340 – Returning Transcendent Opens an Idol Agency – II
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Myth Incorporated. That was the name of the company that John created after buying the building off Kai. The original plan had been to open an idol agency, but through various events and circumstances, it started straying off course.

The CFO wandered off to be a playboy, picked up a girl and then forgot all about handling the finances.

The COO ran into a clingy and needy girl and then summarily forgot about his job finding staff while he went off either fending or giving into her advances.

The CEO was the one who delegated all the stuff in the first place, so he wasn't really in a place to complain... But even so, this couldn't keep going.

Especially since the whole world was watching them now after both the explosion of Project MirAIs and the rise of VTubers with the release of the MIRAIZ app.

So... it was time to take things seriously and settle the key staff member infrastructure.

John was silent, slowly looking over everyone gathered for the meeting.

Bai averted his gaze, awkwardly scratching the back of his head. As always, he was wearing a white suit and pants. Paired with his good looks, he gave off an air of natural confidence... which was nowhere to be seen at the moment since he clearly knew what he did wrong.

Next to him, Eri shifted in place, idly adjusting her white doctor's longcoat. Her black hair was fashioned in a ponytail and she fiddled with a diamond ring on her left ring finger while she also avoided John's gaze.

Then there was Qing. The Azure Dragon met John's gaze, appearing calm. But from how he kept tugging at the blue dragon cufflinks on his black suit sleeves, he really wasn't. And the reason for that was obvious.

Standing next to Qing was a buxom beauty with lightly tanned skin. Her unnatural silver hair and sparkling crimson eyes made her stand out, someone who would draw eyes everywhere she went. Especially since the dress shirt, skirt, black leggings, and heels outfit she wore was something that hit every mark on the secretary fetish.

Sitri, the mystery woman who appeared in Qing's life one day, got hired on as his assistant to help with hiring for Prodigy... and summarily spent her days flirting with Qing instead of doing any proper work.

It seemed she had some sense of shame though as she pointedly stared at the floor, lowering her head when John looked at her.

Those four were the source of a major headache for John. No, the source of *the* major headache for John since they failed to do the jobs he explicitly delegated while he was sorting out his family affairs.

But he didn't dwell on them too much. What was done was done, and they showed up to accept responsibility for their mistakes.

Next on the rollcall...

Kai was standing there in his usual business attire of a tailored black suit. Unlike the four that John looked at earlier, Kai stood proud. In fact, compared to the haunted and tense man that John met when he first arrived on Earth, Kai was a completely different person.

A confident and relaxed smile. Eyes bright with anticipation and ambition. Although his face was still a bit wrinkle from stress and his hair was grayed, he gave off the impression of a guy ready to fight against the entire world.

Seeing that, John smiled. It looked like breaking his self-imposed rule to not use his powers was worth it to see his friend like that.

And Kai wasn't the only one standing there relaxed. Next to him, Takashi stared back at John with a warm smile.

Like Kai, Takashi was a bit different now too. For one, he had retired from being an officer and put away the uniform. Instead, he wore a polo shirt and khakis. He also wore a lanyard with his ID around his neck, showing his title as Chief of Security.

And unlike the other 'Chiefs' of Myth Incorporated, Takashi had done a proper job in both setting up an in-house security team to protect the girls as well as creating the proper protocols, procedures, and infrastructure to secure Project MirAIs for the future.

After Takashi, there were only two people left on the Myth Incorporated payroll. At least, for the moment. But they were also the most important when considering the future.

First, there was Jenny. John's long lost sister (apparently), who had diligently started up a role as John's direct assistant, effectively taking over Qing's job.

Like Sitri, Jenny was also wearing a secretary outfit. But unlike Sitri, Jenny gave off the impression of an actual secretary, not just a woman dressed like one for fun. Carrying a clipboard in hand and wearing reading glasses, Jenny quietly stood in the corner, ready to take whatever notes necessary.

Second... and last, there was Titor. The esteemed 'Mad Scientist' himself who ran off to start up his own company with all sorts of crazy tech by taking anime ideas and reducing them to practice. Also the man who thrived off internet culture and enjoyed trolling John whenever he had the chance.

Mostly because Titor was technically but not really a clone made from John's memories and past self.

But while usually a cringe dork, he was completely serious at the moment, recognizing the severity of the meeting.

And that was every one of Myth Incorporated staff accounted for.

...Well, technically Toby and the yakuza trio were staff too, but on paper they were more independent contractors working for John personally, so they didn't count.

Silence filled the room as John finished surveying everyone. It looked like they were all waiting on him to speak... He thought that someone would have at least answered his question on whether to start the meeting...

Whatever. It was good that they were treating this seriously and waiting on him.

"Then let's begin."

John uncrossed his legs and then leaned on his desk, resting his head on his laced fingers. "As everyone is aware, Myth Incorporated is being watched by the entire world, for better or worse. Unfortunately, we didn't expect this dramatic explosion of attention so we're in a bit of a bind due to lacking the personnel and infrastucture to handle things."

Qing flinched.

John continued and said, "Our finances are fine. We've been paying proper taxes and going through the proper processes for everything so there's no trouble on that end. But since we've spent so much money, people are going to start questioning where we're getting our funds. Especially since we've started expanding and taking over the surrounding area in Roppongi."

That time, Bai flinched.

John noticed, but he didn't care.

This was a mess that they caused by slacking off, so they needed to be aware of how bad it was.

"So far, PR is fine." John leaned back in his chair and said, "We've done a good job of having me play a fool, a romantic, and a caring CEO in the eyes of the public. And since we showed up near the end of the year, the people who would want to try and stop us were caught offguard since their resources were already used up."

That was a lucky break. Myth Incorporated and Project MirAIs started around the Winter holidays so corporations had already devoted their staff, money, and time to finishing the year strong and closing out their books. But once the year rolled over, they were definitely going to come out swinging.

Kai nodded and said, "I agree." He frowned, glancing out towards the cityscape behind John. "Myth Incorporated and Project MirAIs caught everyone in their blindspot. Paired with the upheaval in the underworld with the yakuza crackdown, we were perfectly situated to avoid any major obstacles."

Oh yeah. That was still going on. John stopped getting involved after he took out the Seiryuu Clan leader, so he forgot about that mess. But it was definitely helping things out on the Japan front at least.


"That's right." John looked towards Kai and said, "That's why we need to get out ahead of everyone. In the worst case scenario we can cut their knees out from under them, but I'd rather not have to resort to dirty tricks this time around."

In the corner of his eyes, John noticed Eri mouth 'this time around.' He also saw Takashi's eyes widen in realization as well as Kai let out a wry smile.

Ah, and both Qing and Bai were looking a bit pale. Maybe they were having flashbacks? Probably.

Titor crossed his arms, causing his lab coat to flutter behind him in a dramatic way. "Well, Chief. What are we going to do about it?" He smirked and said, "Surely our venerable leader has a plan in store if he's gathered us all here?"

John felt his eye twitch, but he ignored it. Instead, he looked to Titor and nodded. "I do. And funny you should speak up, Titor. You're actually going to be the key to this."

Titor blinked. "Nani?"

John looked at Kai and said, "My friend."

Kai flinched, instinctively taking a step back. But then he noticed what he did and cleared his throat, taking a step forward again. "Yes, John?"

"Remember how you said you wanted me to open an idol company?"

Kai was quiet for a moment and then slowly nodded. "...I do."

Titor's eyes widened in realization before he started laughing.

John smiled.