387 – Alfi Titor – [Membership Stream] Storytime!
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Soft piano music playing in the background. A dimly lit room with fading sunlight filtering in from the side. And a cozy red chair in the center of that, bathed in the warm light.

Alfi reached out to adjust the camera and then smiled. "Sorry for making you wait! Since this is a membership stream, I wanted to make it a bit more special. Especially since we're going to be doing storytime... Um. Is it comfy?"

@Israfil Super cozy!
@Aqua059 It's so aesthetic!
@[] Alfi-sama's room. Aaaahhhhhh

"Let's see..." Alfi leaned forward to fiddle with the camera a bit more. "I think if I move this like this... the stream chat should show up here..."




@ProtagNeptune Alfi has schrodinger's chest, huh?
@Pyro ??? Did Alfi get nerfed here?
@[] Alfi must be a master of perspective...
@ProfetaSaru You fools! Alfi-sama's assets are not constrained to mere mortal limitations!
@[] Yes! Alfi-sama is the perfect woman who can be however she wants to be!
@[] I dunno about the other explanations, but Alfi-sama explained that she usually wears wraps since she's used to them.
@[] Eh?! Alfi-sama DEKAI!

"There we go!" Alfi leaned back and clapped her hands. "I think everything should be like how I want it now!" She smiled and then leaned back in her chair, kicking her legs. "Thank you for waiting! I don't usually stream in my bedroom like this, so it was hard setting things up."

@[] B-Bedroom?!

@[] We'll wait forever for you, Alfi-sama!
@[] S-So this is why everyone loves Alfi, huh? :blush:
@[] Kyaaaaaaaa!

Alfi giggled and then said, "It's a bit weird. I mean, it's always comfy and fun streaming with you, but this is a bit more intimate than usual." She blushed and turned her head to the side, looking back at the chat with a side glance. "...It's a bit embarrassing."

@Aqua059 Ah! The viewer count cut in half again!
@[] Rest well, fellow Alfis! We will meet again in the VOD!
@[] S-S-So this is the power of an unfiltered Alfi...
@[] No wonder this is membership only.
@Pyro Oh god. Imagine. Alfi-sama ASMR.
@[] Found the tier 2 member.
@[] You should save for the tier 3 membership!
@[] Who needs motivational videos when you have Alfi-sama whispering she believes in you?
@[] Wallet-kun...! Stay strong...!

Alfi cleared her throat and then smiled. "A-Anyway..." She clapped her hands and said, "Story time! Um. One second..." After saying that, she reached off-screen to pick something up.

@[] ???
@[] Props?
@[] Ooooh! Is this real story time?!
@[] Bedtime stories with Alfi-sama!
@[] Let's gooooooo!
@[] :nosebleed:
@[] Miss Aoko is a blessed woman...

"Here we are!" Alfi pulled a small whiteboard from off-screen and then smiled. "Papa used to always tell stories with some pictures, so I got this to help!" She paused, blushing a little and said, "I-I'm not the best drawer, but I'll do my best!"

@[] T-The numbers! They dropped again!
@[] RIP comrades. See you on the other side of time.
@[] OMG. John used to draw for storytime?!
@loreowl :sigh: Time to update the thread for the 10th time this week...
@Kurumi69 Sasuga lore-sama
@[] My goddess can't be this cute!

"Okay!" Alfi raised her marker and then adjusted the whiteboard against her chest. "Um... this is the most comfortable. Phew." She sighed and said, "It's a good thing I wore wraps today. I wouldn't have room to do this if I didn't..."

@[] O.O
@applepielover DEKAI
@[] W-Wraps? Then Alfi-sama's real size...?!
@[] Wait! So it wasn't just model manipulation?
@[] ?!?!?!?!?!
@[] Oh! It seems there are quite a few new Alfis
@dungeonpriestess You get used to it.

"Let's see..." Alfi reached out to draw a bit on the board.

A little stickman with scribbled hair, a tiny house, and then a squiggle.

After that, Alfi nodded and held up her board. "Can you see this?"

@[] Cuuuute!
@[] Merch when?
@[] We can see it!
@[] Crystal clear, Alfi-sama!
@[] Ooh! Are we doing draw my life?

Alfi let out a sigh of relief and smiled. "Good! I was worried it might be too small." She grabbed an eraser to clear the board and then said, "Let's start then!" She giggled and said, "I've got a lot of stories to share today! Oh!" She paused and then placed her index finger over her mouth. "But this is a secret between you and me! I'll do a story time with all the Alfis later, but this one is special just for you, okay?"

@Ultimaterror ded
@[] @#$#@$@%#@CAS4edsfc
@[] F-Friend?
@[] S-So this is what a parasocial relationship is like...
@[] Got gifted so I wanted to see the membership stream. I suddenly understand idol culture.
@[] Okay, Alfi-sama!
@[] Not a peep past us!

Alfi glanced at the chat for a bit and then nodded. "Okay!" She smiled and said, "Thank you! I know it's hard, but stay strong, okay? Secrets are special because they're secret. And we can surprise everyone together soon when we do the big celebration stream."

@[] Understood, Alfi-sama!
@[] B-But can we fan art?
@[] Don't forget about the fan server guys! We can talk and do fanart there until Alfi-sama tells the stories publicly!
@[] tl;dr private ok, public ng

"Now..." Alfi picked up her marker again and said, "I think the story you wanted to hear most was about Papa when he dressed up super pretty, right? Um... This might be hard to explain..." She frowned, furrowing her brow to think.

@[] I'd bet it's hard to explain.
@[] is it tho?
@[] Didn't Alfi's Papa just want to try being best girl?
@[] Wait. Can one of the Alfis confirm if Jenny is a real person?
@[] Isn't she listed on the staff?
@[] Can confirm. Source: Premium member of LonelyFans

"Hm..." Alfi tapped her marker against the whiteboard a few times before saying, "...I think this one is too hard to tell. I have to ask Auntie first so I don't make a mistake."

@[] Auntie?
@[] That's Master John!
@[] Master John? More like Master Baiter! Since when did he have sisters?
@[] Since Jenny? Hello?
@[] More about Alfi-sama's family! <3
@[] Please, Alfi-sama? Just a little?
@[] Even a short summary!

"Mmmm..." Alfi raised her marker up to tap her chin and then said, "Okay. I'll give a short summary then for now. First."

She reached over to the white board and started drawing. "Papa promised to get something... Let's say it's a secret book."

A magazine with XXX written on it and blurred contents on the front cover.

Alfi drew that and circled it before drawing an arrow to a small pagoda.

@[] Sudden art improvement?!
@[] I thought Alfi-sama said she wasn't good at drawing!?
@[] Secret book? :thinking:
@[] W-What?
@[] Master John...
@[] Um. Alfi-sama. That book...

"This book was kept super secret by courtesans in a famous pavilion."

Alfi drew some cute chibis with kimonos and folded fans outside the pavilion. "Um... it's a little like this? I don't really remember since I was a bit small, but I think this was how the pretty women looked."

@[] ...
@[] Isn't that a soapland...?
@[] Master John is a master of culture, I see.
@loreowl ...............
@[] What kind of place did you grow up in, Alfi-sama...?

Alfi kept drawing while she talked. "Papa tried asking them for it nicely because he needed it to teach Auntie something, but they wouldn't let him since it was only for women. But Papa is super good at disguises!"

Alfi drew a mini stick-figure and wrote 'Papa' over it before making an arrow from the book towards him. She crossed that arrow off and then drew a dress over the stick figure. "He said, 'If men can't get it, then I'll just be a woman!'"

@[] lol
@[] wwwwwww
@[] XD
@Tech_TTGames John's younger days were... something else, huh?
@[] Wait. But what's the book?
@Ruti Sus.
@[] :thinking:

Alfi erased the whiteboard and then drew a super-detailed and pretty drawing of Jenny wearing a kimono, complete with sakura petal decals. After that, she giggled and said, "Papa was super pretty so they let him in. But then Papa was super good at being a courtesan, so they taught him everything. And then he didn't need the book anymore, so he ran away with me again and then taught everything to Auntie."

She wiped the board clean and then drew a picture of three stick figures, labeling them 'Papa', 'Mini me', and 'Auntie.'

After that, she smiled at the camera and said, "The end!"

@[] Wait!
@Kurumi69 I have so many questions!
@[] Teach? What did he teach?!
@[] 'Everything'...?
@[] John omega sus
@[] Does that mean... Alfi's Papa...???
@[] ???

Alfi read the chat for a bit and then frowned. After a bit, she shook her head and wiped the board clean. "I know. It's confusing and boring without the details." She sighed and said, "I forgot Auntie was involved, so I need to ask her permission first. Sorry..."

@[] Auntie perms lost?
@[] No perms for Alfi's Auntie... T_T
@ThatLurkerInTheCorner I think I like the lack of context more.
@[] Fan artists, you know the drill.
@loreowl THE LORE! WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?!?!?
@Tech_TTGames @loreowl Um. Do you sleep...?

Alfi clapped her hands and said, "It's okay! I know another story that's more fun!" She leaned back over the board and started drawing. "Papa used to tell this story to me all the time when I was small. Once upon a time, there was a man known as the Black Dog and a kingdom of elves..."

@[] YABE
@Reinya Wait. I know this story...
@[] M-Master John!? What kinds of stories did you tell Alfi-sama?!?!?!
@[] ??!?!??!?!?
@f41547 HOLD IT!
@[] Hello, FBI?
@[] Okay. Now I REALLY need to know how John landed a girl like Yue...