Chapter 1
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It's been almost a week since the time I reincarnated in this world " ha~ i remember i said to that god is to reincarnate me into a world where things will get interesting and fun but this is just boringg~~"

But I love that when that god reincarnated me here there's already a simple small house and all except for the gadget but atleast he give every things i need even information there is four books with different color lying when i got here the book that has a red cover is for the history of this world the blue one is for magic training and the green one and blue one is just how to read and right in this world's language 

If you're wondering where am I, I'm at the northern outskirts of the Grand Flamm Kingdom capital city I read it in the book anyway the Grand Flamm kingdom has three great aristocratic family, House of Windhill who excels at wind magic, House of Aqusmea who excels at water magic, House Of Fatilas who excels at earth magic , and the royal family The Gran flamm who's attribute is fire magic there eyes can also be an indicator to what family where they from the Windhill is green , the Aqusmea is blue, the Fatilas is Brown, and Gran flamm is red. But sometimes their is a chlid with two different eyes it's the result of a genetic mutation and those with these eyes can't use magic at all.

But  both of my eyes are white it's the combination of the three primary colors so  I dont know what magic attribute I can use I tried to find out and so I read the book about magic the book with a blue cover but it didn't give an explanation so I solely focus my attention in tempering my body the last five days.

 Oh I forgot to mention that the god also gave me a katana but  sadly I don't know anything about swordsmanship and so I solely focus on tempering my body


A month passed 

The other day I saw a bunch of thugs walking near my house they seems to notice my house and want to take it and make it their base so they send some underlings luckily they only send 5 people so I rather dispose of them relatively easy after I kill the and burned their corpes I quickly packed up and leave.

And now here am I sitting in a tree branch watching the two other kids find their way to the main street of the Kingdom of Gran flamm why am I watching them you ask well you see the other kid with a blonde hair and green eyes is the son of the patriarch of the House of Windhill and the other one is a boy with a beautiful face not handsome `beautiful` he's face is pretty for a boy and i fell like their existence is somewhat important in this world .

" Oh looks like my cue is almost here "- zeal 

`wait did I mention my name is Zeal if not then hello readers my name is Zeal and I am also a boy ka`y back to the story`

" If you behave properly, you won’t experience any pain. As long as they pay the price, you can reunite with your family safe and sound "- random guy who is threatening the noble kid 

"Oh and that's my cue" - Zeal

The random guy and the two kids looked at me, no don't look at me like that I'm getting embarrassed.

"Who are you" - random guy

"The one who killed you " - zeal said with a smug face then he stab his katana in the random guys chest

"What did you do!?!" - the random guy's underling?

"Oh there's another one" as zeal said that he swung his katana at  the mans neck * swoosh* the man's head fall down

"D.. did you kill them* -noble kid

"Yeah I did kill them as you can see" - zeal

"Wha...what do you want? Are you going to kill us too?" - noble kid

"No no no no I'm just trying to help you know?" - Zeal said in a somewhat playful tone

"Really?" - noble kid

"Yes, but more importantly your friend there is about to collapse you know" - Zeal

The black hair boy then collapses the noble kid catched the black hair boy then look at me and said

"Do you know the way to the main street" - noble kid

"Oh the main street is it? Yes I do know the way" - Zeal

"Then can you show me the way, I can reward you if you want" - noble kid

"No you don't have to just follow me and let me carry that boy so we could go faster" - Zeal 

The  noble kid nodded then give me the black hair boy then I ran but the noble kid seems that he can't catch up so i slow down after about a quarter of an hour passed we arrived at the main street then the noble kid take the lead to go to his house/mansion when we arrived the guards stop us but when they so the noble kid they quickly greeted him and call his parents the head of the house they treat the black hair boys injuries and lead us me and the black hair boy who is still sleeping the father of the noble kid call for a family meeting as to what happen to his so also discussing what should they do with me and the black hair boy.

"Haaa~~~ there so discussing for so long I'm bored~~ " - Zeal 

Suddenly the black hair boy woke up and quickly rose up to the bed then looked at me

"Who are you " - black hair boy

"Relaxed boy your safe now you know? , and also what's your name or I will just call you boy you know?"- Zeal 

The boy looked at me cautiously and said

"I'm Ryou Moriya" - ryou

"Glad to meet you Ryou I am Zeal" - Zeal said in a carefree tone

"Nice to meet you too Zeal" -Ryou said in a low voice 

Before I could even ask who give him his name the door suddenly slammed open * Bang!!*  and a girl appears 

"Milady please don't go in there Milady" - the maid trying stop the girl from entering 

"I just want to see  the childs face that my brother brought with him"

The girl walk up to us then 

"Are the two is what my brother brought with him? - Ariel

"Nope not me this boy is the one that your brother brought not me I am the one that guide your brother the way out to the slum" - Zeal said as his eyes are close

"You how insolent do you know are you talking to!" the maid is shouting at me angrily 

"Oh please quiet I wanted to look at there faces carefully" - Ariel

The girl named Ariel look Ryou's face closely then the maid tried to stop her

"That’s no good! Being too close to those with heterochromia will bring misfortune" - maid

"Heterochromia?" - Ariel 

I answered the Girl's question because I'm quiet interested with the misfortune past as I did not see or have read it in the book that god left me

"Just like in this boy, the color of the eyes is different, but i don't know anything about the misfortune part so would you care to explain miss maid?"

"Yes what is this misfortune you are talking about" - Ariel 

"That is..." - the maid

"If there is no reason, then there is no need to mind it. I do not believe in things like “misfortunes”. After all, its face is this pretty"

"But!." - the maid

"Be silent. If you speak another word, I will have you vanish from this house." - Ariel 

"...Yes, milady" - the maid

I wanted to ask the maid but it seems like it's not the right time to do so.

[Author: this is my first time doing a novel pls support and feel free to comment your opinions so that i could know where I am wrong in my writing and Pls sorry  for my poor  English  it is not my first language so sorry and thank you for reading ]