaningful. Which meant that if I wanted to convey my sincere appreciation to my devil, there was really only one way to go about it.

Spreading my fire mana throughout Sarise’s chest and pelvis, I teased and licked all her nerve clusters. As my demonic familiar began to pant, I shoved the breast I wasn’t sucking on in her mouth, then turned up the heat. Sarise excitedly welcomed the gesture and started suckling and squeezing her own tit, using it to gag her moans. Both her nipples and her clit were hard and erect buds at this point from being heated up and teased by my fire mana. I was certain that the ecstasy my devil maid was experiencing at that moment was well beyond even her wildest fantasies.

Seeing how rough Sarise was being with her own breast, I decided to kick my own efforts up a notch. Carefully, I began to grip, knead, and wring my devil’s udder more and more vigorously, even adding in some nips and gentle bites to her nipple and areola. Her enthusiastic moans spurred me on, and I decided to properly brand my slutty little maid so she knew who she belonged to. Releasing her still somewhat leaky teat, I began sucking and nibbling on her boob, determined to leave my mark. As I did so, I used Healing Magic, both to monitor my ‘love bites’ and check on her condition to make sure the little devil didn’t cum before I allowed her to.

It wasn’t hard to edge Sarise without letting her go over by altering her stimulus at just the right moment.  First I stroked back and forth on her clit, anus, and vagina with a thin ring of fire mana. When that was about to do it for her, I switched to a gentle, all encompassing tingling burn, and so on. I also used plenty of dirty talk, warning my demonic familiar of the consequences should she wake the others up, or worse yet, cum without my permission. Sarise positively bloomed under my direction and attention, promising repeatedly to be a ‘good girl’ for me. Unfortueately, I was having a lot more trouble with her breasts, having to use far more force than I expected before I was able to create my first hickey. It was to the point that I doubted I could even hurt Sarise without using weapons or magic, and I was just happy that I could still give her love marks. Eventually I succeeded, however, and once I was done marking up my boob, I switched with my blissed out devil after reminding her to keep quiet.

Finally, after thoroughly covering both tits in hickies, I decided it was time to give Sarise her well deserved release. The nearly wrecked demon looked both like she needed a break, and didn’t want one. Perfect, I thought with satisfaction, referring at once to both the scene, and my familiar. Unable to resist, I dove back onto her breast, suckling and nibbling voratiously on her fat hard pearl while thoroughly squeezing and groping the rest of her large melon.

For the finale, I filled the demon’s ass and pussy with gelatinous fire mana like I had for my angel, though I altered my technique to better suit both my partner and the mood. After stretching her holes to capacity, I decided to really push my demon’s limits, adding extra mana in a cylindrical plug at the entrance of each passage, forcing them slightly beyond their limits. Then I separated a disk from the end of each plug and sent it down the length of Sarise’s tightly packed tunnels to the end and back again, repeating this over and over in lieu of normal thrusting. Having seen how durable and resistant to pain her body was, I made sure to slam into her cervix like I was trying to breach it with a battering ram with each cycle. The spasming of every muscle in my demonic familiar’s body and begging screams inside my head as she fought not to wake the others up, told me I’d gotten it just right.

Watching her carefully, I waited until just the right moment, then commanded, <Cum for me, Sarise, your Master orders it!>

It was more than enough as, with a muffled wail and a full body spasm, the demon came, and came hard. Pussy juice, and the last few drops of Sarise’s milk, sprayed out, fortunately only wetting myself and the bed between us. Powerful aftershocks shook her frame, and I had to fight with myself to not send my nympho maid into a second orgasm, or even more. Instead, I merely held my mana in place for as long as I dared.

Gradually, I withdrew the fire mana I had throughout my devil’s quivering body, wanting to give her a rest. As she slowly calmed down, regaining control of her muscles, and using ‘Quickie Cleaner’ while fixing the blanket covering us, I noticed the flushed, excited smile Sarise was unsuccessfully fighting to wipe off her face. She was clearly, desperately, trying to maintain her dignified and subservient maid persona, but failing at it spectacularly. Obviously I had been right on the money about how demons viewed sex. I don’t think I could have given her a better compliment if I hadn’t stopped talking for a week. Not even her tail could keep itself from wagging with joy, flailing in the air as she shook next to me like an energetic puppy. Not that I was complaining, as the motion bounced her breasts in my face most enjoyably. It just meant that I had two reasons to smile.

Catching Sarise’s attention, I thought to her, <If we’re in agreement about how you shall address me from now on while acting as my maid, then it’s time for me to have some more of your delicious milk. I find I’m still feeling quite parched …>

<Anything for you, Master Soar! Since you’ve milked me dry, I’ll start over from the beginning. That way I can grow my boobies and fill them with milk while you watch!> Sarise exclaimed before throwing off the blanket and sitting up to lean with one shoulder against the headboard, angled slightly away from me.

Fila and Melody were thankfully cuddled together on the opposite side of the very wide bed. At Sarise’s direction, I scooted up to her and placed my head in my devil’s lap. Her warm thigh supported my neck, while directly above me hung her still slightly enlarged melons. This position and angle thrust her now more generous chest out even further as she closed her eyes in concentration. Sarise then ran her hands over her stomach and upwards, grabbing at her tits as her hands ran into them and moving them in circles. Sometimes she’d bring them wider apart before pressing them back together, while at others she moved them independently. Sarise’s sinuous movements continued in an erotic breast dance that was far better than any lame ‘belly dance’. As the devil played erotically with her boobs, I was able to glimpse occasional flashes of her face, captivating in its joyful sensuality. The movement of her boobs felt like a silent message, begging me, ‘Keep your eyes on me and watch closely with intensity and passion.’

I then saw something surreal and extraordinary as she held a tit in each hand. With my mana and Aura-enhanced vision, I watched Sarise’s mana interact with her Aura in some manner. It then began pouring into her breasts as if it was water filling up a balloon, expanding what I assumed to be her breast tissue and glands. My devil let out a throaty, but restrained moan, oozing with ecstasy, as her breasts began to swell before my very eyes. I thought they were already big, and I had a feeling they had been a little bit bigger when I had been feeding on them before. But now they went far beyond that point as they rapidly grew towards ‘simply humongous’.

A part of me was frightened when Sarise’s knockers looked like they were stretching past their limits, as if ready to pop at any moment. I was worried that this was somehow hurting my devil. One glimpse of Sarise’s face as her breasts briefly danced aside to uncover it, and her deep flush, shallow breaths, and quiet moans, quelled those fears immediately. Instead, as my devi’s breasts swelled in size, my heart began to race in excitement and arousal.

It wasn’t long before I had to swallow the saliva that started pooling in my mouth. I watched Sarise’s tits grow to the size and perkiness of watermelons on growth hormones, now out doing Melody’s whoppers, of all things. Even her areolas had almost doubled in size, her engorged nipples swelling up until they were almost as fat as quarters, the tips already beading with milk.

Sarise continued to circle and juggle her breasts as they expanded, even as they grew past what she could easily hold, but now her breast dance finally came to a stop. I had been so mesmerized by the movement of her tits that I was caught off guard, until I actually looked at how big they were. While they weren’t so big as to be an inconvenience, or likely to get in the way of us having fun, they now were officially the biggest pair of knockers I had ever seen in my life. A part of me was actually a bit shocked Sarise had made them even this big, but one look up at her face told me why. Dripping with sweat from her forehead and cream from her teats, her face flushed, my girlfriend smiled down at me with the simple joy of accomplishment. She was like a performer who had finished her routine and was waiting for a round of applause from her audience of one.

Before I could think of what to say, Sarise spoke up, <Your milk is ready, Master Soar. Drink as much as you like!>

She didn’t have to tell me twice.

Knowing the best way to thank, and praise, my demon would be through action, I reached up and took hold of one of Sarise’s pendulous, mouthwatering, breasts. It was so big I had to use both hands to maneuver it. I marveled at the girth and weight, taking a moment to really feel and grope her swollen milk jug. There had to be a quart’s, or even a gallon’s, worth of milk in that one bulbus boob alone, yet she didn’t look bothered by the size or weight of such massive breasts in the slightest. Not even Melody’s tits were this large, heavy, firm, or perky.

My devil’s rack was so full that milk squirted out at the slightest provocation. I didn’t care about the mess, however, since I knew I could have Sarise make everything spotless instantly with her ‘Quickie Cleaner.’ I wouldn’t have dared to be as sloppy if she hadn’t told me about it in her earlier explanation. Looking at the rivulets of milk leaking from jugs larger than my head, I couldn’t help but wonder if Sarise had gone a little overboard due to her excitement. It made me feel a little bad as I wondered if a lot of the effort she put into this would end up going to waste. That aside, I was Sarise’s master, and I had asked for her milk.

It’s time that I had my fill for the morning.

Her breasts were so perky that Sarise’s nipples were actually pointed away from my head as I lay underneath them. Not that I minded as I shifted into the classic cross cradle breastfeeding position, grabbing a few pillows to prop myself up more comfortably. Sarise helped support me as I then used Levitation Magic to drag both her teats down together into my mouth.

They barely fit, and immediately warm creamy paradise rushed into my mouth and down my throat. With my hands free, I was able to cup and caressed her taught fat globes as I drank. Sarise's breasts were so full, I had to be careful not to press on them, or I'd risk wasting her nectar as it overflowed my mouth. Nevertheless, I couldn't help stroking the velvety soft and smooth skin of her boobs as I greedily drank from them. Remembering what happened before, and wanting to try an experiment, I sent a strong pulse of fire mana just into her nipples. As before, Sarise’s teats warmed up in my mouth, and I got to enjoy some very refreshing warm milk.

“Mmh!” Sarise moaned in surprise, barely managing to restrain herself from screaming in ecstasy.

I debated casting ‘Silencing Winds’ so as to not let any noise out that might wake the others sleeping beside us. I had to be aware of the slightest move that Fila and Melody made that could signal they were waking up, however, and that would be impossible if I enclosed me and Sarise in a ‘Silencing Winds’ bubble. If I was totally oblivious of my surroundings and Fila or someone else walked in on us, we’d be screwed.

With that in mind, while I did wish I could take my time to savor the taste of Sarise’s milk, I knew I had to drain her fun bags as fast as I could.

<Ah. How is my milk … mmh, pleasing you, Master Soar?> Sarise asked sultrily through telepathy, letting her obvious pleasure be heard in my mind. It was as if she had gone drunk with lust from how much she drawled, and I did not mind her in that condition at all. Not to mention, having her call me ‘Master Soar’ made the whole experience all the hotter.

I squeezed Sarise’s milk jugs with both hands while tugging on her nipples to squirt even more of her divine nectar into my mouth, swallowing hungrily, <It’s delicious, Sarise, the best milk I’ve ever had. I could have this every morning and I wouldn’t get sick of it.>

Taking a shallow breath, she cupped my head to her rack while I played with her tits, <Ohh, Master Soar, whether it is every morning or—mmh!—every meal of every day, I would be more than happy to provide as much—ahh!—milk as you want!>

<While I’m happy to hear that, you might want to cut back on your output. I’m not sure if I can drink all of this. Does the rest go anywhere if I don’t finish it all?> I asked, while letting up on her boobs a bit, genuinely curious.

<Mmmh, forgive me, Master Soar, I got a little … excited … at the thought of providing the milk you need to grow into a big, strong man,> she said while cradling me against her tits.

Had she said this before we hashed everything out between us, I would have questioned her choice of words a bit, but now I knew she meant nothing unconscionable by it. 

<You do not have to worry about drinking all of it, though,> Sarise continued, bringing her sexual tone down to a more mellow timber, <I have bottles and jars in my ‘Dark Space’ for occasions like this. Milk in my boobs does turn into fat after some time, which would let my breasts retain their new size and shape if they’re now more to your liking. I could even move the fat to some other place on my body, like my ass or hips, or anywhere really. It’s real matter, not a temporary Auric Construct, so it will stay in place unless I use magic to do something to or with it.>

Sarise then shrugged, jiggling both me and her boobs delightfully, <Really, with Auric manipulation, I can already change my body’s form to some extent at will, and with time and practice, I’ll be able to do even more. I can already deal with minor things like stretch marks, my tits will always look fresh and perky, no matter what. Going back to my milk, draining my boobs ‘naturally’ will bring my breasts back down to their original size faster than if I try to do so with magic, but otherwise it’s not a necessity. I just prefer to deal with it this way.>

Wow … I couldn’t love demons any more than I do right now. Wonder if I could ask her to marry me? I thought, Is that even really necessary? We did just pretty much pledge ourselves to each other… Well, she promised herself to me, mainly, I don't think Sarise would mind if I got another girlfriend. More importantly, even though, as my familiar, we were practically married already, this felt more real. In fact, should I fail to fulfill my harem dream, I knew that I’d still be perfectly happy with just Sarise as my wife for the rest of my days.

Despite learning that Sarise could reprocess and make use of her unconsumed milk elsewhere in her body, I was invigorated to drink as much of it as possible. Maybe there was a nutritional difference between devil’s breast milk and cow’s milk, something that could give my current body a major growth boost while it was still in its developmental stage? I wondered silently. It wouldn’t hurt to try, I was already loving Sarise’s milk enough that plain old cow’s milk wouldn’t really do it for me anymore. Even if I couldn’t drink it straight from the tit every time, I could at least drink a glass with every meal. Heck, even just one glass a day might be enough if Sarise’s breast milk has enough nutritional value. Either way, I hoped I might see some surprising results within the coming years.

With that thought in mind, my heightened motivation drove me to drink as much milk as Sarise had in her massively overgrown udders. More and more, with each gulp, along with what escaped to dribble down my cheek, my devil’s tits slowly got smaller and smaller as I sucked harder and harder on the engorged nipples in my mouth. I kept drinking until I was bloated, a state that I had never previously suffered from when Mom breastfed me as a baby. Back then, I just drank what was needed and called it done as fast as possible out of the awkwardness I always felt. Now, however, part of me wished that my stomach was a bottomless pit so I could drink Sarise’s delicious milk endlessly. My devil’s shallow breaths and subtle moans as she enjoyed getting suckled was like music to my ears.

“Soar? What are you doing?”

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