Chapter 25
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When the two outran the tide and returned to the abandoned house, Iris who was placed onto the bed sat up. She pouted at Rhea. 


“The bed is all-” dirty now. 


The words that were about to come out of her mouth were stuck in her throat. Due to their clothing being wet, it allowed her to have a view of Rhea’s figure, something that she hadn’t seen before. Although from her secret exploration during some nights, she knew that her waist was slim, and her stomach was flat, however, it was the first time that she had seen Rhea like this.


It was okay to ogle right? She didn’t like it when others did it, but if it was Rhea it would be okay… but that was only her side.


Rhea blushed at Iris’ gaze and turned around. “I’m going to change….” She left Iris in the room and went off to another room


Iris stuck her tongue out before cringing at her own smell, which could only be described as the gaping maw of a rotten fish. 


She quickly removed all of her clothing and took out a bucket of water and jumped inside, sinking deep into the cold water before coming back out. She then swapped for another bucket. The water would be given to Rhea, since nutrients were still nutrients.


This time, although she still sunk herself under, she started to wipe herself down before entering into another bath. 


While she relaxed, she inadvertently thought back to the fight from before. Absorbing the experience inside of herself. Most of it was just remembering what she did and certain moments, and a few were of how she could improve. 


Iris let out a breath. “I need some AoE attack….” Even if she shot a shrapnel at the group, it could only solve one of the countless. She also couldn’t release her lightning like her Dad. Unlike games, mana was precious and time consuming to gather. Instead of minutes, it would take her hours and days to recover, not to mention that she needed it to level up and grow stronger.


Aside from this, she also thought back to the time under water, how she was suddenly able to breathe before. Even now, she could still remember that feeling. It didn’t take her long to figure out why as she held her breath. It was like she found something that was always there, yet she hadn’t realized it until then. Instead of oxygen, her body was consuming mana to sustain itself. 


When Iris digested everything that happened, she got out of the bucket and started to dry herself. She then took out a set of underwear and placed it on, followed by a dress. On the back was a cut that ran from the hem, up to its waist. 


It was so that her two traitors wouldn’t lift up her entire dress. When she combined it with her spats, it allowed her maximum defense to exposure. 


“The coat also needed to be washed….”


The smell was a little too much for her. She quickly stored the dirty laundry into her storage and left the room. Seeing that Rhea was finished, Iris went over and pulled her over to the empty couch. 


“Where’s the water ability user?” 


“Inside that group.”


“...” Hearing Rhea’s response, Iris rolled her eyes. Did she want her to grab one of those Abyss Walker: Minions? Also, why was there a minion attached to it.


“We’ll keep going back until we find one.” Rhea appeared to not notice Iris’ reluctant look, and continued. They only needed a water ability user, and she would prefer Iris have a monster like this, than some pretty mermaid. 


“Oh,” Iris made a nod of accent before turning around to pass her tail to Rhea. 


The girl then gently took them and began to stroke, causing Iris to narrow her eyes in comfort. She was also a little cautious in case what happened that time occurred again. 


Fortunately, this time, it didn’t happen, and she merely felt comfort. Enough that she soon huddled up on the couch and fell asleep. 



Deep under the ocean, a fish-like creature that walked on two sturdy legs and had two long arms for claws went into a cavern. The inside was completely empty and devoid of water.


Along the side were another group of creatures that were similar to him, and at the center was another fish like monster. It was more slim than the rest, and also a lot more larger, and connected to her was a giant sack filled with holes.


“Jekj KErkj DIOUGF” The creature let out weird sounds from its mouth as it conversed with the giant monster.


The response was a bunch of humming sounds that appeared like that of a siren’s song. 



The next day, Iris and Rhea both returned to the ocean again, after Iris reluctantly placed on that set of soiled clothes, minus the underwear. 


The fortunate thing was that the salty water was able to clean it to a certain extent.


Rhea led her towards the abyss when the two spotted a clouded blotch.




Iris nodded while feeling a bit of a regret. Why did she forget about asking Rhea how she was saying stuff to her underwater.


However, there was no time to ask. When they approached the cloud of blood, they found that inside of it was a shark that was fighting valiantly against the bunch of creatures.


It ignored the scratches and wounds on its body as it teared away at them with abandon, giving Iris the feeling like the two had a blood feud.


She swam next to Rhea and pulled her on the sleeves.


Ahhh! Why did she forget?! 


Seeing her agitated look, this time, Rhea smiled, however, she shook her head. ‘We can’t save it. Even if we save it from the horde, we can’t take it above water. The shark is also in a frenzy.’ The blood was causing it to grow more fierce, yet it also clouded its judgement.


Hearing her explanation, Iris could only give up. 


‘However, we can join the fight. Our targets are the same, as for whether it can survive, it will be up to itself.’


Iris nodded and started to swim towards the battlefield. Some of the Abyss Crawlers: Minions had caught sight of her and began to swim over as well, their speed a lot faster than on land. 


Iris took out her sword and swung it at them. Although the force of the water caused her to be delayed somewhat, she still managed to make it in time as the sword cut bisected the minion in half. She then turned around as she attempted to intercept the other one. 


However, the Abyss Crawler: Minion dodged the sword and slipped under her. Right as it opened its gaping mouth to have a bite at her tender sides, she was pulled back by Rhea, causing the creature to snap at nothing but water.


At the same time, Iris slid her sword downwards. However, her sword missed. She had only managed to cut the first one due to it charging at her full speed, combined with the long distance that she had to prepare.