205 – Hana Homura – [Karaoke] Karaoke party! Yay! (END)
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Aoko turned super red and looked away from the screen.

Hana cupped her mouth with her hands and said, "Go Aneue!"

Alfi clapped her hands and said, "You can do it, Aoko-chan!"

Aoko let out a dry laugh. "I-I guess I've gotta, huh? Then... here I go!"

[Play Sailor Moon OST - Moonlight Densetsu]

My heart's just filled with these confusing feelings.
It's like I'm trapped and that I'm still dreaming.

My mind's gone blank and I've lost all reason.
All I want to do is see you now.

Crying beneath the brilliant moonlight.
Because I can't see you now past midnight.

What should I do when I'm so in love with you?
My heart's just broken into shards.

The moon above lights the darkness within our hearts.
It shines so that we can meet again.

Walking beneath the stars that will guide us.
Wondering just where our love will lead us.

Together we'll just reach that happy ending.
We'll have a miracle romance.

I will meet you there once more.

I won't say goodbye to my love!

Aoko finished with a bright red blush and lowered her mic. "Th-there. Happy?"

[blackcat] *Oh? The Japanese version is different?*
[whitekitty] *Sing the English one too!*
[romanticrat] So Aoko-chan's a hopeless romantic, huh?

Aoko huffed and said, "I am not a hopeless romantic! I just... like the song, okay?"

Hana laughed. "It's okay, Aneue. Romance is fun!"

Alfi nodded. "Not many people get to meet a fated love. It's a beautiful fantasy to have."

Aoko rounded on Alfi and said, "Are you making fun of me?!"

"Hm? Oh, no!" Alfi shook her head. "I'm just pointing it out, Aoko-chan." She paused and placed her hand on her chin to think. "The only people I know of where where the stars have aligned like that for them to fall in love is Papa and Mama... so it'll be hard."

[jealousjackal] Oh yeah. Lucky bastard.
[wonderingwombat] *Just how did those two meet anyway?*
[goldenmonkey] Yeah, those two do seem like a match made in heaven.

Aoko sighed. "Don't remind me. Dammit... When will I find someone like that?"

Alfi blinked. "Should I help?"

Aoko immediately crossed her arms. "No way! It's dangerous enough to be around you as it is, Alfi! I don't need your help with love either!"

Alfi frowned. "...Why though? I would think that being by my side is the safest place in the world..."

[happyhog] ...No wonder John managed to snag someone like Yue.
[quiveringquail] Alfi takes after her Papa a lot when it comes to girls, huh?
[shippingsquirrel] Just date already!

Hana giggled.

Aoko turned red again and frantically scanned the chat. "L-Let's see. You guys have any song requests...? Oh, the English version? I can do that. Let's go."

Before anyone else could say anything, Aoko started the instrumental again.

Alfi sighed. "I still don't get what the problem is, Aoko-chan... but okay." She smiled and said, "I get to listen to your pretty voice again, so it's fine."

Hana laughed and leaned over to look at Alfi. "Be careful, Onee-chan! Any more teasing and Aneue might faint."

"I'm not teasing though?"

Hana paused and then frowned. "...Maybe chat is right. Onee-chan really picked up a lot from Mister John..."


Aoko cleared her throat. "I'm starting! Let's go, round two, English!"

[Play Sailor Moon Opening (English)]

While Aoko sang the song, Hana hummed along and then said, "Go Aneue! Go! Sailor Luna! Sailor Mars!"`

[thoughtfulturtle] Come to think of it, isn't Project MirAIs like making magical girls?
[doubtfuldoggo] John offers girls in desperate situations contracts to change their lives...
[theorist_snake] Is John QB?!

[GoldenOrca] This song... surprisingly suits Queen.
[grassydragon] Where did she even learn about Sailor Luna anyway?
[FailureFox] You can do it, Queen! Embrace your inner magical girl!

[incubator] *Hey kid. Wanna make a contract?*
[ditheringdingo] Don't tell me John is doing all of this to try and reverse entropy by gathering hope?!
[theorist_beaver] *The ARG grows by the day...*

"...Sailor Luna!"

Aoko finished and struck a pose, holding the mic like a magical wand. She did a victory sign with her other hand and kicked up her leg.

And then she froze. Suddenly realizing what she was doing, Aoko coughed and then quickly dashed over to hand the mic to Hana. "Here Sis! Have fun! I... I just remembered that I left my water running!"

With that lame excuse, Aoko ran out of the room.

Hana laughed. Staring at where Aoko left, she said, "That was too much for Aneue, huh?"

Alfi giggled, hiding her mouth with her hands. "It was really cute though..." Alfi lowered her hands and smiled. "I didn't know that Aoko-chan like that sort of thing... Maybe I should buy her some as presents."

"Um... Maybe you should wait on that, Onee-chan. I don't think Aneue could handle it."

"Ah." Alfi nodded. "That's true... And it's not really the season for gifts either... Oh. But Papa said that people gave gifts on Christmas. I'll just wait until then!"

Hana stared at Alfi and placed a hand on her chin.

[Hanas_Oniichan] Hana?!
[OhanaYoNe] Hana. Hana, no.
[Alfis_Knight] H-Hey! Alfi-sama is already your Onee-chan! She doesn't need to be your real Onee-chan!

Hana looked at the chat and then laughed. "I guess that's true. And Eldest Sister might get mad too."

Alfi blinked. "What's true? And why would Betty get mad?"

Hana smiled. "Nothing~! Just thinking that Onee-chan is the best Onee-chan!"

Alfi smiled back. "You're great too, Hana! You're a super cute little sister!"

Hana nodded. But then she paused and said, "Just super cute? Not the best?"

Alfi shook her head. "That's impossible. Meggie will always be my best little sister. Ah, but you're only a little bit less, Hana!"

[nightowl] Meggie?
[doxingdoggo] *So there really is a little sister!*
[eagerbeaver] Meggie debut when?

Alfi glanced at the chat and then started panicking. "U-Um... Nothing! I just... I said maybe! Maybe Hana will be her best little sister!

[rationalfox] I don't know how that comes across to the overseas bros, but I clearly heard Meggie, Alfi-chan...
[americaneagle] *That excuse kind of works in English... but Alfi. You're talking in Japanese...*
[dramahen] *Accidental doxing... RIP.*

"Uuu..." Alfi knelt to the ground and covered her face. "Papa is going to be so mad..."

Hana walked over and patted Alfi on the head. "It'll be fine, Onee-chan. Besides, there's that secret project too, isn't there?"

"O-Oh!" Alfi's eyes lit up. "You're right! Maybe it won't be such a big deal then... Maybe?"

[loreowl] Secret project?
[anxiousreader] Stop teasing us! It's been like a whole year and we still don't have next gen!
[cliffhater] NOOO! I can't wait any longer!

Hana laughed and helped Alfi up. After that, she glanced to the door and said, "Well, I planned to do a duet with Aneue, but since she ran out in embarrassment, why don't we sing something together instead, Onee-chan?"

Alfi let out a bright smile and clasped her hands together. "I would love to!"

[jumpingjackal] Hana and Alfi duet?
[shysnail] Oh no. I'm not ready.

[normalnewt] *Thank god John has the money to not worry about copyright strikes.*
[greatestgoat] *Right? Love how these are all archived.*
[propagandapenguin] *Ooh, did you hear? Myth Inc. is looking for clippers!*
[gulliblegoldfish] *Really?! Sign me up!*

The two walked up to the front of the room.

Hana looked at Alfi and said, "What do you want to sing, Onee-chan? There's a lot of fun songs... but I'll let you pick."

Alfi placed her hand on her chin to think. And then she said, "Um... is it okay if I play a song on guitar for us to sing?"

Hana's eyes brightened. "You learned how to play guitar, Onee-chan?"

Alfi nodded. "Auntie taught me a song. I'm not that good yet, but... I think it's an easy one to sing. Um, I think the lyrics are here somewhere..." She walked over to the table and rummaged around before handing a sheet to Hana. "Here you go."

Hana took it and then her eyes widened. "This is a really pretty song, Onee-chan!"

Alfi smiled. "Isn't it?"

[excitedegg] What song?!
[voidfish] Did anyone catch that?!
[heartyhippo] Are we going to get hit with the feels again?

[enlightenedeel] *I just realized... this is all still animated, right...?*
[slipperysalmon] *Holy crap, you're right!*
[thinkingtuna] *Wait, are they really in a karaoke bar somewhere then? Or is it fake?*
[loreowl] *I don't need sleep, I need answers!*

Alfi walked over to the side and pulled out a guitar from off-screen. After strumming a few notes, she walked back and said, "I'll start off so that you get the melody, Hana. Is that fine?"

Hana nodded. "Of course!"

Alfi smiled. "Then... I'll start." Alfi took a deep breath and then started to sing.

[Play Mabataki - Back Number]

Happiness just isn't only in those bright shooting stars and the golden sunrise.
It's not something that comes and goes like the tides.

It's in all the simple things, a vivid crimson string that connects and holds us... so we'll never let go...

Alfi strummed her guitar and looked at Hana, nervous. "A-Am I doing well?"

"You're doing beautifully, Onee-chan!"

[furiousfisher] Yes!
[collectorcod] Another clip to add to my playlist when it's over.
[simplesalamander] Beautiful!

Alfi smiled. "Okay. Then... I'll sing the first verse. After that, you should know the melody, so I'll leave it to you."

"Got it, Onee-chan!"

Alfi took a deep breath and continued singing.

Why are we all alive? That's a question we all ask.
But it's fine if we don't get an answer.

Because time spent with those who you love and you hold close...
That's enough to last a lifetime.

Don't try too hard and push yourself until you break.
It's enough for you to be the one who you have always been inside your heart.

Alfi slowed down and then nodded towards Hana.

She nodded back and took a breath. And then the two started singing together.

Happiness just isn't only in those bright shooting stars and the golden sunrise.
It's not something that comes and goes like the tides.

It's in all the simple things, a vivid crimson string that connects and holds us... So we'll never let go!

No matter if you strain your eyes trying to see the world. Happiness isn't something that you find alone.

So now just listen close: I'll always be here...

Alfi stopped singing and nodded to Hana.

Hana smiled and nodded back. After that, she took a deep breath and took over the singing.

Chasing dreams without end. There were those who gave their all.
Finding the right path only after they fall.

There were those who spent their lives living just for someone else.
There were those who lived for themselves.

I just can't be any of those that I can see.
But it's fine because I know that there's still someone who's counting on me now...

Hana dragged out the last word and nodded to Alfi.

Alfi smiled and then started singing along with Hana.

Happiness just isn't only in those bright shooting stars and the golden sunrise.
It's not something that comes and goes like the tides.

It's in all the simple things, a vivid crimson string that connects and holds us... so we'll never let go...

Those words are easy to say but I still find myself in doubt.

Can I even be the one who you love now?

So I just close my eyes and I pray that in my dreams...

A brief interlude with just the guitar. Alfi looked to Hana, but she shook her head and gestured for Alfi to go.

Alfi nodded and then started to sing by herself.

Happiness just isn't only in those bright shooting stars and the golden sunrise.

It's not something that comes and goes like the tides.

It's a tiny little spark that always lights up the dark so we see each other. And so as time flies by...

Hana joined Alfi in singing and turned to face her.

Two of us standing back to back, two lives twined now as one.

Before I'd realized it everyday was so fun.

Alfi smiled and sang. "Tell me you'll never leave."

Hana smiled back and sang. "Tell me you'll always be right by my side."

"I'll always hold you close."

"And I'll never let go."

Alfi finished the song with her guitar and then she laughed.

Hana did as well and held up her hand. "Good job, Onee-chan!"

Alfi gave her a hi-five and said, "You too, Hana!"

[HVG] This is fine.
[Alfis_Knight: 20K Yen] Starting the Alfi/Hana Christmas album fund.
[StraightGarbage: 50K Yen] Opening the love triangle wincest album fund. 
[CurvedTreasure] @StraightGarbage YOU BASTARD!
[StraightGarbage] Oh #[email protected]$.
[GoldenOrca] @StraightGarbage Bruh. 

I originally tried changing the colors to match the person singing, but I realized that they're not the most readable colors... Hopefully it was understandable.