Chapter 1: Game Start
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POV Daniel 

I was walking along the streets, hover cars racing past me as I kicked litter around in the street. I had just been fired from my job and I am now in need of funds, being an orphan sure is hard, especially in this tech dominated world. If it had been the past I would be considered pretty smart, but A.I. are taking over everything. Stuck in my mind I suddenly trip over something, falling to the ground, scraping my knees against the hard cement floor. 

"Shit Owowow, The fuck was that?" 

Looking at the ground I see some sort of tube sticking out of the ground. Picking it up it seems to be some sort of gaming console somebody must of thrown away. Brushing the dirt off I try to find out what this thing really is. There is no openings for plugs and I see some lettering on the bottom. 

Welcome Player #1 to PySaR

If you have received this it must mean you are in desperate need of an adventure. 

An adventure to travel the world and fight monsters! Anything can be found here!

Just put of the PySaR Bracer to begin. 

But be warned once you start playing you must finish. 

Huh. Well I guess I could use a bit of a break, all this stress is getting to me. I try to figure out a way to put it on. Noticing the words "Bracer" I assume it must go on the my forearm, and I slide my arm in. It fits me perfectly, the bronze metal cool against my skin. I watch as one of the five buttons light up and I look at them. One is a red button, that says "GO" then there are three buttons labeled 1,2, and 3 and a single green button. I press the GO button and I see a holographic screen pop up in front of me of two dice and a slot. The words

Roll Dice to Begin Adventure

I reach my hand into the holographic screen and grab the transparent dice, throwing them inside. After a few seconds I get the numbers 5 and 4, making 9. 

Starting in Vincar, with Starting Gear, with 9 Silver Coins, with Beginning Ability: Quick Calculation

I watch as my clothes change to those of a middle age style with a bag of coins at my side, the bracer now has the green button lit. Looking down I see my legs starting to disintegrate, it doesn't hurt, but I can't move as my legs are gone, I start to flail as the rest of my body slowly disintegrates into motes of light. 


POV Connor

I walk into the antique shop exploring the really cool looking items of the past. I come to this antique store a lot, and I have bought a few of the pieces to play around with. That might be considered a waste of the items but hey, I've got money why not spend it on what I like. Being the son of a billionaire was nice, but I didn't grow up to be an arrogant person, well at least I hope not, my so called "Friends" always wanted to use me for my money for no good things, while I just wanted to focus on my hobbies and play games online. One of those hobbies was cool artifacts! Like weird looking keys and things I didn't know what they were supposed to be used for. 

Well one morning the antique owner, Anne, came across something she thought I would be interested in. It was a weird looking tube that was meant to go around my arm, and on the bottom it seemed the be part of a gaming set as it had the inscription;

Welcome Player #2 to PySaR 

And then some sort of warning below it. I appeared to be an old rusted thing, but it couldn't have been that old, but trying to look it up on other collector sites had no information about it. Anne said she found it in her storage and had no clue where she got it, but as it didn't fit her she thought I would like to take a look at it. I slide my arm in and it fits perfectly, the red button labeled "GO" Lit up with a dim light. I press it and I see a pair of dice floating and spinning in the air in front of me, like a projection coming from the Bracer. Anne also looks amazed as well until I hear her start screaming. 

She is pointing at my legs and when I look down I realize they are gone. I see s whitish light creeping up my body, disintegrating it. It doesn't hurt, but I am terrified. Looking back at the dice I see they have fallen on the numbers 2 and 3, making 5. Some bold letters are projected in front of the bracer in the air. 

Starting in Dorman, with Starting Gear, with 5 silver coins, with Beginning ability: Appraisal 

"Anne! What's happening?!" I seemed she couldn't hear me and just fainted to the ground. I couldn't move as most of my body was gone and in the next moment I was gone from Anne's Antique Shop. 



POV Elma

I was in my herb shop, as usual when a strange customer came to visit. He said he was in need of some herbs what a surprise, but once he left he only paid me in this strange looking arm bracer. I appeared to be made of bronze and I guess it could be used as a substitute for bronze coins but it was a bit too... Advanced to say the least. There were some strange round symbols on it which I could figure out were numbers and words, and some writing underneath. 

Welcome Player #3 to PySaR

.. you ............. .... .. .... .... ... ... .. ......... need .. .. adventure! 

.. adventure to travel the world ... ..... ......... ........ ... .. ..... ....

.... put on PySaR bracer .. ......

... .. ....... once ... start ... must finish. 

Most of the words had faded with time but it seemed to be a cool accessory regardless of its wear. I placed the bracer on and one of the round shapes lit up. I press it experimentally, and I see some rolling die floating in the air in front of me. I feel like its a bad sign as I've only seen die when at walking past the bar seeing all the gamblers there. The dice lands on the numbers 4 and 3, making a 7 total. I see bolded letters above the bracer, floating in the air. 

Starting in Vincar; with Starting Gear, with 7 silver coins, with Beginning Ability: Simple Healing 

I now suddenly notice that my legs are gone and a white light is making my body disappear, I flail around trying to grab something, only for the rest of me to disappear in a flash.