288 – Rhea Davinki – [Debut Stream] Laying it On Thick (Part I)
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A simple dark background. A stage with the lights turned off except for a single spotlight, shining down from above. And standing beneath that spotlight was a beautiful young woman with silky black hair. Wearing a plain dress shirt and jeans with a bit of paint splattered on both, she stood with her back to the screen, staring at a blank canvas.

Rhea Davinki, holding a paint palette in her left hand and a small brush in her right.

[Debut Stream] Laying it On Thick
Rhea Davinki Ch.
Live in 5 minutes
Tuesday, December 24, 5:00 PM JST
69K waiting

[] Nice.
[] Ooh, a painting stream?
[] So is John just flexing about being able to find talented people now?

Live in 4 minutes.

[Inaki] I've been here all day and I'm not going soon
[] Marathon time baby!
[] Don't forget to eat, guys!

Live in 3 minutes.

[] So bets on what Rhea's like?
[] She gives off the kuudere vibes.
[] Well, we've got pretty much all the female leads now, right?
[] Ice-cold beauty! Lessgo!

Live in 2 minutes.

[] Any chance of getting the art as an NFT?
[] Stop.
[Rhea Davinki Ch.🗸] I'll open a bid for the art piece afterwards.
[] ?!?!?!
[] Wait, are you actually going to be making these?
[Metreangel] I am so confused about this CG thing...

Live in 1 minute.

[] I'm having a blast with these new girls.
[] Same! They're really different!
[Rodvek97] Yeah, because they're not really idols. Just talents.

[] Myth Inc. confirmed talent agency
[Astronaut] Always has been.
[loreowl] Still waiting for documentary on John starting the company.

Waiting for Rhea Davinki Ch.

[] It's time!
[] How are we going to wrap this up?
[] They save the best for last, right?

[Play: Chopin - Nocturne Op. 27 No. 2 (Rubinstein)]

A soft piano echoed, playing gentle notes. Artsy and classy music, like the sort that would be played at a fancy restaurant.

With it, a calm and mellow voice called out. "Hello everyone. Welcome to 'Laying it On Thick.' I'll be your host today, Rhea Davinki."

[Lomyril] Anime Rob Boss?!
[Kornuptiko] :melt:

Rhea let out a low chuckle and said, "Give me one moment and I'll be right with you."

[] Take all the time you need!
[] omg. I thought Tsubame was a vibe, but this...
[] I feel like I'm floating already. ^_^

The screen rippled, the stage curtains suddenly moving to cover the screen. They pulled back and then revealed Rhea turning back to face the camera.

She tilted her head and winked. "I hope you've all had fun today."

[] Gah!
[] My heart!
[] Why are all these girls so great?!

Rhea lifted her palette and said, "To finish off our debuts, we'll just have a nice relaxing painting session to wind down the evening. Oh, but it's no good if you're that far away, is it? Why don't you come a bit closer?"

The camera suddenly zoomed. No, it moved forward, like someone walking towards Rhea.

When her face filled the screen, she smiled and said, "Good. Now, you can have a seat right there. Take a load off and enjoy some nice and calming painting."

Rhea waved her brush to the side, causing a wooden chair to appear.

The camera panned again, as if it was someone sitting down on the chair.

[] Ooh! It's like with Alfi!
[] No wonder Queen said the girls would be gifts.
[] Haven't these debuts all just been dates with the girls...?

Rhea leaned over, peering into the screen. As she did, it caused her dress shirt to unbutton, showing a flash of pure white skin.

[] ?!!?!
[] T_T
[] Beautiful accident.

[] She... she wasn't wearing a bra?
[] Fan service already?
[] Why! Is UTube! Not monetizing these girls already!?

Rhea laughed and casually buttoned her shirt back up. After that, she let out a soft smile and walked over to her canvas. "Well now, let's get started."

The camera zoomed in, focusing on Rhea standing in front of the canvas.

"Thank you all for coming today. It's a bit premature, but we'll get your brush warm and moist soon enough. Remember to not rub it too hard until it is. We don't want the friction to tear anything."

[Anumi-kun] Um.
[] Is... Is she doing that on purpose?

Rhea lifted her palette and said, "It's no fun doing it by myself, so here are the colors I'll be using today if you want to come with me and stain your own canvas with color."

[] 😳
[Anumi-kun] YABE
[] Is... Is she for real?

Rhea waved her palette, causing a few words to appear on the bottom of the screen.

Virgin Cherry
Ballsy Blue
Dark Chocolate
Pie Cream
Naked Wet Ginger

[] OMG. It's like that Rob Boss parody!
[] This has GOT to be on purpose
[] Well. There goes any hope of a pure idol this generation. XD

"Now, let's get your brush nice and wet." She bent over and dipped her paint brush into a small cylindrical water bucket next to the easel of the canvas.

The camera panned, showing how Rhea dunked her brush back and forth in the container before she pulled it up. As she did, she looked at the camera and said, "Water isn't the best, and oil feels *so* much better. But for the first time, it's better to just get things over with, you know?"

A pure and warm smile. An expression without a shred of shame, deceit, or lewdness.

[] Forget painting, we've got an award winning actor!
[ShadowPuppy] How the hell is she saying that with a straight face?
[lewddood] :moan: Is this how art connoisseurs feel?

Rhea held up her brush to the camera, letting the water drip onto the floor. As it did, she said, "Now it seems a bit too wet after you use that much water. But trust me, it's better dripping wet than too dry."

[] I'm dripping wet right now, girl...
[] :sweat:
[] I-Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.🔧] Oh. My. God.
[Alfi Titor Ch.🔧] :blush:
[Hana Homura Ch.🔧] XD

[StraightGarbage] I stan Queen, but this girl's making me feel a bit unfaithful...
[FailureFox] Hnngh.
[GoldenOrca] I see a woman of great culture has arrived. 🍷

Rhea dipped her brush in the red and then raised it over the canvas. "Now, today's image will be some towering morning wood with a bit of snow at the tip."

[s-] I'm dead
[lewd_dude] Isn't that just a c0ck with cvm?
[] Morning wood, huh? And snow at the tip...

"But before we do all of that, we need to paint the sky. So let's get that Virgin Cherry on our brush and get that beautiful crimson stain against the white sheets of canvas."

[] I feel sorry for all the people who dipped already.
[] Rhea is going to steal the spotlight so hard.
[] She's so beautiful. And cultured. T_T

Rhea dabbed her brush a bit more in the red and then started painting. "You have to be careful now. Even though it's the first time and you've lubed up, you can still rip things if you aren't careful. So you want to go in soft and slow with long strokes."

[Ray_Ghost_FACTORY] Soft and slow long strokes. Got it.
[] Instructions unclear. Blew my load too early and now I have a pink mess everywhere.
[] Lube definitely is important, but I don't think that's the right word here...

A soft red sky slowly formed on the canvas as Rhea painted. "Now it's important to keep it light. The first time you go in is just to lay the foundation. After that is when we can really start having fun." She stepped back and looked at the canvas, giving a small nod of approval.

[Sky3Fall] First time, foundation. Got it.
[] What even is this stream?
[Inaki] She's speaking so calmly. Her voice is beautiful. But her words...

Rhea went back in to dip her brush on the palette again. "Now that we've got that beautiful crimson, we can lay the Naked Wet Ginger all over. Just completely dripping with that beautiful color." She dabbed her brush in the orange and started layering it over the red. "That's a beauty. Lay that Ginger all over the place until the red bleeds through... Just like that."

[] I-Is this safe for UTube?
[] Please don't get banned, Davinki-chan! You're too beautiful!
[sageforce] Instructions unclear. Cops are at my door after I

Rhea stepped back, scanning the canvas. After a nod, she said, "Beautiful. But you know what's more beautiful?" She dipped her brush in the white color and said, "A bit of Pie Cream on top of the Naked Wet Ginger. Just splatter it all over the place and cover up the ginger and virgin cherry with your cream. You've already worked the brush hard enough by now, so don't hold back. Just put it all over the place... Yes. Just like that..."

Rhea carefully painted in white clouds, creating a beautiful dawn sky. Seeing that, she smiled, licking her lips. A sound that was perfectly transmitted through the high quality microphone being used.

[] This is NOT painting.
[] I mean. She's describing what she's doing, but...
[Frieya] Tell me you're a doujin artist without telling me you're a doujin artist.

[] Whatever you do, DON'T close your eyes if you're at work.
[] This painting ASMR hits different, huh?
[] I closed my eyes. When I opened them, Pie Cream splattered all over my sheets.
[] I definitely have morning wood now...
[DThorn] It is too goddamn early to be seduced like this.
[] Mm, girl. Talk dirty to me more.

"Now it's time for the biggest part. Just put your brush deep in there. Cover it up with that yummy dark chocolate. Don't be ashamed if you get a bit of the others mixed in. It's only natural. Since we only have one layer, we're going to be taking a backdoors approach, so things will get a bit dirty..."

[Reinya] Ara ara.
[Goosebumps_Deguzman]( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[aelas] ( ͡ ͡° ͜つ ͡͡° )
[kurotha] Help. I can't stop watching, but at this rate I'm gonna get fired...
[IWannaBeAGoodAuthor] @kurotha same... 

:sweat: Time. It escapes me. >.>