Chapter 62 – Unilateral Loan
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🐜 : Now you all understand how great my friend is to be helping these two -...alec and tyrant pave their way forward. I personally would have just let them rot in limbo, but that's just me. Honestly though, all this is LX's fault...👀 By the way, this is not me being vengeful in any way - of which I have falsely been accused of in the past!... This is based on facts! If she would have just lived with a little more...hmm, what is it? Brain cells, heart, soul, compassion, brain cells, comprehension, understanding and the list runs on - just endless...The bottom line is, her insensitivity is the reason she is here today sooo...her fault!... Of course, there are other factors involved here and there, but my point is she could have avoided all this if she just had a little more to her personality😤... And how do I know all this? It is because I am a ratified enlightened being 😌, who certainly has more brain cells than a certai-...Oh, time's up? Haha sorry, I get sidetracked...Enjoy!***

After Lei Xing thought about it some more, she concluded that it was not a good idea to remain here after all. So she resolved to wait for the Emperor to return from his meeting and then politely excuse herself once she made sure that the danger had retreated back to her lair. The Imperial doctor returned shortly with her medication, which she drank and then guzzled down some more tea to get rid of the disgusting taste. Then she continued to sit there, waiting, glancing around the room to kill time and spent some scrutinizing the two maids who were just standing there.

After a long while of silence and staring off into space, her eyes started drooping and she began nodding off, courtesy of whatever was in that brew. She yawned and looked towards the doors.

...Why is he taking so long? Don't tell me they're fighting? Yeah, but even then it should be quick work, right? Just snap her neck and call it a day...I mean, I'm not saying he should kill his mother...Not that he would anyway, but -...

She yawned again. The maids looked at her and one of them then said, "Your highness, perhaps you should go to sleep first, the Emperor may be late."

Lei Xing frowned.

...Who the hell said I'm waiting for him?... Okay, maybe I am waiting for him but not it's for what you think, so get that thought out of your freaking head!!...

Lei Xing yawned again.

...Where the hell is he?... Maybe he's not coming back? True, maybe he loaned me the room for the night, a gentleman?...*scoff* even I don't believe that...You know, who even said this is his bedroom, maybe it's just a very luxurious guest room...Yeah, makes sense...*yawn*...I don't even care anymore...He could never show up again for all I care...Better still, he can take his mother and go jump off a cliff somewhere...*yawn* Actually that would be perfect...

Lei Xing went to lie down and the maids came over to help her and tucked her in. She settled in nicely, eyes closed and ready to sail to dreamland. She slightly opened her eyes and then frowned when she saw the two maids still standing there, "You can leave now."

The maids turned to her and explained, "The Emperor instructed for us to watch over you."

Lei Xing's pursed her lips.

...So what, you're the security team?  I'm not going to jump out the window - actually where is the win-....Beside the point!...

"I can't sleep with you both "watching over me"..."

...Do you know how creepy that is? Plus who knows if you're going to smother me while I sleep? -_-)...

The two maids looked at each other with complicated expressions, further irritating Lei Xing who ended up raising her hoarse voice, "Can you both just leave? You're all stressing me out! You can go outside and put your ears to the door and watch me from there for all I care, just leave!"

...Just leave me the hell alone, why is it so hard for people to just understand THAT?!!...

The two maids were so startled they jumped, quickly bowed and fled. Lei Xing let out a breath and then started coughing a bit.

...Now I want water...but if I call them back, they'd never leave...Forget it, I'll survive...

Lei Xing sighed and just laid there staring at the ceiling, it seemed the sleepiness was gone now. 

...I wonder what he told her, I hope nothing that makes my life worse...but when has the Emperor's "don't do it again" ever actually done something...not in my experience. Well actually I don't have any experience, but TV experience should count for something, right?... And even then, can it really get any worse though? She already hates me enough to kill me on the down-low and on the up-high as up-high a thing? I don't know, don't care -_-)...

Lei Xing sighed again and massaged her head with her hand.

...Why does she hate me though? What have I done? I have tried to get along with this woman...Well, I tried! What do you want me to do? Go to her palace every morning at sunrise to say "Good morning"? That would probably annoy her, I know it'd piss me off!...

Lei Xing let out a deep lamenting sigh.

...I'm going to die, aren't I? Sooner or later...Probably sooner T_T)...Well everyone dies so...Yeah, we already did once too so...Yeah, sure...I might as well just go jump into a volcano myself now...But if I'm jumping in, they're following me down T_T)...

Lei Xing fell asleep while lamenting over her miserable state of affairs and thinking of where she could possibly find a volcano around here and how she would throw certain people in.

Then she had a bizarre horrific dream where she was back in the Empress dowager's bedroom and was standing face to face with her again, but this time the dowager's hands were...a big comb and the other a pair of big pair of scissors. Like before, Lei Xing turned around to flee and her hair was yanked and she fell to the floor again. This time the Empress dowager used a leg on her stomach to pin her down, while she was combing through her hair and snipping the edges with her hands, all the while laughing hysterically. Lei Xing couldn't move an inch, and helplessly watched, wide-eyed as the Empress dowager's "hands" got closer and closer to her head. Once all her hair was gone, the comb then settled on her jaw, while Lei Xing was screaming "No, no, no...." in her head as she couldn't get her voice out. The comb then dug into her jaw and combed upwards. Lei Xing inhaled deeply and opened her eyes to see a person in front of her, she panicked for a moment and almost jumped up, then she let out a breath of relief and closed her eyes as she relaxed.

...Oh it's just you...That witch, she's hunting me in my dreams now...What's next? She'll hunt me in my grave too? I just ha-...

Her eyes flew open again and she blinked several times.

...WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!... This is my Bed!... Actually it's his bed...No! He loaned it to me, so it's MY BED!...This is wrong! This is an invasion! This is a breach - Get off!!... Should I wake him up? No! Kick him off?! NOOO!!... Okay, calm down. He's not doing anything...Yeah, he's just lying IN MY BED!...Relax, relax...RELAX...calm...calm...calm...

Lei Xing laid there glaring at the Emperor's sleeping face.

...Well, you're sleeping peacefully...I'm not, you know why? -_-)...Because your crazy witch of a mother was combing my face off is why!!!!... I should really kick you off -_-)'...You're transferring aggression...I am aware of that and I don't need a lecture, okay?...

Lei Xing took a deep breath to calm herself.

....I should just leave since it's "his bed"...Slight problem, he's IN THE WAY! -_-)'...And with my arm hurting, I probably couldn't "quietly" maneuver myself over this as**ole!!... And the last thing I want now is for him wake up mid-maneuvring or worse I fall on him, what do I say then? "You were in my way"? What a great conversation starter that is -_-)...

Lei Xing inwardly sighed.

...Okay, since we're not going to attempt some parkour, let's just turn around...No, no! No, no, no! We are not turning around! Look how well that worked out before....We are not turning our back on the enemy!... He's not an enemy though - I don't care if he's a NUN!!... Actually him being a nun would be super creepy, so I definitely care about that one - But that's not the point!... Point is we look the enemy dead in the face socket!... Okay, okay, okay. New plan: Distance...distance is good...╬ಠಠ)...GET OFF MY BLANKET!!...


LOL well...I kinda feel bad for the Emperor here. Poor guy, it's his bed and his blanket 😂...She's being so 👀...Well, definitely an uphill climb here LOL 

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