Chapter 14 – Candy Land
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I awaited for the intruders to appear. After five minutes, I heard the clanking of armor making its way into the corridor. It was a party of twelve, all of them high elves. By now my friend list had dropped too little less than half, I wonder if Savannah is alright. 

"Welcome to the fifth floor," I said. "I am succy-chan, your friendly demon." 

[Because of your high charisma and cute smile, the adventurers think of you as friendly]

"If you pay the toll of hospitality, I'll be more than welcome to guide you through the dungeon and save you some time." 

"How do we know this is not a trap?" Cecile asked. "Multiple demons have offered such services before." 

"By paying the toll, I am bonded by contract to never harm you, nor can I guide you anywhere but closer to the core."

[Because of your high charisma the adventurers believe you]

"What is the toll?" 

"A gold coin would suffice," I said. 

"We are under an oath of poverty, we don't carry any coin." 

Perfect, I could put them on a bind for this little folly of theirs. 

My smile grew from ear to ear. "How about the clothes of one of your party members?" I asked. "But it can also be just a kiss. Come on, I don't bite."

[Your high charisma made them laugh]

This charisma is truly overpowered. I walked over towards the adventurers, but they seemed a little tense. 

"Don't worry, I am not going to hurt you." 

[The adventurers believe you]

I caressed the cheeks of a cute elf girl. She looked rather new to adventuring, likely a low level healer. "Come on, its just one kiss." 

She blushed. My high charisma was doing its magic. Her eyes were begging me to part her lips. I lean over for the kiss, but my hair got pulled, and I found myself pushed away. 

"Thank you demon, but we don't need of your services." Cecile said. "Maybe next time." 

The group of adventurers walked past me, into the infinite corridor. But as predicted, they only walked on a loop and returned to where I was sitting. 

"Ready to pay the toll?" I asked. 

Cecile grunted, and their party kept marching forward. Thirty minutes later, the party found itself again on the same spot from where it started. 

"Would you like to-"

Cecile grunted even more, and the party moved on. I stood up and followed them. 

"Come on, is only one kiss, no one will die." 

[The adventurers believe you]

I started walking alongside my victim, the cute elf with long blonde hair and innocent eyes. "She is a big girl now, all it will take is one kiss and you'll be out of this floor in no time." 

I started whispering in everyone's ears, feeding them with praise and compliments. By the time we completed the third pointless loop, everyone in the group liked me. 

Having walked six miles in full plate armor had exhausted everyone but Cecile. However, I was already holding hands with my victim. "I know the exit to this place," I said. 

"Come on Cecile, is just one kiss, we been walking for hours," My victim said. 

When Cecile gave the node, my tongue entered my victim's mouth, our tongues tangled in a constant dance of pure ecstasy. I couldn't get enough of her sweet taste, her sweet soul. She snuggled in closer, pressing her body firmly against mine. I wanted to rip her armor off, fuck her right here in front of her friends. But that would go against my plan. 

[The toll of hospitality has been paid]

When I broke the kiss, her eyes wanted more. 

[Ilve has sent you a friend request]

Only eleven more to go. 

"Follow me," I said. grabbing Ilve by the hand. The trick to the floor was rather simple. Anyone entering the dungeon just had to take a turn to the left to see the exit. Those who marched through the corridor through the opposite direction would always end up walking on loops. 

Upon arriving at the exit, the party looked relieved. 

[Your reputation among the adventurers has increased]

They were slowly being lured like sheep to the slaughter. When we entered the 6th floor, the scent of cotton candy loomed in the air. That is how Lady Emily smelled. Unlike on the previous floors, here we were met by two different paths. I've never visited here before, but since I was a guide, the system bombarded me with the lore of the place. 

"Adventurers, you are faced with two choices - you could either beat the 6th floor by going peacefully through the Wonderland or by surviving the rocky tribulations of the river Pyke." 

Due to curiosity, the adventurers walked through the road that lead to the Wonderland. We were eventually interrupted by a turbulent river and a broken bridge. The only way to cross the bridge was through some type of platform, whose mechanism was on the other side. There we spotted a barefoot girl, wearing a green T-Rex kigurumi, loitering around on a fluffy couch. 

"Why is she dressed like that?" Cecile asked. 

"You wouldn't understand," I replied. The girl, upon noticing our presence, did not even bother to stand up, instead she made a rather blunt remark.

"Throw both, weapons and clothes into the river, and I'll invite you into the Wonderland," She said. 

"GO TO HELL," Cecile shouted. 

"FINE, good luck beating the trial," She shouted back. 

We marched our way back to the fork and went down towards the river Pyke. Unlike the fluffy, colorful and warm Wonderland, the mouth of the river was barren, gray, and uninviting. The only way to cross the river was by jumping between pillars that stood at the edge of the path. The pillars stood around ten meters tall, anyone falling from that height in full plate armor would surely drown. 

The spell casters in the party tried to cast water to make a bridge of ice. But the turbulence of the wind was such that the spells did not work. 

"Is there any vegetation that we can cut?" Cecile asked. 

"Everything for exception of the Wonderland is rocky and barren," I replied. "Maybe it would be a better idea to do what the fox girl wants."

[You've made a convincing case, but their loyalty is too high]

[Ilve agrees with you]

Instead, Cecile and the adventurers connected their javelins together and froze them to make a big "lance," which they meant to use in order to cross the pillars. The level of agility that it took to cross without falling was insane. After Cecile almost fell, they quickly abandoned the idea. 

When we returned to the bridge in front of the Wonderland, the fox girl smirked. "Welcome back." 

Cecile was quick to grunt.