Chapter 127. Let us begin!
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A warm light soon overshone the darkness as both of my eyes slowly opened, revealing a semi-blurry face of Tanya who was sleeping beside my bed while holding my hand tightly. Her sleeping face was adorable to look at, she looked nothing like the emotionless servant I had rather she looked like a normal girl who was sleeping.


“Milady, are you awak—” Raeliana who just came from the outside almost screamed out loud but managed to stop herself in time after seeing Tanya sleeping.


“How long was I asleep?” I looked at Raeliana and asked, combing Tanya’s hair unconsciously with my other hand as she sat down on a seat and placed several documents on the table.


“You were asleep for two days now, the town chief has arrived and is waiting for orders from you on how to divide and give the piles of bread. To think that you spent the pocket money the mistress had given to you for the people really shows how selfless you are, milady,” Raeliana smiled wryly.


“Money is replaceable, but the lives of the people are irreplaceable. I’d rather spend a thousand gold coins on saving the people here than using it to fund my selfish desires,” I smiled before turning my attention towards the documents as I asked, “What are those documents for?”


“Oh, right. These are information that you might need which includes the financial situation of the town, the products that were being sold before the curse took place, and the kinds of plants that can be planted on the farmland,” she answered.


“That reminds me, how is the land here doing after the rain—it seems like the rain hasn’t stopped yet even though it has been two days. I am a bit worried that too much rain would cause more harm to the land than good,” I looked out at the window with worry.


“You shouldn’t worry that much milady, from our last inspection yesterday, we discovered the dry land reverting back to normal. It is like a miracle, to be honest; we expected the land to take at least a month before we can start planting on them but from the looks of it, it might take a little bit less than a week or two before we can move on with planting,” she answered.


I felt relief inside as I continued to stare at the outside which was blooming with a little silver lining of hope. There was a chance to make this place a phenomenal place like it was in the past.


“Can you call Lia or Faron to the room, I have a few questions with them in regards to improving the security of this place. We might also need a person who can help us with rebuilding the houses here but that is for later, also call the town chief here because I will hold a short meeting that will be the turning point of this place,” I instructed before Raeliana nodded as she stood up and immediately went out to follow my orders.


After Raeliana had left, I turned towards the cute little maid beside my bed and poked her cheeks as I smiled, “I know you are awake, Tanya. Your tricks will never be able to escape from my intuition. How about getting to work now?”


“My lady is indeed rude,” she pouted as she opened her eyes with a little giggle, “You should know me, my lady—I always hated working and now that the others have arrived, I hardly have any need to work now.”


“Indeed, you hardly have any work to do because I haven’t assigned you any work yet. How about you make all of us some sort of meal, for now, do we have any ingredients that can be used here, or are they all exhausted?” I asked before she shook her head.


“The town is in a pretty dire state, there is hardly any vegetables or meat here though the town chief did bring some vegetables from the other town with his own pocket but that’s about it other than the loaves of bread that you ordered,” she answered.


That’s a bit troubling to hear indeed, it seems like I might have to go fasting until we can manage to receive some sort of funding somewhere. I do have four gold coins from the quest reward, but I want to save it as a final resort, after all, if I were to spend all that money on food then we would have nothing to use for the reconstruction of the entire town which would cost even more than four gold coins.


“Hmm… for now, we’ll go a bit conservative and split a loaf of bread between the five of us. Can you bring those documents to me?” I pointed towards the documents that Raeliana left on the table before Tanya nodded as she stood up and picked all of them up before handing them to me as I looked at each one of them individually, taking as much time as I needed.


From what I can see, the town used to make the most money from taxes that came from merchants coming in and out and transactions though that didn’t mean they didn’t have any form of products themselves, rather they have a few products that intrigue me.


I have to say though, the town didn’t waste a single farmland with several fruits and vegetables planted all over the place but all of them were utilizing the monocropping method which is not the best farming method. I guess I could introduce crop rotation soon—well I don’t really know much about crop rotation so I can only give the concept and idea to someone who has more experience than me.


“Do we have any seeds for Aramium plant and some squashes?” I looked at Tanya in the eye.


Aramium was an exotic plant even in Solis VR, it is a kind of mana flower that sells like hotcakes because of how useful it is in medicine, potions, and many different industries. In Solis, a single Aramium flower would rack you up to one gold coin per which is the same price as mentioned on the document but as always, due to the planting method of Aramium not being optimized, the quantity it was being sold for was so little that the price would spike at many times.


Squash is the side product of the town, but it is a good product though because it can be made into many kinds of meals, and also its skin can be turned into different items like utensils, birdcages, and musical instruments. An entire squash is currently worth two silver coins per which is a bit expensive than in the modern world but in this world, the price is pretty normal.


“We will have to ask the town chief for that, my lady since he is the only person who knows of the actual supply of seeds on the town. They should most likely have a few seeds laying around for situations like this—I hope,” Tanya answered.


“I do have a practice in mind that could possibly help us in growing many crops at the same time but that is for later, we still have to prepare the soil for planting which will require us some tools. I think the town hall should have some sort of planting tools, but they should be rusty by now… haa… issues are popping up one after another,” I sighed.


“Indeed, we may need to sharpen the tools again which is another strike to our funding unless we decide to spend more on buying new tools instead,” Tanya smiled wryly.


“Milady, I have gathered everyone in the living room. Do you want to start the meeting now or do you want to delay it for a little longer?” Raeliana’s voice echoed from the door as she knocked three times.


“I’ll get myself ready for a bit, please tell them to wait a bit…” I said before looking at Tanya with a wry smile. Due to my impatience, I kind of forgot to bring clothes which means I am probably stuck in what I am wearing for a long time, “Next time… I should definitely bring a backpack of clothes.”


“I agree with you, my lady…” Tanya said as she finished tying up my hair into a ponytail which looked beautiful in my current body. I have to say, the Goddess gave me a good reward by creating this wonderful body. I still can’t get used to how beautiful it is compared to my original one.


After some time, Tanya and I soon left the room where Lia, Faron, and the town chief could be seen sitting down on some dusty old couch. I stretched my arms a bit before looking at them one by one in the eye before saying, “Let us start this meeting now, shall we?”