Chapter 3: Sudden Attack, Feel Nervous and Relieved?
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I quickly got up from my seat and checked through the windows. Judging from the bodies of my family members in front of the window staring through it, they had the same idea. I squeezed myself through since most of them were stunned speechless, and what I saw rendered me the same.


‘What the fuck…?’


Outside, dead bodies littered the streets. There bodies of the children who were playing outside just a moment ago, some passerby’s who were on their way to the market, hell, there was even an upside-down car that crashed on the house that was under construction just across the street from here.


Suddenly, a figure appeared on the street, walking down the lane littered with corpses like it was normal for him. He wore a maniacal grin on his face and was dressed in a black trench coat. On his hand, he held some sort of sword. I said sort of sword because it looked mechanical in every aspect, except for its blade.


“Everybody hide!” my uncle screamed out, causing my shocked relatives to snap back to reality. Good job for getting them back to reality, but you didn’t think this through uncle. Reason being the man on the street locked his gaze towards us.


‘Oh fuck,’ I cursed. My mother quickly grabbed my hand, as well as my brother’s and ran through the back door. My uncle grabbed his daughter and held her in his arms while his wife clutched onto his arm. Then my other aunt quickly went to the kitchen and grabbed a kitchen knife for self-defense and followed us out the back door.


Me I just rolled with it. Not the first time I was dragged by the flow of situations. That didn’t stop me from being nervous however. Before we moved however, I snuck in an [Identify] on the unknown threat.


Name: Ygrovv

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Race: ?

Level: ?

Str: ?

Agi: ?

Int: ?


Okay, screw that. I’m runnin’. If it’s one thing I ever learned from gamer novels, fanfictions, and mangas, it’s that you never mess with those who have question marks on their status page. Now, how to persuade my family to follow me when they don’t even believe anything I say.


While I was contemplating, my other uncle who lived next door appeared, along with his wife and children, handgun in hand. He was retired military after all. Glad to see he isn’t that rusty, even though he is close to becoming a Pastor.


Meanwhile, they discussed their plans. I just stood silent, alert and ready to retaliate if ever the man appeared before us. Ah right, they were also praying to the Lord for protection and forgiveness.


I heard footsteps coming from inside the house, and it seemed that my relatives heard it as well. My soldier uncle stepped in front of us all and brought the pistol up and clicked the safety off. I stepped behind and approached my nervous cousin, his mother, another auntie of mine, praying for safety. Dang, we’re a huge family.


“Hey Jaz, you good?” I asked and he stared at me like I grew a second head.


“Of course I ain’t good!” He half-shrieked, half-whispered. Can’t fault him for that, we might die today after all.


In an instant, a gunshot went off and we were once again swept by our relatives and got to running. I just realized that there were screaming, fire, and sirens going off around the area. Just what the hell happened?


I scanned my relatives and saw that we were short one member. Looks like my soldier uncle stayed behind to buy us time. His children will be in despair later since there is a high chance he won’t make it.


He is only human after all.


Our entire group just ran, no dialogues, no speaking, just silence, shuffling footsteps, and heavy breathing. While running, we encountered another man in a trench coat. I quickly cast [Identify] on the man in front of me.


Name: Mendez

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: ?

Level: 14

Str: 45

Agi: 52

Int: 47

… Okay, this fight is doable. Though I have to wonder, why do they have no HP, MP, and SP bar. Is it that? I’m the only one who have the resource bars? Then what about the slimes, unless…


For coming up with an interesting and correct deduction, increase Intelligence and Wisdom by 2.

I knew it. Only me and those associated with the game or system have resource bars since we don’t die if we still have HP. So if I cut off his head…


I activated [Stealth] and moved behind my scared group of relatives. Sorry, but I need a distraction. I also took out my Slime Dagger and summoned two slimes for defending my family.


MP: 955 / 1225

Getting a notification about my lowered MP, I stalked around the man who gave a monologue about massacres, a ritual and whatnot. I don’t care, and I’m not interested in listening, but continue please. I’ll have your head while you talk about your goal.


I took out my Lightning Scythe and once I was directly behind the monologuing man, my relatives saw me with a huge scythe in hand. The man also noticed my relatives staring behind him and tried to move away.


‘Of fucking course, he won’t look back,’ why won’t fiction sometimes play out in reality? I swung and used [Backstab] and the man dodged, but I did graze his body with the tip of the scythe, cutting his flesh and causing blood to drop. Huh, I didn’t notice the red sheen when using [Backstab] before.


The unknown man landed on the ground with a snarl and roared at me, but spasmed because of the electricity running through his veins. Seeing his vulnerability, my aunt wielding the kitchen knife rushed towards the kneeling man and tried to stab him, but was stopped short by a sword stabbing through her chest, a slime also skewered by the sword.


‘Welp, she’s dead, and looks like my slimes are worthless as shields,’ I concluded. Dude, I’m depressed, cut me some slack if seeing dead people doesn’t trigger my survival instincts. I’m probably also looking for a release from my suffering, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do my best until my dying breath.


Since his sword was still stabbed through the body of my dying aunt, I rushed towards him, brandishing my scythe with skill I didn’t know I have. He looked at me with wide eyes and tried to pull his sword out the corpse, but was too slow and the next and last thing he saw was a scythe heading to his neck.


Blood spurted like a fountain from his severed neck and head. My relatives all shouting in shock, disgust, grief, and other emotions. The smell of blood made me and them nauseous, but I smelled worse before.


I was a witness to a death scene after all, and it was also partially my fault since I wasn’t able to hold him properly. It was still his fault though since it was him who was lightheaded and refused to eat and just drink soda and ended up collapsing due to some inside problems. He bumped his head on the corner and blood puddled around him inside an internet café no less! All of that happened when I was still in first year high school, yeah, smell was bad, the scene was horrible, and most of the internet café was vacated instantly.


Anyway, reminiscing over, a window appeared in front of me after successfully killing the threat.


Gain 1250 exp, 1500 pesos, Magical Trench Coat

Magical Trench Coat – A trench coat enchanted to increase the user’s defense against magic and physical attacks where it covers. Resizes itself to fir the user.

Defense = 50 : Durability = 100/100

Hm, good loot. Now then, time to address the elephant in the room. I glanced back at my relatives who were staring at me with various stages of shock. They were about to confront me about my abilities, but I stopped them by running towards them with speed surpassing the fastest running athlete on Earth.


All of them braced themselves, but I sped past them and summoned more slimes, about 5 of them for protecting my relatives.


MP: 455/ 1225

I have no use for my MP currently, so why not use them to summon slimes to boost the survival of my family by even a tiny bit. Anyway, right after speeding past them, I attacked the man who chased us earlier. He ducked under my fast, but sloppy swing and counter-attacked with a thrust using his mechanical sword.


Shit, I forgot to equip the Magical Trench Coat! I tried to dodge, but was too slow to and got stabbed through my gut. I coughed up blood.

HP: 0/370

[Death’s Door] state active!


HOLY FUCK, IT FUCKING HURTS!!! Shit, can’t think straight with the pain… Need to do something…


I collapsed to the ground. My vision blurry and my breath ragged.


H-huh…? Why can’t I move?


I tried to move my head and glared at the smirking man. I saw his lips moving but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. Actually, I couldn’t hear anything squat. I can still think, but I can’t think straight with the pain from my wound. But I was sure of one thing.


I was smiling.


Finally, I can say goodbye to this worthless life. This life of suffering, pain, bad days, and consequences. There were some good days, but the bad outnumbered the good. I’m pissed that I won’t be able to finish reading and writing my novels however.


Through my blurry vision, I saw the man’s face snarl and glare ate me. What? Am I denying you the satisfaction of killing me? Then good.


The man raised his sword above his head and swung down. My brain registered the incoming threat and my body reacted with its remaining strength. In a burst of speed, I brought the scythe’s blade through the head of the man, instantly killing him, while the sword pierced my chest.


Gain 3500 exp, 7500 pesos, Magical Fedora, Golden Lootbox x2


Heh, talk about my last breath… But damn… I feel… cold…


My eyes closed and darkness embraced my vision.


Game Over




I opened my eyes and… Are my eyes even open? Everywhere, darkness, no light, no sound, it’s like I’m blind and deaf at the same time. Actually scratch, that, I can’t even feel squat. I stayed there for what felt like hours, days, or even years. I’m just relieved that hell isn’t real, no way am I looking forward to eternal damnation.




And it looks like the game even followed me to the afterlife. Heh, does it really want me back that badly?


I stared at the screen for what accounted for maybe hours and days. I really am tempted to just press N and sleep for eternity, but I still want to try my hand at life again, and maybe this time, try to make myself happy. My last life sucked, but my second life might be able to give me purpose and happiness.


I thought, and thought, and thought, continued to think, and exercise my non-existent brain.


… Alright, just one more time. And this time, I’ll make it count.


I pressed Y.


Welcome to your New Game+

[Depressed] Perk Removed


Welcome to the Multiverse! Here you can select the worlds where you wish to travel!

However, your first world is already chosen, but you may spend credits to apply modifications to said world.

A window appeared in front of me with a list… A very long list. There’s a lot of choices. And there’s even a brief history of the world. Long story short, I’m going to be transferred to a fantasy world of swords and magic, where monsters run rampart, and the only safe places are the main capitals of the 5 kingdoms scattered around the world.


Towns and cities are built by explorers and pioneers paid by a kingdom to establish a foothold. Apparently, the only way to mark territory in this world is by building a city or town. Villages don’t count.


Then there’s the staple Adventurer’s guild. Their jobs range from escort, hunting, gathering, or even just mundane ones like cleaning, repairing, or even building. Luckily, there isn’t any ongoing war thanks to the looming threat of constant influx of monsters, so that’s a plus.


Unless I check [World War] in the window list to give me extra credits when I transfer, but no way in hell am I doing that.


So first things first, check my credits.








Huh, didn’t think I had that much money. Can I convert the Pesos to credits?



Oh, alright. Well then, lemme check those I want to give me an advantage when I transfer.


[X] Noble Born – You are descended from a noble family. 250 credits. Spend extra 250 to become heir.

[X] Talented – You gain the perk [Talented]. Cost 500 credits.

Talented – Increase all exp gain by 200%

[X] Loving Family – You are born in a loving family and a loving environment. Cost 250 credits.

Well then, that’s all I need. Time to get this show on the road. Oh wait, I haven’t checked my status.


Name: Sethsamm

Title: N/A

Age: 0 Male Human

Level: 11

Class: Rogue = 1

Job: Thief = 11

HP: 520 / 520

MP: 1787.5 / 1787.5

SP: 640 / 640

HP Regen: 51.2 /min

MP Regen: 190.625 /min

SP Regen: 64.4 /min

EXP: 890 / 1100

Str: 25 = 30

Vit: 14 = 16.8

End: 16 = 21.6

Agi: 63 = 100.8

Dex: 51 = 86.7

Int: 45 = 67.5

Wis: 31 = 46.5

Luck: 23 = 23



Programming Lv 1

Gaming Lv 3

Performer Lv 4

Pickpocket Lv 1

Backstab Lv 2

Stealth Lv 2


Dungeon Tracker

Iron Dagger

Slime Dagger

Lightning Scythe

Magical Trench Coat

Magical Fedora


Identify Lv 3


Metal Slime Core

Slime Core

Slime Lotion


Golden Lootbox x2



Video Game Body



Wow, those passives are now bumping my stats up by the tens. But my Str, Vit, and End are still too low. I’ll need to choose a Job that increases those three next. Come to think of it, my Agi and Dex broke the 50 cliché milestone, but no reward. Maybe it’s on 100. Things to think about next time.


Ah right, before I get transferred, I’ll open the lootboxes.


Received Comfortable Underwear x 10

Received Magic Scroll – Mana Manipulation

Mana Manipulation – The ability to manipulate mana to create magic. Cost Varies.

Magic unlocked: Mana Arrow : Mana Spear : Mana Bomb : Mana Shield

Mana Arrow – Create an arrow made of mana. Shoot at enemies for damage. Cost 25/arrow

Mana Spear – Create a spear made of mana. Can be wielded or thrown at enemies for damage. Cost 45/spear

Mana Bomb – Create a bomb made mana. Explodes when caster decides for it to explode. Cost 80/bomb

Mana Shield – Create a shield made of mana around caster. During this, all damage to HP will be redirected to MP instead.

Okay, first off, these underwear will be a godsend in this world. I mean, medieval times, ever wondered what they wore under their clothes? Yeah, no way am I wearing those. Next is Mana Manipulation, and finally, FINALLY I can use magic! Although my dream to create fireballs are still far away. Wonder if I can learn elemental magic next.


Anyway, once I was ready, my mind went blank and the next moment, a huge head greeted my sight. I scanned my surroundings and realized that everything was larger than me. Sensing a feeling of urgency within me, I checked my hands. And there it is, my confirmation. I have baby hands.


I was reincarnated, and currently stuck in a baby’s body… FUUUUUUUUUUUUU—