Chapter 120. A New Chapter of the World.
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[A Liliful World Volume 3. The Town of Eve]


Two dreadful words appeared in front of me, the words that I would have never expected to see once more. I had long known that using this technique or spell outside of Mom’s sealed dimension would kill me especially with such health points remaining, she warned me almost every day not to use it, but it was inevitable… I could only smile wryly as I pressed the close button on the window.


“I know you are there, come out already,” I smiled before a white-haired lady with a magnificent crown on her head appeared from the darkness, smiling as she walked to me with the pressure of a deity, “This should be the process where my soul should disintegrate soon, am I right?”


“Indeed but that is if I would let your soul disintegrate in the first place,” she smiled.


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“It’s simple, you have completed the tutorial stage which required you to have a harem of three powerful lilies. Before your body completely broke apart, you managed to send out a confession towards that little childhood friend of yours which she accepted inside allowing the tutorial quest to be completed,” she responded.


“And so—whatever is next to the tutorial stage is still useless if I no longer have a body, what use am I without a body?” I smiled wryly at her answer. It did surprise me a bit to hear that was simply the tutorial stage, I was expecting a harder quest than that… well, getting a harem is indeed hard—to be honest, I don’t really know how to react.


What if the tutorial stage involved the entire Solis world, what if completing that tutorial stage meant the world would reset? Would all my hard work, would I not see Kaori and the others again for a long time… I have too many questions that I felt like asking them all at once but endured as I stared at the Goddess straight in the eye.


“You know I can read your mind, don’t you? To answer all of your questions, no—the world will not reset but instead, it will move up another phase. If you look at this short film over here, you can see the next phase of the world,” she answered before a video popped up which showed my body being buried inside a statue.


It felt weird seeing my very own body being buried—almost like I was looking at my own funeral but that wasn’t the surprising part. The most surprising part was the event that happened after my body was buried inside, a bright light shot up from the statue forming a dagger and a lily that soon engulfed the entire world.


“What’s that?” I asked in surprise.


“It’s called the Blessing of Ayumi, do you like the name?” she showed a smug, “Well, think of it as a boost to the people in the continent. The entire continent would then move up another phase, gaining new intelligent people and powerful people that can help against the inevitable war.”


“War…?! What do you mean?” I asked before she hushed me as she continued.


“Your mom recently told me about a certain terrific event that had happened under our nose and that is the Evil Goddess has actually been cultivating another continent using a split avatar she made which managed to escape from her sealed dimension secretly for twenty years now.”


“The continent flourished and came eight kingdoms with eight individual leaders working under the command of the Evil Goddess, those eight individual leaders are apparently called ‘The Eight Demon Kings’ and have four different trusted servants each leader which are called ‘Scythes’ who are just two ranks below the Demon Kings in terms of powers,” she answered with a serious expression.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, if the demon kings are very strong then that would mean the scythes would be incredibly strong—though how strong are demon kings compared to The Devil of Ashen which already gave me a bit of a headache.


“Oh, those demon kings are around 50,000 times stronger than The Devil of Ashen in her fullest form, in case you are wondering…” she threw a bombshell causing all of me to shiver as I stood up and grabbed her neck.


“Then, aren’t we already in a losing war?!” I screamed before she shook her head.


“That is what the next stage after the tutorial is the stage of leadership. Your next goal is to create a kingdom that can bring forth the creation of more kingdoms that are as powerful as the eight demon kings. This can be achieved through your new reward from the tutorial stage. Go take a look at it,” she said before a window popped up.


The window showed a simple title and a description with a button that said I completed the tutorial stage with the button saying “Press here to redeem your rewards” without hesitation, I pressed the button before a large list of rewards popped up.


It was a list that went under the floor which was shocking but thankfully, the most important rewards were listed at the very top with a golden asterisk symbol before their name. The one at the very top was a skill called ‘Skill Creation’ which was indeed the most shocking.


“Are you really sure about giving me this Skill Creation skill?” I looked at her and asked before she nodded.


“If that Evil Goddess can interfere with the inner workings of the world then how could I not as well? Those non-existent oldies at the top have also given me permission to utilize any means to take down that brat,” she said while laughing super weirdly like a pervert.


“What are the limitations for this spell?” I asked while taking a look at the less important rewards which were basic knowledge about kingdom building and some extra stuff.


“None,” she threw a nuclear bomb.


I froze upon hearing her answer but tried regaining my composure immediately as I laughed a bit, “Are you sure about that? Wouldn’t there by any requirement like I cannot create any spells that I cannot use or something?”


“Well, if you want I can add in those restrictions but overall, there are no restrictions with that spell so you can technically create any spell no matter how destructive it is, but I don’t think you would definitely use it for that right?” she smiled.


“Indeed—well the terminal by itself is already overpowered since it could change factors of the world which I still haven’t used though I don’t really feel good having such overpowered skill on me that allows me to make any spell with no restrictions,” I sweated a bit.


“You don’t have to worry about that, I heard the Evil Goddess broke another rule just now by handing her little puppets some skill that allows them to create teleportation gates anytime they want but the world managed to restrict the skill to be limited to their continent for now,” she smiled.


“Hey—do you have some grudge with the Evil Goddess?” I asked before she showed an irritated look before a sudden laugh echoed throughout the darkness as a beautiful golden-haired beauty popped up beside her.


“Of course she does, after all, that Evil Goddess was actually her girlfriend who abandoned her for some random lady she found down in that continent who was killed by a natural disaster that made that brat go wild enough to go corrupted,” she smiled wryly.


“Enough about that story, Lisa!” the blushing white-haired Goddess shouted before looking at me with an irritated look as she said, “Anyhow since that idiot is here… how about we proceed with the next reward which involves making you a new divine body which can contend with those puppets for now?”


“Huh, what do you mea—?”


All of a sudden, a bright blinding light blasted throughout my eyes, blinding me for a full ten seconds before an intense amount of power flowed through me as the blinding light dissipated revealing the two Goddesses who were looking at me with nods.


“You look great,” the white-haired Goddess, Miu nodded.


“Indeed, the spell worked way much better than I thought,” the golden-haired Goddess nodded simultaneously before a mirror appeared before me, revealing a beauty with a mixed hair of white hair similar to the Goddess and my original brown hair.


The most different part of everything was my eyes which were now completely gold—all of a sudden, the color changed into a deep blue with white specks of dust all around the pupil making it look like the entire galaxy. I felt shocked upon seeing it as the Goddess let out a satisfied sound.


“You not only acquired some of my own genetics which has incredible boosts to your overall statistics, but you also managed to acquire one of the rarest eyes in the entire galaxy which only the highest rank of the Goddess tiers has, the Eyes of Singularity,” she said with a wry smile before all of a sudden, the entire dimension shook heavily as a lady with hair that replicated the entire galaxy appeared.


Her eyes shot down upon us, forcing all of us to kneel as she looked at me with a serious expression. Her eyes were exactly the same as the one I saw in the mirror, she looked so fearful like some kind of entity that can kill any one of us before a nanosecond could even pass.


“I sensed someone awakening with the Eyes of Singularity, I suppose it is you right?” she looked at me before appearing in front of me as the other two Goddesses sweated nervously, “Indeed, it is you. Not to mention, those eyes are the highest quality…”


“Miu and Iona, mind explaining the situation to me?” her eyes flashed at the two Goddesses who were sweating hard before the lady shook her head as her figure vanished leaving her words, “No need, I can tell what is going on. I’ll give that girl my blessings as my only junior.”


After she left, a small orb of light appeared in front of me before entering inside as a window appeared showing an oddity: “You have acquired the knowledge for [Eyes of Singularity] and the [Blessing of the Divine Galactic Empress, Yuna]”


“You sure are lucky to receive a blessing from the strongest Goddess and also the head of all divines, brat…” the golden-haired Goddess stood up, wiping the sweat on her head before the Goddess Miu stood up and shook her head.


“I am sure she gave you some information about how to use the Eyes of Singularity, you can find it on your system which has all the knowledge I gave as well stored to prevent your mind from exploding. Be sure to learn about them well,” she smiled wryly.


“Right, one more question, will I reincarnate back to where Mana and the others are, or if I am not then am I allowed to at least notify them about the situation?” I asked with a bit of a lonely smile.


“You won’t be reincarnating directly to where they are sadly but I can notify them since they are all members of your Eve family, though your childhood friend is an exception since we will actually need her help for something else… speak of the devil,” she said before a spatial crack appeared at the side as a figure came out from the crack.


The figure was none other than Kaori who was brimming with pressure as she pointed her sword at the Goddess fearlessly as she demanded, “Where is Ayu-chi, bring her back.”


“Look to your left,” the Goddess responded before Kaori looked at me with shock.


“Ayu-chi…” she dropped her sword and ran towards me with tears, hugging me tightly as she punched me on the chest as if venting out her emotions. Her tears didn’t stop as she mumbled my name several times adding in “idiot” there and then.


Her emotions were reaching into my heart as I hugged her back, kissing her forehead like always as she continued to tear up on my embrace before time passed as she finished crying turning towards the Goddess as she glared at them.


“You shouldn’t glare at me that much, little girl. If it wasn’t for me, your little lover would definitely have lost her soul by now. Now, since you are here, I have another task for you that will be needed for little Ayumi to start her new task,” the Goddess Miu said.


“What is it, I won’t accept it if Ayu-chi will be in danger again,” she glared.


“No worries, all I need you is to give her the most problematic town in your kingdom. You know that ‘cursed’ town called Iana right? I want little Ayumi to take control of it and flourish it enough to make it into a city then slowly make it larger than the capital where you can finally fulfill your long-time wish of marrying Ayumi, allowing her to become a Queen as well,” the Goddess smiled.


I was a bit surprised to hear about Kaori’s long-time wish which matched my old wish in the past where the two of us would live out somewhere once Solis VR became a success—which was sadly interrupted but… hearing about this new task makes me a bit embarrassed since technically… I could also fulfill my old wish. It didn’t seem bad at all.


“What is your purpose for doing that?” Kaori asked in a serious tone.


“It’s simple, to create a new era in the continent, the era of Eve—an era that can allow the people of the continent to win against the future war against the Evil Goddess’ continent, Alcaya and end the long bloody war against the Evil Goddess,” she answered.