Chapter Two
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Aurora rarely left home, even for groceries. She had a lot of money that her parents had left for her, money they worked hard for. 

     She used that money to pay for every necessity to stock up; only going to buy groceries once her supplies have run out. 

      Since Aurora lives alone, it's easy living for one person, and an occasional freeloader when Jamie gets bored at home by herself and decides to stay with Aurora whenever.

     Aurora has a stay at home job and got her checks in the mail; going between a paid blogger for social media sites and an at home online Tutor students for K-12 students. Neither requires her to constantly be outside. 

    " you want to go out tonight and have fun? I am going on a date and this guy I've been meeting up with has a cute friend. I thought that we could double date," Jamie offered. 

  Aurora sighed and looked up at Jamie, "You know I don't like to go out, Jamie."

"Please? I'll come over and do whatever you want so you don't have to cook or clean for three weeks, since I know you're a bit of a clean freak." Jamie looked at Aurora shining eyes. 

    Aurora rolled her eyes. "Fine; no backing out, and if you try to back out, you will owe me big time," She smirked, a devilish grin curling her lips. 

Jamie shuddered and cringed away.

"You were really creepy just now, scary even," Jamie exclaimed.

Aurora snorted, giving Jamie a side glance. "No weaseling out, no matter what I have in store for you in the future."

"Yes!" Jamie jumped up and hugged Aurora. "Thanks, girl; I appreciate it."

"Now let's shake on it."

" you have me scared. You'd better not have any evil ideas!" Jamie shook Aurora's hand.

"You're welcome; and I don't have anything to devilish in mind and it's only to get you to stop nagging about my hermit ways," Aurora relented. As if Aurora needed a reminder. 

Jamie laughed but spoke in a serious tone, "It's in the job description for me to be there for you and look out for you. I enjoy spending time with you, watching movies and eating together at times, just us." 

Jamie sat in the chair next to Aurora, closing her eyes, basking in the sun.

    When they had first met, Aurora, who kept to herself, found Jamie's personality a little off-putting. Jamie always seemed so happy; Jamie had an extroverted personality as an outgoing person. 


    The two of them were completely different and yet Jamie just kept nudging herself closer and closer to Aurora, always chattering away about everything under the sun it seemed; despite everything, Aurora started to find Jamie's presence comforting, even if Aurora didn't always speak, Jamie read and understood her. 


  Jamie talked enough most of the time for just the two of them. 

   Jamie arched a brow at Aurora, smiling. Aurora smiled back, seeing the look in Jamie's eyes; Aurora had a feeling she knew what Jamie was thinking, about when they first met. 

      Aurora had been awkward and stiff when she answered the door to see Jamie's beaming expression and was met with Jamie's overly excited greeting, not deterred by Aurora's expression or her stiffness. 

     Aurora didn't speak and closed the door in Jamie's face but day after day for months Jamie never stopped bothering her until Aurora caved, giving in.

     Aurora chuckled. They looked at each other and laughed awhile over their silliness before sitting in comfortable silence, watching the sun set. 

    Surrounded by tall strong trees, leaves swaying to the breeze on a beautiful afternoon with the sun setting, Aurora felt a bit of contentment, at ease with the breeze gently kissing her face as she and Jamie sat quietly on her porch side by side. 

      They both lived pretty far from the city, almost an hour drive and all you see around them is green from the grass and trees, besides the gravel driveways, and the beautiful wooden architecture of the two houses by each other. 

"We need to be ready in an hour." Jamie spoke up; the time on both of their phones read 6PM on June, 21st of 2020. 

Aurora nodded. "Alright- let's go get ready."