Ch.1 the ending
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you look over to your mom there is a mirror behind her

yo7 look into that mirror and fins out tha5 thats not your body its someone elses

your confused but you ask your mom Who isnt your mom what happened ahe says well we had aome fun last night darlin you remember tou made me beeeeeeeeeeep beeeeeeep beeeeeeeep and you have fun pullin* on my hair*

Your greatly disturbed a black screen pops out in front of you sayin new achievements :Banger of mother???: then :Time travelers: :Man who doesn’t remember:

*you ask her can you see this and then you point to the screen in front of you, she says no.

she says darling are you alright, did you hit your head and then you just say nothing is wrong

*she says we didnt use rubber tour shock but think it is weird that tou wre in the cellar know in a house ina bed with yo7 naked mother

this world must be under difdernt laws from your last one you think to your self

*you turn to leave the bed

b7t your mom stops yo7 and aays your not gonna leave me like m6 dad and mom right

you say yes and say youll be back

you didnt know your mm had such a horible back story

you question if she really is your mom but she sorta does look like her

if ahe is that would be pretty bad but you dont truelly go deep in this matter

*all you want to know is to find out why yo7 are here

yo7 walk down stairs and go to the kitchen

ye your even more weirded out by this this isnt tour normal world anymore

you try to ge5 back to tour senses gecause you felt a wave of emotions like they were all bottled up

you try to resest but yo7 end up colapsing

yo7 wake up to your mom but you dont know with a belly but you dont know how lon ti has been*

your mom looks slitly differnt not as much as your mom know maybe ahe isnt your mom

you ash here what month it is she says november it seems it has been 3 months since the incedent

you go throught life trying to know wha5 you actaully doyou in the body of a 16 year old

with a pregant women that miht be your mom

after a few monhs you got into a rutean but it feels like it wasnt you doing it tgere is always money and food ready and everything you would want

yo7r mom thinks this is normal it is almost time for the baby you look into the mirror and rember sonething this isnt the face of your dad or you it is someone else

*you think is this person you think is yo7r mom because this isnt your dads face e you think is yourndad really yout step dadg

but with this world you dont know

* you ponder over this for a month then the bab6 comes the baby diwa look like you when yo7 were a baby so you ask her what her name was she tells you and isnt your moms name this person isnt your mom*

you ask her what your name is and she says your name it is your real name

it seems you traveled 3 years into the future

the achevements you got about your mom are gobe

this is the end fir now